Womens Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts

Unique is a good word to describe Dark Knight Armourys collection of womens long sleeve gothic shirts. Why? Because unlike long sleeve shirts reserved for cold weather wear, this section features long sleeved shirts in various forms and designs. Some are made for cold weather, and some are made for all-weather wear, allowing you to enjoy their look at any time of the year! Exceedingly varied in their design, these womens shirts are made with variety in mind. Some feature lace sleeves, for that added touch of gothic detail. Others feature bell-sleeves and high collars, which adds billowy movement and elegance to a casual garment. Some have slit sleeves and lace-tied closures which makes for a truly versatile garment to wear in either cold or warm weather! Not only that, but their unique designs are also home to stunning gothic graphics, which depict all manner of designs ranging from flying skulls to bloody roses to fallen angels to dancing dragons and beyond! Typical gothic fare, like grim reapers and crosses, meets iconic fantasy and vivid color to make each and every shirt you find in this section a true work of art, one that will make a distinctive impression on all those who see it. Some of the shirts in this section are made from heavier cotton fabric, while others are viscose and rayon, which is lighter, while still offering a soft, comfortable fit. So ladies, if you are looking for something unique and intriguing to add to your wardrobe, either for winter wear or for something fun and distinctive, then you have come to the right place, because Dark Knight Armoury has all that and more in its womens long sleeve gothic shirts section.
Womens Death Mask Long Sleeve Shirt
A face emerges from the shadows, enchanting yet grotesque with its Day of the Dead make-up drawn to pay tribute to the souls lost long ago. The Womens Death Mask Long Sleeve Shirt displays an intricate sugar skull design on the front.
Price: $26.00
Womens Gothic Neckstraps Shirt
Not all gothic shirts are created equal. This one features a unique series of designs that set it right above the rest. This Womens Gothic Neckstraps Shirt is a classic shirt with a stunning gothic twist that really catches the eye.
Price: $28.95
Womens Gothic Rock Lace Cutout Top
A magnificent top for any gothic beauty who is seeking an understated and elegant gothic look, the Womens Gothic Rock Lace Cutout Top is a stylish and comfortable black cotton top that features lace cutout accents.
Price: $24.00
On Sale For: $22.00
Womens Gothic Slashed Long Sleeve Shirt
For the girl looking for a wicked and wild addition to her attire, there is nothing better than a new shirt with a distinctive look. This Womens Gothic Slashed Long Sleeve Shirt is just that, offering a unique take on a classic apparel.
Price: $23.95
Womens Long Sleeve Black Workshirt
The casual comfort of a classic black button-up is something that cannot be beaten. Not only is the garment comfortable, but this Womens Long Sleeve Black Workshirt is also a versatile one, as it can be worn for just about any event.
Price: $44.95
Womens Mesh Glove Long Sleeve Fire Starter Top
Featuring an exceptionally cute image of a devious young dragon who has accidently burned holes in the front of this shirt, the Womens Mesh Glove Long Sleeve Fire Starter Top is wonderful addition to the wardrobe of any gothic girl.
Price: $20.00
Womens Open Sleeve Gothic Shirt
Do you ever just want to wear long sleeves, even in the summer? It is not such a far-fetched thought, and especially not when a lady has this Womens Open Sleeve Gothic Shirt in her closet, which serves well in the warm weather.
Price: $32.95
Womens Vampire Bat Mesh Sleeve Top
Uniquely designed for lovely gothic ladies who wish to appear fashionable while displaying their enjoyment of the taboo, the Womens Vampire Bat Mesh Sleeve Top displays a vivid scene of a hunting vampire bat colony.
Price: $28.00
Womens Vampires Kiss High Collar Top
What symbol could be used to better represent those whom have eternal life than the Ankh of life, which has done so since the days of Ancient Egypt? The Womens Vampires Kiss High Collar Top displays an image of this timeless symbol.
Price: $20.00
Woodland Fairy Long Sleeve Shirt
Despite their inviting charm, the Fae are among the deadliest creatures around. May no one enter a fairys ring unless they hope to die. Ward off unwanted visitors and woo unsuspecting victims with the Woodland Fairy Long Sleeve Shirt.
Price: $26.78
Yin Yang Buckle Cuff Long Sleeve Top
Whether you choose the darkness or the light, the Yin Yang Buckle Cuff Long Sleeve Top is sure to display the best of both worlds. This modern take on classic gothic style features unconventional sleeves and an exceptional graphic.
Price: $29.21

"Love this arm cuff (DK6074). Fits great and is made of great material. Received a day early."

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