Mens Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts

This is one instance where gothic style will not only keep you looking good and stylish, but it will also help keep you warm in the winter season! A mens long sleeve gothic shirt features not only great design and comfort, but also full-length sleeves that help to stave off the cold, and you can find a good selection of those garments right here at Dark Knight Armoury. Easily the most striking feature about these long sleeve shirts is their inherent gothic design, as each shirt features a wicked, full-core graphic that wraps front to back and onto the sleeves, as well. The designs are quite varied, as well. On one shirt, you will find a menacing grim reaper, as he points to select his next victim. On another, you can glimpse a dark angel as she clings on for comfort. Yet another shirt depicts the classic symbol of fantasy, a powerful dragon, ready to burn it all down. And these are only some of the designs that are offered, with many more being available, providing you with garments that show off dark fantasy, horror, and iconic gothic design with equal ease! And better yet, thanks to the shirts being made from fine materials like cotton, they are also very comfortable, which means each shirt will be an absolute pleasure to wear, too! Do not be surprised if, at the first nip in the air, you find yourself reaching for one of these fantastic mens long sleeve gothic shirts from Dark Knight Armoury, because you are not alone. After all, not many shirts can match the style and the comfort of these amazing garments.
Undead Vikings Mens Long Sleeve Shirt
The Undead Viking Mens Long Sleeve Shirt displays a brutal band of Viking warriors who have returned from Valhalla to pursue their passions of pillaging and plundering, and of course kill all those who attempt resistance.
Price: $20.00
Unzipped Skeletal Long Sleeve T-Shirt
The zippered graphic of this Unzipped Skeletal Long Sleeve T-Shirt gives it a two-in-one design that is sure to please. After all, not much out there can top the raw heavy metal style that comes from being a skeleton!
Price: $30.00
Vampire Bat Mens Long Sleeve Shirt
Feeding on the blood of mammals, whom they attack while they sleep, vampire bats have inspired endless nightmares across the globe. The Vampire Bat Mens Long Sleeve Shirt is designed in tribute of these bloodsucking beasts.
Price: $20.00
Vampire Goth Long Sleeve Biker T-Shirt
No punk biker should be afraid to push the bounds of fashion. The Vampire Goth Long Sleeve Biker T-Shirt offers a uniquely styled piece printed to look like a black leather jacket worn over a Victorian waistcoat and cravat.
Price: $40.00
Viking Dead Long Sleeve Shirt
The tormented souls of fallen Norse warriors return to reclaim their rightful place, the helm of their longboat, in the Viking Dead Long Sleeve Shirt. These Vikings display the severed heads of enemies and brandish well-worn weapons.
Price: $25.00
Viking Undead Long Sleeve Shirt
It is a draugr, come back from the grave to raid and pillage! And it comes to us in the form of this Viking Undead Long Sleeve Shirt, which captures the iconic look of a Viking warrior, with undeath added in for gothic measure.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $26.95
Waisted Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Are you waisted? You can be, as this Waisted Long Sleeve T-Shirt will make you feel like you are dressed in the finest of gothic fashions. The best part is that you can look your gothic best all while wearing a classic and comfy shirt.
Price: $30.00
Water Dragon Long Sleeve Shirt
Sometimes, two beings can form a special connection that bridges gaps like species. Such a bond is depicted in this Water Dragon Long Sleeve Shirt, which features a lovely, regal elven maiden as she cradles a water dragon in her hands.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $23.95
Waxed Skull Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Charged with the overseeing of souls left in limbo, the Waxed Skull Long Sleeve T-Shirt portrays a gruesome occultist tale through candlewax. This cotton jersey shirt tells this message in a skin-friendly manner by using Azo-free graphics.
Price: $30.00
Wheels Of Fire Long Sleeve T-Shirt
What is the best way out of the pit? On a motorcycle! On the Wheels Of Fire Long Sleeve T-Shirt, a skeleton rides his way out of the pit on a chopper fit for a devil, complete with custom handle bars, flaming wheels, and all the works.
Price: $30.00
Witching Hour Jack o Lantern Long Sleeve Shirt
Once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, the mystical hour of the witch begins! Display the moment where the powers of a witch become more powerful than ever before with this Witching Hour Jack o Lantern Long Sleeve Shirt.
Price: $23.00
Wolf Dreams Long Sleeve Shirt
The wolf with guard your nights, serving as a spirit guide as you navigate the world of dreams. The Wolf Dreams Long Sleeve Shirt displays a wolf with a dreamcatcher collar decorated with feathers and claws on the front.
Price: $25.00
Wolf Queen Long Sleeve Shirt
Unleashing an unforgiving hell with her full skeleton army and a chained snarling wolf, this battlefield will soon be covered in death. Grab the nearest weapon and join the ranks with the comfortable Wolf Queen Long Sleeve Shirt.
Price: $30.00
Wolf Soul Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Never before have two entirely different lives been fused together in such harmony. No mere man can tame her. She is the werewolf who guards this forest. Show your respect to this dark maiden with the Wolf Soul Long Sleeve T-Shirt.
Price: $30.00
Wolf Triad Long Sleeve Shirt
Gathered under the light of a full moon, this pack of wolves snarls against all who might intrude in their territory. They also transform this Wolf Triad Long Sleeve Shirt into a feral yet fine garment for any guy with wolfs soul.
Price: $30.00
Wolf Wings Long Sleeve Shirt
Never fear the cold night again because a silent guardian is watching over you while you rest. So take comfort in the notion of a loyal protector hiding in the shadows with the stylish Wolf Wings Long Sleeve Shirt.
Price: $30.00
You're Next Long Sleeve Shirt
Do you dare go against the reaper? When he proclaims that your time has come, do you go quietly or do you fight? The You're Next Long Sleeve Shirt features a wicked reaper who, with a gesture, promises to deliver an untimely demise.
Price: $30.00
Zombie Killer Long Sleeve Shirt
The never ending waves of zombies have not worn you down yet, you are determined to fight until your last dying breath. Earn the right to live by battling the undead with the stylish Zombie Killer Long Sleeve Shirt.
Price: $25.00
Zombies Unleashed Long Sleeve Shirt
Do you dare defy the warning and enter through these hellish gates? Worry not, for the zombies are safely contained, or are they? This Zombies Unleashed Long Sleeve Shirt brings a touch of undeath to your contemporary and casual style.
Price: $30.00

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