Arming Swords

The Arming Sword also called knight's or knightly sword is a single handed cruciform sword of the Middle Ages. These swords have a small fuller, standard sized hilt and narrow blade. The Arming sword was in use from about 10th century to about the 16th century. The sword was worn by a knight even when not in armor and was typically used with a shield or buckler. Arming swords worn for both a symbol of the knight's rank and for defense. The arming sword led to the rise of the long sword and eventually evolved into the cut and thrust swords of the Renaissance Era. These swords were designed more for cutting and thrust fighting possessing a wider and much heavier blades. Modern scholars have also classified them as being broadswords. Our Arming swords can be used for display or for battle re-enactments, each reproduction is created to the specifications of the original. The dimensions and weight are accurate on every piece so you get a medieval weapon that is actually balanced and fun to hold instead of just pretty to look at. Medieval times were sometimes brutal, sometimes romantic, but always a source of intrigue. We invite you to share in the experience of an era past with our collection of Arming swords. All our Arming Swords are expertly hand-crafted and authentic replicas! You can display them in your office, home or for Medieval Reenactments.
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Guingate Sword with Scabbard

Item # AH-3368
For a warrior of note, status, and prestige, no simple sword will do. Such a warrior would require a blade worthy of their position, one that is grand in appearance yet functional. That weapon is this Guingate Sword with Scabbard.

Gunther Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100614
What is a noble knight without a trustworthy blade? Strike and defend with the Gunther Stage Combat Sword, a realistic stage combat weapon inspired by the blades of early medieval knights and made of high-quality spring steel.

Hans Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100616
Vanquish your foes with honor and strength as you wield the Hans Stage Combat Sword. Made of high-quality spring steel with a stylish wooden grip, this stage combat weapon is inspired by the swords typical of medieval knights.

Henry V Sword With Scabbard

Item # DS-1325
Patterned entirely after its namesake, this Henry V Sword with Scabbard is based on the historical sword owned by King Henry V of England, which he wielded with deft skill in many of his battles fought during the Hundred Years War.

Henry V Sword With Scabbard and Belt

Item # DS-1325B
Patterned entirely after its namesake, this Henry V Sword with Scabbard and Belt is based on the sword owned by King Henry V of England, which he wielded with deft skill in many of his battles fought during the Hundred Years War.

Hexagon Pommel Medieval Sword

Item # NP-L-888
Regal and uncomplicated, the Hexagon Pommel Medieval Sword resembles the mighty blades of ancient warriors. This historical decorative weapon is made of stainless steel and comes with a wooden wall plaque for easy display.

Highland Arming Sword

Item # AH-3423
Featuring a touch of Scottish design, this Highland Arming Sword is the weapon that any knight would be glad to wield - possessed of an effective form and a long blade, while still having a bit of stylish design to its appearance, as well.

Imperial Knights Broadsword

Item # ZS-BT-2701
Fight like some of the fiercest warriors this world has ever seen when using our handmade Imperial Knights Broadsword. Crafted from steel with an eye for authenticity, this sword is the perfect weapon for a variety of swordsmen.

Ivanhoe Sword by Marto

Item # MA-539S
Commemorating Sir Walter Scotts novel of the same name, the Ivanhoe Sword by Marto is named for the hero within the novel which, set in 12th century England, embodies a near-perfect blend of history, chivalry, and adventure.

Knights Templar Red Cross Sword

Item # NP-H-26027
The Knights Templar were brave and valiant soldiers in the Holy Wars, and they fought with the symbol of their order on their swords and armour! Bear the cross of the Templars on your sword with the Knights Templar Red Cross Sword!

Landsknecht Katzbalger Sword

Item # AH-6959N
A sword was one of the most versatile weapons for a medieval soldier to carry. Even those who utilized pikes, such as the pikemen in the Landsknecht, carried one - that particular sword being this unique Landsknecht Katzbalger Sword.

Lionheart Sword of King Richard

Item # 501527
Known as the Lionheart, King Richard I of England was the greatest leader of the third crusades and a master battlefield tactician. This Lionheart Sword of King Richard, made from carbon steel, is inspired by this stalwart leader.