LARP Samurai Katana

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Of all the legendary warriors, samurai were perhaps, the greatest. Even more legendary then their skill, though, is the Samurai Katana, a blade that, in skilled samurai hands, was capable of near surgical precision that could end fights with one cut. This beautiful blade recreates the legendary sword of the samurai with near perfection, featuring the proper curve, the proper shape, and the proper form. That makes this blade a true shining star, one that will excel when wielded by those whose techniques resemble those of the Japanese sword. The weapon's grey blade has the intrinsic subtle curve, down to a round tsuba, or guard, that even features a decorated habaki (the gold plate just above the guard on the blade). The grip is wrapped with black fabric to create the proper look and feel, while the hilt ends with a matching gold kashira, or butt cap. The weapon is crafted from heavy foam latex that is designed to take regular use without shredding or tearing. It also features a fiberglass core that runs throughout the weapon, which ensures that the weapon holds its shape well, while still possessing a given level of flex that makes it safe to use in LARP battles. This fine oriental sword has an overall length of approximately 44 inches. Do you want to wield the legendary precision and power of the samurai? This Samurai Katana puts their blade, and thus, their soul, into your hands, allowing you to remind the world of the technique and the power that a samurai was once reported to wield.

Key Features:

  • Made Using Quality Materials
  • Features a Foamlatex Outer Shell
  • Reinforced with a Fiberglass Core
  • Handles Extremely Well
  • Black Cloth Wrapped Handle Provides a Secure Hold
  • A Solid and Sturdy LARP Weapon
  • Great for Sparring, Practicing, Theatrics, or LARP Events
  • Approved by Many LARP Groups
  • Has an Extremely Detailed Look

  • Measurements:
  • Blade Length: 30.5 inches
  • Hilt Length: 12 inches
  • Overall Length: 44 inches
  • Guard Diameter: 2.75 inches

  • Please be aware that these are handmade items and that measurements can vary slightly from what is shown here.

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