Chastity Belt with Lock

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If you're looking to make a statement, there's no better piece to wear than this Chastity Belt with Lock! Traditionally a chastity belt is worn around the waist and is designed to keep individuals, both male and female, chaste and virtuous. This chastity belt features a sleek, metallic look and includes a look for keeping the belt secured around the waist. It is primarily a series of curved, hinged bands that secures around the waist and groin, while a small loop passes through the front and is secured with a lock to keep the belt closed. It features a sleek, polished finish, and is modeled after simple chastity belts that were worn throughout history. Please note that when you wear a chastity belt, you should only wear them for short stints of time, and always with padding between flesh and metal. This Chastity Belt with Lock is one of the simpler designs from history, and is a definite statement piece that is sure to start conversations, whether worn or displayed!

Key Features

  • Simple yet Impressive Chastity Belt
  • Includes Lock
  • Made from Quality Materials
  • A Definite Conversation Piece
  • Great for Re-Enactors and Collectors
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