Scottish Armour, Celtic Bracers, Celtic Helmets, Scottish Helmets and Celtic Armour from Dark Knight Armoury Scottish Armour, Celtic Bracers, Celtic Helmets, Scottish Helmets and Celtic Armour from Dark Knight Armoury

Scottish Armour, Celtic Armour and Celtic Helmets

The Celts were no stranger to war. Unlike any rumors, though, they did not go into battle with minimal protection. In fact, both the Celts and their later descendants, the Scottish, went into battle as well-protected as they could, just like any sensible warrior would. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a selection of Scottish and Celtic armour that even the old-world warriors would have wanted to wear! Some of the protections in this section are inspired by the armours that Celts and Scotsmen would have actually worn into combat, while others are inspired by the elegant designs and patterns that are so often a part of their style. We offer bracers, helmets, breastplates, brigandines and more. For the light warrior, leather bracers and a Celtic lamellar brigandine will do perfectly well, while offering an impressive look with all the right touches of Celtic design. For the warrior who wants more protection, a metal helmet, based on the coolus style, which the Romans borrowed from Celtic design for its effectiveness. Whatever protections you chose, though, you can rest assured that they are all effective and all hardy, making this section of Dark Knight Armoury a perfect place to shop when you need some LARP or reenactment armour. Plus, our Scottish and Celtic armour is undeniably appealing, so you are sure to turn heads when you wear it!
Leather Celtic Wrist Bands
Heavy, top grain leather wristbands add strength to your sword arm and provide a functional accent to many period costumes. Pewter shield and leather bands are riveted. One size, lace closure.
Price: $24.00
Celtic Lamellar Leather Armour
Our Celtic Lamellar Leather Armour has a unique design with a spin on the traditional look. In between lamellar segments, there are sections of leather that have gold painted Celtic designs that set this armour apart from the others.
Price: $370.00
: $333.00
Banded Celtic Wrist Bracers
These top quality wrist bracers offer 7 inches of protection. Made of top grain leather, these wristbands will add strength to the support of a sword arm or shield arm and give the accent needed with almost any Medieval or Celtic ensemble.
Price: $45.00
Celtic Tree of Life Arm Bracers
The tree of life is a reoccurring theme in dozens of mythologies and cultures. On the Celtic Tree of Life Arm Bracers, this symbol is represented in a motif befitting its Celtic theme: the tree is surrounded by one massive Celtic knot.
Price: $45.00
Celtic King's Arm Bracers
Our Celtic King's Arm Bracers are composed of a leather base, which makes up the bracer at large, as well as a accent leather plate that has been fastened securely onto the base; it is on this leather accent plate that a Celtic cross is engraved.
Price: $60.00
Celtic Warrior Arm Bracers
With three segments that are sewn together, the gentle curves on each segment creates a wonderful look when the bracer is laced up. Each segment features a beautifully detailed Celtic Cross decorated with Celtic Knotwork.
Price: $45.00
Deluxe Celtic Leather Arm Bracers
The Deluxe Celtic Bracer has a classy look, armor grade protection, and a variety of inside accent colors to choose from. The Deluxe Celtic Bracer will provide arm protection during that re-enactment fight. A classic bracer with a celtic charm.
Price: $36.00
Celtic Cross Arm Bracers
These stunning arm bracers are made of 13/15 oz battle ready leather. They feature a hand tooled cross with celtic decoration rivited to the bracer. Great for use in the SCA, LARP and Theater, they will give your outfit a custom made look.
Price: $36.00
Engraved Celtic Cross Bracers
Very little can compare to Celtic artwork; it usually features intricate knot work that is nothing short of stunning to behold. And on the Engraved Celtic Cross Bracers is a perfect example of a visually stunning piece, rendered into a Celtic cross.
Price: $45.00
Celtic Coolos Helmet
The Celtic Coolos Helmet is a variation on the classic coolos style of helmet. A traditional coolos helmet features a rounded appearance, with a flared back. This helmet matches that classic design but also adds hinged cheek guards.
Price: $148.50
Montefortino Celtic Helmet
The Montefortino Celtic Helmet is designed off a helmet that was found in a Celtic burial site in Montefortino, Italy. The helm has a simple yet effective design that was favored by Celts, and later, the Romans.
Price: $157.50
Celtic Spire Helmet
The Celts were a diverse group of tribes that once occupied much of iron-age Europe. This Celtic Spire Helmet is named for the distinctive design that was used in many historical Celtic helms, featuring a tall cap with a rounded point.
Price: $138.60
French Celtic Helm
The Celts were a diverse and varied group of tribes that once occupied much of iron-age Europe. This French Celtic Helm is named partially for its origins, and partially because it is modeled after a Celtic helmet unearthed in France.
Price: $138.60
Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers
Bringing historical beauty to a functional design, the Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers are perfect for children who enjoy LARPing, historically themed fairs, or simply want an extraordinary and authentic Halloween costume.
Price: $27.00
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