Conan the Barbarian Pick-Axe by Marto

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Barbarians and axes just go together, and Conan is no different to this fact; this allegation is supported by the fact that he did, in fact, wield his own wicked axe, which has been reproduced in the Conan the Barbarian Pick-Axe by Marto. This otherwise plain axe has one, singular, distinctive feature that sets it apart from all the others: this axe features a double-head that offers choices aplenty when faced with a combat situation. The haft is little more than a simple wooden shaft; all it needs to offer is strength, given that the axe is typically not a beautiful weapon. The axe-head, on the axe-side, is equally simple: a broad-blade designed to cut as well as crush, while the reversed side sports a single, wicked spike, likely designed as much for armor penetration as for hooking enemies with the upward curve. Regardless of what the spikes intended purpose is, the Conan the Barbarian Pick-Axe by Marto is still a reproduction of an axe that was wickedly effective in the hands of a skilled warrior.

Key Features

  • Wood Handle with Leather Wrapping

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 59 Inches
  • Trollsbane Axe
    Trollsbane Axe

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