Viking Kite Shield

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As ferocious as they were, even the Vikings understood that having a shield could mean the difference between life and death in a battle. Thus, many would carry this Viking Kite Shield into battle, assured that this large shield would protect them. And of course, a shield of this size rarely disappointed its wielder, so long as it was used properly. Kite shields come in two distinct shapes, with one being the reverse tear-drop shape that featured by this shield. The top is rounded and the edges taper down to a distinctive point. The shield's face features a central boss at the center, for both ornamentation and additional defense. The shield's face also been hand painted to feature a solid-colored pattern with four spokes of color emanating from the central boss and extending out to the shield's edges. The back of the shield features two leather straps, with one being longer than the other so that it might be hung over the shoulder to provide better weight distribution. This authentic Viking Kite Shield is a fantastic defense to carry into battle, providing more than enough cover to keep a warrior relatively safe. And when you're not in battle, you can display it in your home like the historically accurate piece that it is.

Key Features

  • A Viking-Styled Kite Shield
  • Features a Central Steel Shield Boss
  • Shield Face is One Solid Color with Four Colored Lines
  • Back of the Shield Features Two Leather Straps
  • A Great Accent to Germanic and Viking Styled Outfits
  • An Absolutely Amazing Display Item or Collector's Piece
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