Womens Celtic Priestess Costume

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The right cloak can add a sort of beguiling quality, a mysterious and even a mystical touch to any garment they adornto any person who wears them. And its this appeal that draws countless in to don the Womens Celtic Priestess Costume. This costume features a nearly-knee length hooded green robe with greenlining and trim; it features billowy, open sleeves with mystical designs along the hems, as well as a narrow cord decorating the torso. Matching boots and stocking are not included with the costume, although a good pair of medieval boots and leggings will complete the costume, just as pants can be added in, if the robe is a bit too short for personal taste. This costume is fantastic for Halloween; its simple, comfortable and easy: just dress to taste and pull the robe over everything, and suddenly, youre mysterious and mystical! And if more detail is wanted, all the time in the world can be spent adding additional details in, until personal requirements are satisfied. For that reason, it also makes a phenomenal base for any medieval festival or renaissance fair costume! The Womens Celtic Priestess Costume could even function well in the role of a stage or theater costume!

Key Features

  • Quality Halloween costume
  • Includes Hooded Robe
  • Boots and Stockings Not Included
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween
  • Good Accessory or Costume to a Very Nice Medieval Festival or Renaissance Fair Costume
  • Great Costume or Accessory for Stage Productions

  • Measurements

  • Standard: Bust 36 to 38 Inches, Waist 27 to 30 Inches
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