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Badges and pins are great for adding a subtle touch of your personal style to any look or for collecting and wearing as bold statement accessories. Shop all of our badges and pins in this section here. We carry collectible historical pins badges spanning the medieval and Renaissance eras, as well as the Viking age and times of ancient Greece and Rome. Our fairy pin badges and steampunk pins are perfect for adding just a hint of fantasy style to bags, jackets, hats, and lapels. We also offer licensed lapel pins from favorite fandoms like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones, as well as from popular video games and comics.
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Antique Gear Wings Pin

Item # LU-540130
Earning your wings on an airship is a grand occasion. Commemorate your accomplishment by wearing this Antique Gear Wings Pin on your lapel. This decorative brooch is an excellent addition to any Steampunk or Neo-Victorian outfit.

Bat Skull Necklace Pin

Item # LU-524610
Whether you find bats cute or creepy, you have to admit they are pretty cool. Up your gothic style game with the Bat Skull Necklace Pin, an intriguing and versatile accessory that works well for both costumes and gothic fashion.

Bleeding Heart Zombie Button

Item # AT-81654
Feast your decomposing eyes on the delightful selections before you. Which does your undead soul desire, do you prefer a beating heart or an active brain? Show undying devotion to the heart with the Bleeding Heart Zombie Button.
$1.00 $0.90

Bloody Brains Zombie Button

Item # AT-81652
The living human body contains a fine assortment of organs. Sometimes it is difficult for the hungry zombie to decide what to enjoy first. Show your undead preference for a brilliant mind with the Bloody Brains Zombie Button.
$1.00 $0.90

Caesar Coin Pin Badge

The coin inspired pin badge has the Emperors name and an elephant trampling a serpent on one side (representing the conquest of Gaul by Caesar) and a simpulum, sprinkler, axe, and priests hat on the reverse.

Celtic Boar Pin Badge

The Celtic Boar Pin Badge depicts an animal revered for its ferocity and aggressiveness. A defiant beast that is not easily defeated. It embodies the key characteristics of a warrior such as courage, stubbornness, and strength.

Death Dealer Shield Pin

Item # Game-222
The Death Dealer is one of the most widely recognized works of art in the realm of dark fantasy. With the new release from Dark Horse Deluxe, you can wear the Death Dealer Shield Pin, produced with the utmost attention to detail.
$13.00 $7.80

Desolation of Smaug Button Set

Item # AT-82795BT4
Catchy phrases and iconic images are evidence that a movie series has gone epic. Unforgettable moments deserve display wherever fans please. Treasure your epic favs from the Hobbit series with the Desolation of Smaug Button Set.
$5.00 $4.50

Elder Wand Keychain

Item # MG-48038
Believed by many to only exist in a fable, the Elder Wand is by far the most powerful and deadly wand in the entire world of Harry Potter. Own a stunning miniature version of this wand to show off every day with the Elder Wand Keychain!

Enchanted World of Harry Potter Button Set

Item # AT-85246BT4
Another summer season meets its end. It is time to reply to the summons found in your mailbox. Return with your fellow witches and wizards to the famous magical academy. Let the Legends of Harry Potter Button Set lead the way.
$5.00 $4.50

Game Of Thrones Hand Of The King Metal Pin

Item # Game-113
In Westeros, the second most powerful man in all the Seven Kingdoms is the Hand of the King, who advises the king and executes his commands. This Game of Thrones Hand Of The King Metal Pin is worn by the one who does this difficult job.
$13.00 $7.80

Game of Thrones Stark Shield Pin

Item # Game-128
The kingdom of Westeros is filled with powerful noble houses, each of whom feature their own symbolic emblem. The Game of Thrones Stark Shield Pin depicts one such emblem in the form of one of a House Stark battle shield.
$15.00 $9.00