Ancient Armoury

Transform your home or office into a castle worthy of a mighty medieval king with Ancient Armoury replica weapons, suits of armour, and other medieval home decor. These high quality historical replicas will add an authentic medieval aura wherever they decorate. Show off your warrior style with a decorative medieval sword hung above the mantle, or intimidate those who enter your domain with decorative flails, halberds, and fearsome battle axes. Ancient Armoury also offers full suits of armour for wear and display, as well as miniature knight statues for smaller spaces. Fans of historical warfare will love the authentically inspired decorative crossbows and axes, as well as collectible swords inspired by historical figures. Ancient Armoury has something for every decor style and need, from magnificent breastplate wall plaques and armour suits to miniature catapults and ornate medieval themed letter openers.

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Celtic Knot Letter Opener

Item # ME-0078
An impeccable accessory for your home or office, the Celtic Knot Letter Opener is sleekly designed in an eye-catching manner. This opener emulates the appearance of a stiletto dagger with its hilt displaying a Celtic pattern.

Celtic Letter Opener

Item # ME-0073
A sleek and functional accessory that enhances the stateliness of any desk on which it is displayed, the Celtic Letter Opener features a spectacular pattern of Celtic knots throughout its cast metal handle and guard.

Complete Set of 8 Mini Knights and Display Base

Item # ME-0189
An exceptional display of medieval styling, the Complete Set of 8 Mini Knights and Display Base includes eight beautifully crafted pewter statues and a wooden stand on which to prominently display these knightly figurines.

Crescent 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd

Item # ME-0104
Typifying the weaponry from the Middle Ages, the Crescent 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd is a magnificent decoration that exudes a look of medieval era elegance and displays your love of this historical period.

Crossbow Quiver with 3 Bolts

Item # ME-0023
Whether you are looking for a functional quiver to store your crossbow bolts while shooting or you are merely looking to accent your decor with historical appeal, the Crossbow Quiver with 3 Bolts is perfect for accomplishing your task.

Cup Hilted Rapier Bookends

Item # ME-0166
A splendid addition to your office or home, the Cup Hilted Rapier Bookends is an extraordinary decoration that emanates an aura of sophisticated Spanish history while functionally supporting your favorite texts.

Curved Medieval Crossbow

Item # ME-0001
Beautifully designed in the shape of a pistol grip crossbow, the Curved Medieval Crossbow is functional and perfect for those with an interest in medieval weaponry. This crossbow includes an authentic bolt to allow for immediate use.

Curved Quillon Letter Opener

Item # ME-0071
Accessorize your office or home with the historical styling and elegant appearance of the Curved Quillon Letter Opener. This beautiful letter opener is made in Italy and features a steel blade with a cast metal hilt.

Dark Ages Axe

Item # ME-0118
In an extraordinary replication of the axes that were used during the Middle Ages to construct siege weaponry, the Dark Ages Axe is a fantastic example of the tools that helped advance the complexity of medieval warfare.

Dark Steel Miniature Suit of Armour

Item # ME-0192
An exquisite display of medieval armour, the Dark Steel Miniature Suit of Armour is a superb decoration to demonstrate your fascination with the Middle Ages. For supreme realism in this design, the armour is crafted from steel.

Dark Warrior Axe

Item # ME-0119
Emulating the timeless style of early Middle Ages weaponry, the Dark Warrior Axe is a replica of war axes that first appeared in the 7th century and remained popular throughout Europe for centuries due to their powerful design.

Decorative 16th Century Sword

Item # ME-0135
Emulating the appearance of side swords worn by European officers during 16th century, the Decorative 16th Century Sword is a breathtaking piece of home decor that emanates a stylish look of late medieval era elegance.