Landsknecht Katzbalger with Scabbard

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The Landsknechte were a European mercenary company that consisted primarily of German individuals trained with the use of pikes. When their signature weapon was unsuitable, though, many would wield this Landsknecht Katzbalger with Scabbard as a back-up. Katzbalger is a German term those meaning is somewhat disputed, although it is theorized that the name reference the fierce hand-to-hand combat that landsknecht soldiers would often participate in. The katzbalger is a short arming sword with a broad, cutting blade, here featured with three narrow, short fullers that lighten the blade's weight without compromising its strength. The blade is straight-edged with an angular point, as well as a historically classic figure-8 shaped guard. The handle is dark hardwood, while the pommel is a simple form designed to balance the blade's weight. Included with the sword is a matched sheath that features black leather wrap, as well as metal plating on both the throat and chape. The sword measures approximately 34.5 inches long. Historically, the Landsknecht Katzbalger with Scabbard was the side-arm of choice for the members of the Landsknechte, ensuring that even when enemies closed, a good mercenary and soldier always had a way to dispatch the enemy and get the job done.

Key Features

  • A Historic Arming Sword of the Landsknechte
  • Features a Versatile Blade with a Short, Triple-Fuller
  • Guard is a Classic Figure-8 Shape
  • Possesses a Hardwood Grip
  • Includes a Leather Sheath with Metal Plate Adornments

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 34.5 inches
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