Tudor Close Helm

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This is the classic form most often associated with the image of a knight. During Henry the VIIIs wars in France (1522-1523), this form of helmet would have been in use on both sides. This excellent reproduction by the fine craftsmen of Windlass Steelcrafts is fully wearable. The term Close Helm refers to the fact that this type locks firmly around the head for complete protection, with a very narrow field of vision to expose the eyes as little as possible. The visor is pierced with key-holes on both sides for good air flow during combat. The lower bevor section is split into two overlapping pieces that are hinged at the sides and hook together at the chin while the visor locks down firmly over it. Made from 18 gauge hammer hardened steel.

Key Features

  • Functional Tudor Helm
  • Wearable
  • Complete Protection Of Head
  • Made Of 18 Gauge Hammer Hardened Steel

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