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Functional Swords

Each and every one of the blades you will find here in our functional swords section is more than just a pretty historical replica or a decorative display blade. Every sword you will find in this section of Dark Knight Armoury is a hardy blade that is made to withstand the rigors of combat, ensuring that you can use these blades for display or for battle. Virtually all of our functional swords are battle ready and are forged from high carbon steel, as well as tempered to make them both strong and flexible, just like any good, functional sword should be. Many of our functional swords come with varying levels of working edges, which means that some are rather sharp and can be used for cutting the moment you get them. We literally offer hundreds of different swords, all featuring very distinctive styles, ensuring that no matter your taste, there is likely a blade here for you, one that suits your needs, your style, and your budget! Some are traditional medieval swords straight out of the Dark Ages, while others are functional fencing rapiers from a time of more refined taste and precise blade work. Others still are works of pure fantasy, deriving inspiration from books, movies, video games, and other forms of fiction that are recreated in lifelike, working detail for any blade connoisseur to enjoy. The swords of Vikings stand next to examples of the Roman gladius, while typical medieval swords, like the arming sword, the long sword, the bastard sword, and the two handed sword all eagerly await the day that they are swung in battle, just like in the days of old. Greek swords are great for the historic warrior, while civil war sabers and cutlasses are perfect for those who have an interest in later styles of war and battle. And all of these wonderful blades are made by manufacturers like Windlass Steelcrafts, Hanwei, CAS Iberia, Cold Steel, and more, ensuring that each one is a great work that will likely not let you down any time soon. Used properly, these swords are a dream, and thanks to the great look of each and every one, when you are not busy wielding them, either in battle or in training, they make for great display pieces to set on your mantle, too! We have a sword for every style here at Dark Knight Armoury, so if you fancy yourself a swordsman or a warrior, then why not take a moment to browse through our functional swords and see what catches your fancy? You never know, you might find the sword of your dreams, right here, right now.
Bastard Sword
The Swiss and Germans originally carried these weapons, although Bastard swords soon became popular in other regions such as the British Isles and Europe.
Price: $340.00
Viking Ulfbert Sword
This Viking Ulfberht Sword is a stellar replica modeled from a sword shown in Ian Pierces book Swords of the Viking Age. An old legend has it that a Nordic smith named Ulfberht developed the first all steel blade.
Price: $210.00
Marshall Damascus Sword
Our single-hand Marshall Damascus Sword sets new standards of quality and authenticity in broadsword construction. The sword is based on an original, now in a British museum, used by Sir William Marshall.
Price: $700.00
Claymore Sword
Mainstay of the Highland warriors of the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Claymore had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period.
Price: $365.00
Raptor Sword
We have named this new fantasy sword for the fierce prehistoric predator. The pommel is in the form of its deadly claw, but of course, the long curving blade is the real force of this beast. It includes a scabbard.
Price: $215.00
German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword
This handmade sword is not for the faint of heart, as Great Landsknecht Swords were wielded by only the strongest and most fearless chosen front line Swiss and German soldiers of the Middle Ages, and for good reason!
Price: $473.10
Celtic Combat Sword
The Celts were brave warriors from early as 500 BC, fighting with strength and fury. The close combat sword was the chosen weapon in battle, as its flared blade possessed a strong and deadly edge that could be wielded quickly.
Price: $158.00
Dark Sentinel
Combining the slashing power of the Samurai Katana with the agility and thrusting ability of fine European dueling swords, the Dark Sentinel is a handsome sword with a bite.
Price: $165.00
Battle Sword
If there was ever a sword to carry into battle, than it has to be this Battle Sword. After all, it is in the name. This medieval sword is modeled after the classic long sword and has a look that is perfect for all styles of warrior.
Price: $98.00
15th Century Longsword
The longsword, often called a hand-and-half sword, saw a great deal of use in war, and it was also employed a great deal as a civilian weapon of self-defense. This replica features a wire wrapped grip with a steel pommel and guard.
Price: $245.00
Hand and a Half Sword
You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile or effective sword than this bastard sword. Known also as a Hand and a Half Sword, this weapon is the epitome of rugged design that is brutally effective yet effortless in its look.
Price: $439.99
On Sale For: $352.00
Knights Templar Sword
This Knights Templar Sword is made of high carbon steel. The sword features a wood scabbard wrapped in leather with polished steel accents. The cross guard and pommel are solid steel, polished and fitted onto a full tang.
Price: $279.00
The Atlantean Sword From Conan the Barbarian
The Atlantean Sword is hand-forged from 1085 high carbon steel and tempered to 52 HRC for strength. This swords has been expertly reproduced and is an exact replica of the sword used on screen from the movie Conan The Barbarian.
Price: $355.00
Claymore Antiqued Sword
The Claymore had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period. Typically of hand-and-a-half length, this versatile weapon could deliver great sweeping slashes or powerful thrusts.
Price: $365.00
The Accolade Sword of the Knights Templar
This magnificent sword named The Accolade would have been a sword worthy of the Templar Grand Master to knight a loyal member into this holy order. The best metalsmiths from Windlass Steelcrafts have spent hours on each blade.
Price: $375.00
Classic Hoplite Sword
The leaf shaped blade was quite popular throughout the ancient world. Our Hoplite Sword features a steel guard and pommel with a wooden grip covered with leather. The high carbon steel blade makes this sword ideal for re-enactments.
Price: $165.00
Damascus Viking Sword
Early Viking swords were forged from layers of iron interwoven with strands of steel to produce a very tough sword. This is a beautiful reproduction of an actual artifact found in Finland, fit for any Viking warrior.
Price: $425.00
Heron Mark Sword
We are very proud to offer a Heron Mark sword, inspired by the Wheel of Time series. The sword is hand-forged, and of a very tough high carbon steel. The guard and pommel are of brass, and the balance is simply superb.
Price: $275.00
Roman Maintz Gladius Sword
Our Roman Maintz Gladius features a full tang construction, high carbon blade, and hardwood handle. It has a steel spacer at the bottom of the handle for strength and durability. A wood scabbard, wrapped in leather, is included.
Price: $209.00
Authentics Ö Dussack Cutlass
Each Dussack is made from a single piece of steel and is clearly a no frills cutting weapon. Because of its simple and functional design, it was favored by commoners, who needed a weapon that could be used for a variety of purposes.
Price: $93.00
Falchion Sword
Although the double-edged sword gets most of the press, the single-edged falchion was favored by a great many knights and men at arms. The wide cutting blade was quite effective against mail thanks to its weight balance.
Price: $185.00
Godfred Sword
Named for the feared 8th century Viking raider, our Godfred Sword is built around a beautifully patterned folded steel blade to replicate the pre-9th century originals.
Price: $700.00
Greek Falcata
The inward curving blade on the Falcata delivers a tremendous blow and could split both shield and helmet. This sword is considered to be of Greek, or possibly Etruscan origin, its use spread into Southern Russia and also Spain.
Price: $195.00
Celtic Norse Sword
The Early Norse and Celtic people of the Middle Ages created functional swords beautifully that were adorned with designs from their myths and legends. This beautiful Celtic Norse sword has a curled scroll hand engraved into its pommel.
Price: $201.40
8th Century Viking Sword
This Viking Sword is fashioned after an Eighth Century Design. This beautiful sword has a highly polished 33-inch blade with fuller and a dark hardwood handle with a polished, solid steel pommel and cross guard.
Price: $279.00
Two Handed Great Sword
Sure this Two Handed Great Sword is big and meant to be carried over the shoulder in its scabbard, but it is extremely well balanced and easily wielded by people of larger stature and physical strength.
Price: $569.99
On Sale For: $456.00
Great Claymore Sword
Finally, a real Claymore for all those modern Scots who long to possess a functional and battle ready Highland sword! Through history, tales have been told of mighty Scotsmen, hearty and ready to stand against seemingly unbeatable odds.
Price: $361.00
Archer Sword
The archers primary weapon was the bow and arrow, but what did an archer turn to when the enemy tried to engage the archer in melee combat? In such a situation, the archer typically favored a short sword, just like this Archers Sword.
Price: $90.00
Pirate Captain's Hanger
The Pirate Captains Hanger is made of beautiful antiqued brass and has a steel hilt. The fully tempered high carbon steel blade is worth its salt against any seabeast or while swarming the side of a galley.
Price: $175.00
Scottish Cutlass
The crashing of waves, the roar of cannons, the shout of rogues through the foreboding mist - this new cutlass cannot help but unleash adventurous images. Scottish born Capt. William Kidd, we are sure, would have favored this sword.
Price: $215.00
Lowlander Sword
Wielded with ferocity on many a Gaelic battlefield, the massive Lowlander sword illustrates the might of the Scots. Known as Slaughter-Swords in the 16th century, these were the swords of choice for Scottish mercenaries of the period.
Price: $440.00
Classic Medieval Sword
The long and wide fuller on this blade lightens the overall sword and makes it possible to deliver fast and shearing cuts capable of cutting through the mail and padding that were worn during the period.
Price: $225.00
Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword
This Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword is made of high carbon steel, making it light weight. The sword features a wood scabbard wrapped in leather with polished steel accents. The handle is wood, wrapped in leather.
Price: $279.00
Single Handed Short Sword
The Single Handed Short Sword features a hammered, blackened iron pommel and guard welded to a hefty steel blade. The Single Handed Short Sword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price.
Price: $83.60
Ranger Battle Sword
This sword seems like it is something straight out of fantasy, but do not let that fool you into thinking it is for decoration only. This Ranger Battle Sword was designed to be as functional and battle-ready as it is visually appealing.
Price: $315.00
Brandenburg Rapier
The rapier is a classic evolution of the sword, changing as warriors began to favor finesse and skill over strength. This Brandenburg Rapier is equal parts form and function, possessing a dashing look and a blade fit for any swordsman.
Price: $285.00
Colichemarde Sword
True to form, our Colichemarde Sword mirrors the original, with an extra-long, wide forte that abruptly tapers down to an acute and deadly point. The hilt features a decorative yet functional shell guard, complete with finger loops.
Price: $449.99
On Sale For: $360.00
Maintz Pattern Gladius
The early Gladius (our version is the Maintz pattern) was wasp waisted with a long point that combined cutting power and stabbing ability in one handy weapon. This is the sword that helped the Romans conquer most of the known world.
Price: $215.00
Hero's Warsword
This massive Lowland Claymore is like one held by the Bruce clan, which they assert belonged to Robert the Bruce himself. It is certainly the correct type for that age when knights wore mail, barrel helms, and small pieces of plate.
Price: $285.00
Grosse Messer Sword
The Grosse Messer hails from central and northern Europe where, in far off days of old, noblemen and peasants alike relied on it to protect hearth and home from the ravages of brigands, outlaws, and other characters of ill repute.
Price: $349.99
On Sale For: $280.00
The Father's Sword From Conan the Barbarian
The Fathers Sword is hand-forged from 1085 high carbon steel and tempered to 52 HRC for strength. This sword has been reproduced by Windlass Steelcrafts as a replica of the sword used on screen from the movie Conan The Barbarian.
Price: $295.00
Brass Basket Hilt Claymore
The pierced basket-hilt is a faithful reproduction of one found on the Culloden Moor. The fully tempered high carbon steel blade is of the typical fullered, double-edge, broadsword pattern favored by highlanders of the 1740s.
Price: $285.00
This uniquely styled sword is featured in many period fencing manuals and is rapidly gaining popularity with modern practitioners of European martial arts.
Price: $245.00
On Sale For: $199.00
First Crusader Sword with Scabbard
Crusaders rarely wielded ornate weapons, instead favoring ones that were reliable and effective. This First Crusader Sword with Scabbard is a replica of the typical sword that might have accompanied a soldier during the First Crusades.
Price: $108.00
Irish Hand And A Half Sword
This Irish hand and a half sword is a Generation 2 design, upgraded to Steel-to-Steel capability. Originally from 1475-1525 A.D., the sword style features a full tang construction, high carbon blade that is flexible and strong.
Price: $279.00
Robin Hood Sword
Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer this officially licensed replica of the stunning sword used in the epic motion picture Robin Hood, from the celebrated director Ridley Scott. The blade is hand forged of high carbon steel.
Price: $122.50
Elven Battle Sword
Elves are renowned for their grace, both in times of peace and war. This Elven Battle Sword perfectly embodies their war-craft, creating a blade of peerless design that perfectly suits a graceful and fluid style of bladed combat.
Price: $295.00
Sword of Roven
Our version of this sword is as formidable a weapon as the original. The blade is high carbon steel, tempered to a tough spring, the grip is ridged wood, wrapped with leather, and the pommel and guard are steel.
Price: $245.00
Munich Sword
There are several of these swords in different private and public collections, one in the Wallace Collections and several at the Bavarian National Museum. A Munic Sword is a perfect example of German Military Cut-and-Thrust Swept Hilt.
Price: $265.00
Pirate Cutlass
This dashing pirate cutlass is a real beauty to behold. Created with a blackened steel guard to protect the finish and a hand-forged carbon steel blade, this cutlass is worth walking the plank for and is the perfect pirates companion.
Price: $169.10
Shasqua Sword
Known first as a Cossack weapon that was used on horseback, this Shasqua sword was eventually made the official officers sword of the Soviet Union. The brass pommel is marked with star, sickle, and hammer.
Price: $159.95
Viking Sword
The Viking sword of the 9th and 10th centuries featured a long wide blade with a broad central fuller and two keen edges. The preferred stroke was a hard slash or chopping blow, so the point was rounded and sometimes used for thrusting.
Price: $449.99
On Sale For: $360.00
Roman Gladius Sword
Our version features a full tang construction, high carbon blade, and hardwood handle. The Roman Gladius Sword has a polished steel spacer at the bottom of the handle for strength and durability, and a wood scabbard is included.
Price: $209.00
Great Claymore Sword
The Great Claymore Sword features a hammered and blackened iron pommel and guard welded to a hefty steel blade. The Great Claymore Sword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price.
Price: $188.10
Roman Gladius Sword
The Roman Gladius Sword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price. It features a full tang with the blade made from a thick, rigid piece of steel that extends the length of the blade.
Price: $106.40
12th Century Medieval Sword
Our 12th Century Medieval Sword features a hardwood handle wrapped in leather. The crossguard and pommel are solid steel, polished and fitted onto a full tang that is peened at top of the pommel for strength and durability.
Price: $279.00
Steel Hilt Crusader Sword
Our exclusive heirloom quality Crusader Sword is well balanced and a striking example of beauty in design! This well constructed blade is hand forged from high carbon steel and is tempered over hot coals, just like in medieval times.
Price: $224.20
Double Handed Broadsword
The Double Handed Broadsword features a hammered, blackened iron pommel and guard welded to a hefty steel blade. The Double Handed Broadsword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting, all for a great price.
Price: $169.10
Pompeii Gladius Roman Sword
The Pompeii Gladius is the sword that conquered most of the known world. This version, made by Windlass, has a tempered high carbon steel blade and beautiful wooden handle and pommel and is designed after actual artifacts.
Price: $195.00
1917 Cutlass by Cold Steel
In 1917, the US Navy decided to replace its Model 1860 cutlass which had been in service for 57 years. Cold Steels modern recreation of the 1917 Cutlass is as authentic as possible, modeled after an original copy in a personal collection.
Price: $279.99
On Sale For: $224.00
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