Ancient Armoury

Transform your home or office into a castle worthy of a mighty medieval king with Ancient Armoury replica weapons, suits of armour, and other medieval home decor. These high quality historical replicas will add an authentic medieval aura wherever they decorate. Show off your warrior style with a decorative medieval sword hung above the mantle, or intimidate those who enter your domain with decorative flails, halberds, and fearsome battle axes. Ancient Armoury also offers full suits of armour for wear and display, as well as miniature knight statues for smaller spaces. Fans of historical warfare will love the authentically inspired decorative crossbows and axes, as well as collectible swords inspired by historical figures. Ancient Armoury has something for every decor style and need, from magnificent breastplate wall plaques and armour suits to miniature catapults and ornate medieval themed letter openers.

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Wooden Axe Display Plaque

Item # ME-0107
An exquisite means to showcase the decorative weapon of your choice, the Wooden Axe Display Plaque features a beautiful natural wood grain finish to complement the historical appeal of the weapon that it displays.

Wooden Display Plaque for Decorative Swords

Item # ME-0127
An exquisite exhibitor for ornamental swords, the Wooden Display Plaque for Decorative Swords is an elegant way to prominently display your decorative weapon. It is crafted from wood and finished to enhance its natural wood grain.

Wooden Display Plaque for Letter Openers

Item # ME-0092
A magnificent means to keep your letter opener handy and display its intricate design, the Wooden Display Plaque for Letter Openers is crafted from hardwood and is shaped in the appearance of a beautifully curved medieval shield.

Wooden Letter Opener Display Stand

Item # ME-0094
Designed for the prominent display of a letter opener, the Wooden Letter Opener Display Stand is a beautiful decoration for your office desk. It is made from wood and features a dark finish, enhancing the ornate design of your opener.

Wooden Two Pistol Table Stand

Item # ME-0172
Exquisitely crafted from wood and featuring elegantly curved arms, the Wooden Two Pistol Table Stand is an exceptional means to display your decorative pistols. This stand beautifully complements items ME-0167 through ME-0171.