Scottish Regimental Dirk

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Dirk is a Scottish word meaning short dagger, although sometimes a dirk was actually a sword-blade, cut down and fitted to a dagger's hilt; this could be the case with the Scottish Regimental Dirk. Stretching nearly eighteen inches in length, this weapon looks less like a simple dagger and more like a fighting knife of some kind. The hilt is a nail-head studded grip, with a synthetic red crystal set on the pommel, an imitation of the once-valuable stones that the Scottish would apply to their own dirks as ornamentation. The blade is single-edged, with the back-half being only edged half-way down the blade, while the rest is ridged. A small blood-groove decreases the weight of the blade, while an attractive Damascus pattern gives allure to the blade itself. The sheath is black to match the hilt, with silver castings, all decorated by twin thistles, which are the floral emblem of Scotland. An added bonus is the matching mini-knife-and-fork set that comes stored within the scabbard. Far from simple, the Scottish Regimental Dirk is an appealing blade that would make an excellent addition to any owner's collection'or an excellent accessory to add on to one's formal Scottish Highland attire.

Key Features

  • Includes Hard Sheath
  • Synthetic Red Crystal On Pommel
  • Includes Mini-Knife-and-Fork Set

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 17.5 Inches
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