Scottish and Celtic Armour, Scottish Clothing, Scottish Daggers, Celtic Shields, Celtic Jewelry and Swords from Dark Knight Armoury Scottish and Celtic Armour, Scottish Clothing, Scottish Daggers, Celtic Shields, Celtic Jewelry and Swords from Dark Knight Armoury

Scottish and Celtic Era

The Celts used many impressive designs and their fine knotwork patterns, showing prowess in crafting jewelry and in battle. Today, Gaelic life still involves a touch of Celtic tradition, and Dark Knight Armoury pays our respects to the modern and historic heritage in this Scottish and Celtic section, where you will find instruments, armour, weapons, jewelry, and more. Virtually everything here in this section is either old Celtic or Scottish, yet all of it meshes well together, thanks to the groups shared roots. From our clothing and armour sections, you will find all you need to create a Celtic or a Scottish look to suit not only reenactment, but also some modern day styles that revive the old Scottish look. To enhance those looks, we also offer Celtic weapons, like dirks, sgian dubhs, and swords, as well as Celtic shields and Scottish targes, to ensure your look is ready for reenactment or battle. Our jewelry, on the other hand, is perfect for everyday wear, allowing you to infuse some Celtic or Gaelic beauty into any contemporary style. For those with Gaelic interests, this section is definitely one to check out. Possessed of great variety, there are many trinkets to be found here, and Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer them, as well as to try and expand the section as often as we can.
Scottish Clothing, Celtic Clothing, Scottish Kilts and Celtic Chemise
Like much that is touched by Celtic design, Dark Knight Armourys selection of Celtic clothing and Scottish clothing is quite distinctive. Eye-catching and unique, these garments are perfect for a variety of uses, from putting together authentic looks for your Highland celebration to infusing some Celtic style into your medieval look for a day at the fair. Either way, though, an ensemble from this section is sure to look pretty darn good.
Scottish Armour, Celtic Bracers, Celtic Helmets, Scottish Helmets and Celtic Armour
The Celts were no stranger to war. Unlike any rumors, though, they did not go into battle with minimal protection. In fact, both the Celts and their later descendants, the Scottish, went into battle as well-protected as they could, just like any sensible warrior would. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a selection of Scottish and Celtic armour that even the old-world warriors would have wanted to wear!
Scottish Coins and Celtic Coins
The Celts were not without their own forms of currency. Like most of the world, they used hack-silver and bartered valuables when necessary. But in other times, as they adopted more traditional customs from the world at large, they used coinage. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of Celtic coins, as well as Scottish coins that came later in history.
Scottish Daggers, Celtic Daggers, Highland Daggers, Regimental Dirks and Scottish Dirks
Like many other cultures, the Scots and the Celts were both rather familiar with daggers. Indeed, these highland warriors almost seemed to place special emphasis on their short blades, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury has taken the time to acquire a nice collection of Scottish and Celtic daggers and dirks, all for your viewing and pursuing pleasure.
Scottish Gifts and Celtic Gifts
Just because you have to give a gift does not mean it has to be a big one! Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of great Scottish and Celtic gifts to give, ranging from big pieces that are sure to shock and awe, to smaller selections that are perfect for giving on any given day of the week. In fact, Dark Knight Armoury makes it easy to give Celtic gifts and Scottish trinkets just because you want to!
Scottish Jewelry and Celtic Jewelry
The Celtic culture is so full of such rich symbolism and design that it deserves to be made into jewelry. By extension, so too are the Scottish and Irish cultures. That is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to offer a number of stunning pieces that feature traditional Celtic designs, ranging from intricate and familiar knots to legendary dragons, down even to powerful symbols like the Claddagh, and so much more!
Scottish Music Instruments and Celtic Music Instruments
Drums, horns, and harps were probably the more common of ancient Celtic instruments. And among Scottish music makers, nothing is more well-known than the bag pipe. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide array of Scottish and Celtic instruments, with more than the above listed being a part of that. This section is for those who love to make beautiful music, and wish to make it on equally stunning instruments.
Scottish Shields, Celtic Shields and Scottish Targe
The Scots and the Celts were both no strangers to war and battle. Nor were they picky when it came to arming themselves. But when it came to shields, two types were prevalent among these warriors. And when it came to shields, both Scottish and Celtic shields tended towards a rounded shape that was easy to use and swift to bring about in battle, allowing for good protection at a moments notice.
Scottish, Celtic Swords and Claymores
The single-most recognizable sword out of the selection of Scottish and Celtic swords that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury is the claymore. Made famous by movies like Braveheart, it has become a fan-favorite. But it is by no means the only Celtic sword or Scottish blade that we offer. So for a tour of sword history, circa Celtic style, take some time to browse through this section and see what is available.
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