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Embracing a wide variety of items, the Wiccan accessories available at Dark Knight Armoury span from Wiccan hair accessories to Wiccan bracelets to Wiccan pendulums and beyond. We carry fantastic designs for both men and women, such as braided leather bracelets and intricate metal cuffs. Our pendulums can easily double as accessories and aromatherapy or dowsing implements. Whether or not you follow the tenets of Wicca, you can appreciate the fantastic designs of these pieces, many of which use popular Wiccan motifs like pentagrams, crescent moons, ravens, the triple goddess, the Green Man, and more. Take a moment to browse through the pieces in this section to find the finishing touch for any of your favorite outfits!
A Brush With Magic Black Cat Wallet
Flaunt your taste for mystic style anywhere you go with the A Brush With Magic Black Cat Wallet. Gorgeous artwork by Lisa Parker decorates this wallet, depicting a moonlit black cat brushing its cheek up against a witch broom.
Price: $28.00
Blue Butterfly Hengeband
You will never feel more magical than when encircled by this trio of butterflies. The versatile Blue Butterfly Hengeband can be worn as either a circlet or a necklace, the perfect fantasy accessory for any ethereal outfit.
Price: $39.90
Bright Heart Hengeband
Flaunt off your passionate spirit with our Bright Heart Hengeband. A versatile accessory, this jewelry piece features a red heart at its center while each side of the heart is adorned by silvery leaf filigree and matching gems.
Price: $39.90
Cat Sith Hair Slide
With mountains of superstitions and folklore about them, it is no wonder that black cats are so popular. Known to the Celts as the Cat Sith, black cats like the one in the Cat Sith Hair Slide were considered a type of fairy.
Price: $17.50
Copper Spiral Pendulum
Pendulums are ideal for dowsing, an activity performed in the ancient art of divination. The Copper Spiral Pendulum is a great tool not only for dowsing, but also for wearing or displaying to add a touch of magic to your life.
Price: $8.00
Fairy Moon Hengeband
Adorned on each side by elegant, outstretched fairy wings and twin crescent moons, a light blue jewel sits at the center of our Fairy Moon Hengeband. A versatile piece of fantasy jewelry, wear it as a regal circlet or necklace.
Price: $39.90
Fairy Star Hengeband
Embrace the magic of fairies with our Fairy Star Hengeband. A delicate circlet or necklace, this piece of fantasy jewelry depicts two serene fairies with colorful gems in their wings flanking either side of a bright white crystal.
Price: $39.90
Gold Spiral Pendulum
In the ancient art of divination, pendulums are used for a ritual known as dowsing. The Gold Spiral Pendulum is a great and eye catching tool for dowsing, and it is also a beautiful way to wear or display a touch of mystical charm.
Price: $8.00
Pendulum of Love
Pendulums are tools used in the Wiccan craft of divination, and some pendulums are designed to answer specific questions. The Pendulum of Love is intended to answer your questions involving love, attraction, and relationships.
Price: $20.00
Pendulum of Wealth
The pendulum is an iconic Wiccan divination tool, used specifically to answer simple questions. The Pendulum of Wealth is intended to answer any questions you may have in regards to wealth in all its forms, not just financial gain.
Price: $20.00
Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet
The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet is a hand plaited, black leather wristband with pewter pentagram button fastening. The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet makes a great gothic bracelet for everyday use.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Pewter Raven Pentacle Belt Buckle
Flying silently through the night sky, the raven can evoke the dark destinies of fate or unparalleled wisdom. Inspired by the creature so often described in myth, the Pewter Raven Pentacle Belt Buckle features the bird at its center.
Price: $34.99
Roseus Pentagram Hair Stick
The Roseus Pentagram Hair Stick is for Alchemical perfection, particularly when it comes to beauty. The top of this hair stick is made from fine English pewter and would look stunning upon your lovely lady's head.
Price: $21.00
On Sale For: $18.90
Silver Heart Pentacle Bracelet
This Silver Heart Pentacle Bracelet is a merger of icons, and while each one is individually symbolic, they form a greater whole that is not just appealing to the eye, but also possessed of a combined greater meaning.
Price: $119.99
Silver Raven Pentagram Bracelet
Intricate detailing is one of the hallmarks of this accessory. The Silver Raven Pentacle Bracelet is a beauteous little item that merges the mystic qualities of the raven with the pentagram, creating a truly attractive accent to wear.
Price: $119.99
Silver Spiral Pendulum
Used primarily in the art of divination for dowsing, a pendulum also makes a great accessory to add to your decor or to your wardrobe. The Silver Spiral Pendulum is a beautiful way to display your love of Wiccan culture and magic.
Price: $8.00
Spirit of the Forest Hengeband
Equip our Spirit of the Forest Hengeband to channel the energy of the mighty stag. This versatile accessory can be worn in a variety of ways, making it an excellent gift or an elegant statement piece in any enchanting ensemble.
Price: $39.90
Spring Hare Hengeband
Adorn your beauty with our Spring Hare Hengeband. Made of pewter, this silvery jewelry piece displays a lively hare leaping over a bright green jewel, its body ornately decorated and surrounded by Celtic designs.
Price: $39.90
Sterling Silver Moon Pentacle Brooch
Steeped in meaning throughout the eras, the crescent moon and pentacle come together in the gorgeous Sterling Silver Moon Pentacle Brooch. These symbols decorate the center, surrounded by swirling knotwork and an inscription.
Price: $90.00
Sterling Silver Wheel of the Year Bracelet
Laid out into eight triangular sections, the Pagan Wheel of the Year is here revealed in intricate and inspired detail. The Sterling Silver Wheel of the Year Bracelet is a remarkable Wiccan accessory made of solid, shining silver.
Price: $149.99
Sterling Silver Wheel of the Year Brooch
Each season brings its own events, ceremonies, and symbolism in the Sterling Silver Wheel of the Year Brooch. With its incredibly intricate details, this sterling silver accessory depicts the eight sabbaths of Pagan tradition.
Price: $150.00
The Oracle Spiral Pendulum
For an eye catching pendulum to use during divination, the Oracle Spiral Pendulum is a beautiful tool to seek answers in all aspects of your life. A lovely and unique Wiccan accent, this pendulum is ideal for for divination or display.
Price: $20.00
Unity Rose Hengeband
Add elegance and romance to any look with our Unity Rose Hengeband. Deep red roses and jewels adorn a Celtic Trinity knot in this highly detailed and versatile piece of jewelry. Wear it as either a circlet or a necklace.
Price: $39.90
White Bronze Celtic Heart Pendulum
This charming item makes the perfect tool for dowsing, a traditional method of divination, or a delightful accessory! The White Bronze Celtic Heart Pendulum features the crowned heart of a Claddagh design among Celtic knotwork.
Price: $38.00
White Bronze Celtic Triskele Pendulum
This charming item makes the perfect tool for dowsing, a traditional method of divination, or a delightful accessory! The White Bronze Celtic Triskele Pendulum features a triskele surrounded by knotwork and triquetra designs.
Price: $38.00
White Bronze Green Man Pendulum
This charming item makes the perfect tool for dowsing, a traditional method of divination, or a delightful accessory! The White Bronze Green Man Pendulum features the face of this nature deity in the design of this piece.
Price: $38.00
Witching Hour Black Cat Wallet
Lounging on a pile of spell books, this black cat familiar awaits the time for magic. The Witching Hour Black Cat Wallet features the beautiful art of Lisa Parker all over with select embossing that makes parts of the graphic pop.
Price: $28.00

"'I'm huge fan because of your wonderful, large selection of high quality LARP, costume gear, and amazing movie replicas! My favorites being the renaissance and dragon leather outfits and all your beautiful bows! I also love all the collectibles, such as dragon figurines, dragon (which are my favorite, and I have a larger collection thanks to you), as well as fairies, and so many other wonderful pieces. You offer such a massive collection of awesomeness everyday, and you keep adding more!! Your site is the first I visit if I am looking for something new to add to my dragon collection, or something to make or add to a costume. It's also prefect for shopping for gifts for my LARP friends or fantasy lovers!"

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