Teutonic Knight Pendant - Gold Finish

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The cross was the symbol of choice for many knightly orders, although each bore a distinctive cross that identified them and no-one else. This Teutonic Knight Pendant emulates the look of the cross that symbolized the Teutonic Order of German knights. Elegant and gold in its appearance, this cross pendant features a great level of detail and does the order it symbolizes great justice with its look alone. Originally formed in 1190, this order of knights was formed to help aid Christians in their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and establish hospitals where needed, although they also served as a military order of knights during the Middle Ages, when they actively crusaded to reach, gain, and hold the Holy Land. This pendant has the shape of a distinctive cross with flared edges, possessing faint, engraved scripting along the arms of the cross, as well as a shield at the very center of the cross. On this shield is a white background and a black cross, which has long-been the coat of arms of the Teutonic Order. On the other side of the pendant is a shield crest occupied with a displayed heraldic eagle, with thin spikes adorning the arms of the cross. This unique two-sided design gives the pendant a bit more style, allowing it to be worn in two different ways with ease. It is crafted from solid metal and features an enameled black and white shield, as well as stunning gold plating. The pendant can be worn by men, women, and children with ease, although it does not include a chain (one can be purchased separately, though). Pair this gilded Teutonic Knight Pendant with a great knightly costume to create the look of a true Teutonic knight, or you can wear it daily to show off your loyalty to this traditional German order of knights and crusaders.

Key Features

  • Features Impressive Detailing
  • A Double Sided Pendant
  • Crafted from Solid Metal
  • Plated with 24 carat Gold
  • Great for Casual Wear
  • Can Be Worn by Both Men and Women
  • Chain Not Included

  • Measurements

  • Height: 2.25 inches
  • Width: 1.25 inches
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