Alchemy Gothic

When you cannot get enough gothic style, be sure to check out the fantastic array of gothic accessories, gothic glassware, and gothic decor that we carry here in our Alchemy Gothic category! Alchemy Gothic produces a wide range of gothic jewelry, including everything from traditional gothic skull fare to dark romance bleeding roses. Additionally, their steampunk jewelry offers a science fiction twist to your style with curious gauge and cogwheel designs. With everything from belt buckles and hair accessories to necklaces and earrings, you are sure to find the perfect finishing touch for your steampunk or gothic apparel. Alternately, bring a hint of gothic appeal to your home decor with Alchemy Gothic tankards, shot glasses, goblets, and other glassware, or set the scene with a gothic poster or candleholder. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find something to love here among our Alchemy Gothic pieces.

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Anguis Aeternus Necklace

Item # AG-P346
The Anguis Aeternus Necklace depicts the fierce form of a wyvern as it curls around a shimmering vitrail Swarovski crystal. The dragon pendant displays the creature as it loops around the colorful, faceted crystal of life.

Anguistralobe Clock

Item # AG-V50
Based on an early alternative-history device created to predict future conjunctions points and moments of alignment regarding planets, the Anguistralobe Clock is a complex piece of steampunk science themed home or office decor.

Anguistralobe Trinket Dish

Item # AG-V62
The Anguistralobe, a device from steampunk science used to map the chronological points of alignment of the planets. The body of this tool is oddly dish shaped when seen by itself, so why not have an Anguistralobe Trinket Dish?

Anima Machinato Futurus Belt Buckle

Item # AG-B85
Humans have always sought to advance themselves, and the same is true in a steampunk setting. In this Animus Machinato Futurus Belt Buckle, onlookers can catch a glimpse of a Steampunk citizens futuristic mechanical merger.

Ankh of Osiris Drop Earrings

Item # AG-E372
The Egyptian god of life, death, resurrections, and the afterlife, Osiris bequeaths the Breath of Life to those blessed with immortality. The Ankh of Osiris Drop Earrings feature the iconic cross symbol on a short chain.

Ankh of the Dead Silver Necklace

Item # AG-P221
The Ankh of the Dead Pendant serves as a gothic talisman of eternity for a vampire with its secret life blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard. This Egyptian symbol displays several other hieroglyphs along its stem.

Arboreus Earwraps

Item # AG-E390
An elf ear, recreated in polished, antiqued pewter. This fey jewelry displays a Victorian gothic fantasy of swirling, verdant flourishes. The Arboreus Earwraps are perfect for Faerie festivals, LARP events, or fantasy conventions.

Artemisia Bracelet Watch

Item # AG-AW20
The wrist piece features translucent two-color green enameled wings and an adjustable chain fitting. The Artemisia Bracelet Watch features a 24 mm watch face that is inset with quartz crystal movements and presented in a gift box.
$99.00 $89.10

Aviator's Wrist-Goggle Chronomitor Wrist Watch

Item # AG-AW21
No adventurous aviator would ever be caught without their own Aviator's Wrist-Goggle Chronomitor. This watch will help you with the task of synchronizing your steam locomotion with time-travel zones, while simultaneously telling time.
$115.00 $103.50

Awaiting the Eventide Drop Earrings

Item # AG-E373
Roosting vampire bats hang silent and motionless deep within their cave, anticipating the subtle arrival of dusk as the last vestiges of light leave the sky. The Awaiting the Eventide Drop Earrings suspend a pair of upside-down bats.

Awaiting the Eventide Necklace

Item # AG-P808
As a quiet dusk begins to fall on the forest, the things that like to go BUMP in the night stir. Wolves emerge from their dens, ghouls stalk the paths, and bats like the one in the Awaiting the Eventide Necklace begin to wake.

Bacchanal Rose Bracelet

Item # AG-A106
A sumptuous bracelet with a romantic motif, the Bacchanal Rose Bracelet reveals a secret libertine passion for wine and sensual pleasures. The three black acrylic roses and grape clusters represent a lavish dark love.