Viking Horn Helmet

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A good horned helmet is an iconic representation of a typical Viking and his preferred headgear. And this Viking Horned Helmet would have fitted a Viking perfectly, featuring a simple, protective style that features large horns adorning its sides. This helmet is simple in design, featuring a round crown that is reinforced by strips of metal running horizontally and vertically across the helm. Extending down from the sides of the helm are two cheek protectors, which help to protect the wearer's face, while the back of the helm is flared out to defend the neck as well. Decorative gold-colored rivets adorn the helmet's cheek flaps, while subtle curves are smithed into the helmet's edge, as though making room for the eyes. The final touch to the helmet is, of course, the horns, which adorn the sides of the helmet and stick out, giving this helmet a truly impressive silhouette that is unquestionably Viking in nature. The helmet is made from quality metals and features subtle gold-colored decorations in addition to its decorative horns. Putting on this Viking Horned Helmet is definitely one of the fastest ways to make yourself feel like a real Viking, ensuring that this piece is a great accessory for costumes and ensembles, as well as a great display piece to include in your own collection.

Key Features

  • A Classic and Iconic Viking Styled Helm
  • Made from Quality Metals and Materials
  • Features Gold-Colored Rivets and Subtle Decorations
  • Two Horns Extend Up From Helm's Sides
  • Helps to Create an Iconic Armored Viking Outfit
  • An Absolutely Amazing Display Item or Collector's Piece

  • Sizing:
  • One size fits most. 22 to 23 Inch Circumference.
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