Mens Formal Steampunk Top Hat

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Dont be the fool who leaves their formal appearance to chance: don the Mens Formal Steampunk Top Hat and become a dashing, debonair Steampunk gent, whose sharp wit is matched only his smart sense of styleas evidenced by his stylish top hat. Featuring an exaggerated shape that accents this hats smartly styled appearance, this hat will compliment virtually any formal Steampunk lookas well as countless informal ones, as well (black does go well with almost everything, after all). This hat is sparsely decorated; each decoration has been carefully chosen and placed to give just the right impression of style and taste. These sparse decorations include a key, a few tastefully placed clock parts, a red mens tie band, and a red peacock feather. One drawbackif you can consider it as suchto being handmade, though, is that the hat can differ slightly from the appearance above; if this bothers you, then consider instead that these minute differences make each and every hat a unique specimen of its kind. With the Mens Formal Steampunk Top Hat securely in your possession, now all one needs to do is locate the appropriate attire for any formal occasionbut really, once youve acquired the perfect hat, the rest of the attire is all downhill from there, right?

Key Features

  • Handmade using Real Clock Parts
  • Made from a Classic Black Top Hat
  • Smartly Adorned with a Men's Tie Band
  • Simple but Appealing Steampunk Style Decorations
  • Items...