Lord of the Rings Glamdring LARP Sword

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A great wizard would require a truly mighty blade to channel his mystical strength, and no sword is more appropriate for that then this Glamdring Sword. Wielded by Gandalf the Gray, this elvish blade is truly among the mightiest in all of Middle Earth. This sword is based and designed after the same-named sword from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Elegant in the fashion of Elvish work, this blade is still nothing short of a warrior's blade, featuring a blue handle with a teardrop shaped pommel that is perfect for one and two-handed grips, and the grip fits well in the hand, making this blade comfortable and fun to wield for hours on end. The guard features a subtle, curving crescent-shaped bar that is inlaid with Elvish runes that read Turgon king of Gondolin wields, has, and holds the sword Glamdring, For of Morgoth's realm, hammer to the Orcs. Far from your typical elvish blade, this sword is a warrior's blade through and through, featuring a long, broad blade that makes it perfect for quick yet powerful attacks, ensuring that his sword lives up to its second name of Foe-Hammer. In terms of performance, the Glamdring LARP Sword is a fantastic LARP weapon that has been constructed from tough, layered foam that has been wrapped in high quality latex and coated in a specialized paint. It is a sturdy and reliable weapon that will stand up to hours of use and play. There's no denying that the blade of Gandalf the Gray (And Gandalf the White) is a beautiful blade, and now you can wield that terrible beauty for yourself. This Glamdring Sword has the might and the glory to fend off any horror you might face in battle, be it orc, goblin, man, or something worse, from the darkness and shadows...

Key Features

  • Approved for LARP Use
  • Ideal for LARP Events, Practice Battles, Theatrical Plays, or Movie Props
  • Extremely Well Balanced
  • Incredibly Detailed Appearance
  • Made from High Quality Latex
  • Construction Ensures Very Safe Play

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 48 inches
  • Blade Length: 36 inches
  • Blade Width: 2 inches
  • Handle Length: 11.5 inches
  • Hilt Width: 10.25 inches
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