Boy's Costumes

Looking for great quality costumes for your boys? Look no further. If your child is into Medieval Knights and Pirates of the Caribbean, we have the costumes that they'll love. These costumes are very nice quality and are perfect for any costume or themed parties, Halloween and general play and dress up that kids love to do. You'll find costumes for children ages 2-12 in this section.

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Boys Archer Woodsman Costume

Item # FM-74347
Return to the days of folklore and legend with the help of this Boys Archer Woodsman Costume! This childrens medieval costume will transform your young bowman into a charming figure worthy of being called Robin Hood.

Boys Black Ninja Costume

Item # RC-881037
The legendary ninja has captured the hearts and minds of this generation with its power and mastery of mystic arts, and now, even your young child can join their ranks, simply by putting on this impressive Boys Black Ninja Costume.

Boys Captain Cutlass Costume

Item # FM-68035
With the Boys Captain Cutlass Costume, your child will soon be sailing the seven seas in search of sunken treasure! This kids pirate costume features a bright red pirate jacket to give him a commanding presence on deck.

Boys Captain Hook Costume

Item # RC-882508
Our Boys Captain Hook Costume is from every childs favorite movie, Peter Pan, and is perfect for any costume party, birthday or pirate themed party, Halloween and general dress up. A classic character, your child will love this costume.

Boys Caribbean Pirate Costume

Item # RC-881097
Our Boys Caribbean Pirate Costume is perfect for any costume party, birthday or pirate themed party, Halloween and general dress up. The costume includes the shirt with attached vest, waist sash and head scarf.

Boys Dead Mans Chest Costume

Item # IN-17076
Pirates form vicious and blood-thirsty crews, so that the life expectancy of the captain results from his ability to bring in more booty. The Boys Dead Man's Chest Costume shows the fate of one unfortunate stabbed pirate.

Boys Dead Zone Zombie Costume

Item # IN-17052
You will score lots of points on and off the field with this fantastically creepy outfit! The Boys Dead Zone Zombie Costume lets you dress out for the latest game in the bloody uniform of the undead.

Boys Death Warrior Costume

Item # IN-17051
Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies as you cull their souls, wearing the Boys Death Warrior Costume. This fearsome ensemble depicts a spirit of vengeance with deadly skill.

Boys Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume

Item # CAL-00527
Your child will be ready to command his crew and traverse the seas in search of treasure in the Boys Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume. With its gold tone buttons and ribbon trim, your kid will become quite the high class swashbuckler.

Boys Dungeon Master Costume

Item # FM-79095
Deep within the castle, a brave knight stands guard to protect the people of the kingdom from the villains within his dungeon. Now your little warrior can protect his home from evil foes by wearing the Boys Dungeon Master Costume!

Boys Gladiator Costume

Item # FM-63621
Let your child show off his impressive warrior skills by dressing up as a striking Roman soldier this Halloween! The Boys Gladiator Costume will give any young boy a dramatic appearance that is perfect for fighting in the arena.

Boys Gold Dragon Ninja Costume

Item # RC-882153
Not all ninja were shadow warriors who struck from the shadow and vanished into thin air. Some, including those who wear this Boys Gold Dragon Ninja Costume, are powerful and bold figures that are as distinctive as they are deadly.