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Once upon a time, you might have had to choose between being warm and being stylish. Well, not any more ladies, not if you are going gothic in your look, because Dark Knight Armoury has a wide selection of fantastic womens gothic jackets and hoodies for you to choose from, so that you can look your best while also securing yourself against the unpleasantness of cold or bad weather. Simultaneously dark and colorful, these hoodies are some of the very best that gothic style can offer, depicting colorful graphics on warm, cotton fleece hooded sweatshirts to ensure that you are warm and snug. And the graphics themselves are nothing to scoff at, possessing not only great detail but also vivid color, all while featuring any number of impressive designs, ranging from dark fairies to fallen angels to grim reapers to gothic skulls to great dragons. The list goes on and on, and it continues to grow with every season! And for those really cold days, we also offer gothic jackets, which are a bit heavier and a bit more durable, while also featuring a biker-esque look that complements gothic style nicely. So it will keep you warm and make you look awesome, all at the same time! So if your interest has been piqued, then perhaps you ought to pay a visit to the Womens gothic jackets and hoodies section at Dark Knight Armoury, so you can select the winter-wear for that suits your taste, and so that you can reap the reward of having great gothic attire in your wardrobe.
Steampunk Striped Button Bolero Jacket
Offering some minor protection from the elements, this charming steampunk jacket makes a great final touch to your outfit. The Steampunk Striped Button Bolero Jacket has long sleeves and ends above the bust in the front.
Price: $34.00
Steampunk Striped Button Lapel Jacket
When you want to look trendy and polished while still showing off your personal style, give a jacket like this a try. The Steampunk Striped Button Lapel Jacket displays horizontal brown stripes and a long tuxedo tail.
Price: $58.00
Steampunk Striped Countess Jacket
A stylish ladies jacket with a flattering cut, the Steampunk Striped Countess Jacket makes an eye-catching addition to any outfit. The black and brown striped pattern runs vertically down the formal jacket for a bold look.
Price: $81.00
Steampunk Underbust Trench Coat
Crafted from soft and durable suede fabric, the Steampunk Underbust Trench Coat has been designed for incredible style and practicality. This steampunk coat features faux leather details and a sleek satin lining.
Price: $79.00
Toreador Jacket
You will fit right in with the matadors during the running of the bulls when you wear this fashionable jacket! The Toreador Jacket functions as a formal riding jacket with its European cut and short length.
Price: $265.00
Unisex Long Velvet Frock Coat
Based loosely on the old Victorian frock, this Unisex Long Velvet Frock Coat combines rich and luxurious material with old-world design to create a new age garment that features great gothic style and classic modern appeal.
Price: $93.89
Vamp Fangs Lace-up Full Zip Hoodie
Dare you enter the vampires mansion lair? The Vamp Fangs Lace-up Full Zip Hoodie features eye-catching gothic vampire graphics on its front and back while grommets and lacing down the sleeves and on the hood make a fearsome statement.
Price: $49.50
Vampires Kiss Womens Corset Tie Trench Coat
Combining function to gothic style can be a bit of a challenge. Throw in feminine flair and you are in for a storm. Find these three elements, along with vampyric romance, in the Vampires Kiss Womens Corset Tie Trench Coat.
Price: $150.00
Vampiress Black Velvet Tail Jacket
The Vampiress Black Velvet Tail Jacket tops off countless looks, bespeaking a Gothic beauty who takes delight in the creatures of the night. It adds an air of romance and mystery, perfect for historical events and formal occasions.
Price: $110.00
On Sale For: $99.00
Victorian Lace Trim Bolero Jacket
This stunning cropped jacket displays luxurious floral print brocade fabric, making it a great choice to finish off your outfit. The Victorian Lace Trim Bolero Jacket fastens at the front of the neck with a black satin ribbon.
Price: $50.75
Wolf Dreams Ribbon Sleeve Womens Hoodie
The spirit of the wolf is very sacred, as the noble spirit and beauty of the animal have been worshipped throughout time. Show your spiritual side and your love for these creatures in this Wolf Dreams Ribbon Sleeve Womens Hoodie.
Price: $56.00
Womens Buckled Chest Steampunk Overcoat
If you live in a place where the weather ever gets chilly, then a coat is a necessary aspect of your wardrobe. You can keep your steampunk style in check even in the winter months with this Womens Buckled Chest Steampunk Overcoat.
Price: $139.50
Womens Draped Hoodie
Sometimes you just need something casual and quick to go with your look. When the temperatures drop, that something you need can be a casual black sweatshirt, like this Womens Draped Hoodie, which offers a gothic style for all occasions.
Price: $39.75
Womens Gothic Duster Coat
The classic duster gets a bit of face-lift in this Womens Gothic Duster Coat. Stylish and appealing, this coat echoes the look of the classic coat worn by warriors of film and fiction, while bringing gothic elements to the table, too.
Price: $92.63
On Sale For: $87.00
Womens Gothic Long Coat
If you are looking for vampire style to go with your gothic look, you need not look any more! This Womens Gothic Long Coat has a touch of that old world look that any dark lady of the night would surely love to wear.
Price: $100.17
Womens Lionheart Coat
Whether you are heading out for a night on the town or dressing for a formal event, this coat will provide the perfect finishing touch. The Womens Lionheart Coat is a luxurious modern romantic frock coat.
Price: $395.00
Womens Long Hooded Gothic Coat
Long coats and dusters have experienced a revival in todays fashion. The Womens Long Hooded Gothic Coat delivers fine material and beautiful detail in its design, all merged into one splendid looking package.
Price: $125.29
Womens Lycos Wings Hoodie
Featuring a splendidly colorful and vivid design, the Womens Lycos Wings Hoodie depicts a gray wolf celebrating its new wings. This sweatshirt is both eye catching and comfortable, making it a superb addition to any wardrobe.
Price: $32.00
Womens Metal Streetwear Hoodie
Striking a magnificent blend between gothic styling and comfort, the Womens Metal Streetwear Hoodie features an all-black minimalist design which is sure to complement your style while keeping you warm and relaxed.
Price: $30.00
Womens Metal Streetwear Slant Zip Jacket
An exceptionally versatile and comfortable jacket, the Womens Metal Streetwear Slant Zip Jacket features a simple, yet fashionable slanted zipper design which is perfect for accentuating your individual style.
Price: $50.00
Womens Stained Tribal Slant Zip Jacket
Blending style and comfort in a chic design, the Womens Stained Tribal Slant Zip Jacket is a fantastic casual jacket for achieving an edgy look. This jacket is made from terry fleece cotton for unparalleled comfort.
Price: $48.25

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