Decorative Belt Buckles

Historically speaking, decorative belt buckles have long been in use, often seen as signs of personal rank or status, in the very least. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of these icons, allowing you to make a statement about your personal look that is entirely unique, ranging from classically military or eccentrically gothic, as well as anywhere in-between. This section is something of a composite, as it holds virtually all of our belt buckles, giving it a mish-mash sort of style that contains fantastic elements of fantasy right alongside historical belt buckles from history! As such, you can find almost any style of belt buckle that you require right here! If you want something historic to go with your look, we have civil war belt buckles that will make you look like an officer of the Union or the Confederate. We also offer historic belt buckles of general design, so that you can echo the look of older fashions with ease. And for the more stylized look, we offer a selection of gothic and fantasy belt buckles, which allow you to reveal your inner wolf, your inner steampunk gearhead, or your inner alchemist, all by wearing your chosen belt buckle when you go out and about on your day-to-day routine! Variety is something we pride ourselves on here at Dark Knight Armoury, and in our decorative belt buckles section, you will find just that - a variety of belt buckles for you to use, in a wide variety of different situations.
Alchemist Rex Belt Buckle
This belt buckle is easily the king of the Alchemists. The Alchemist Rex Belt Buckle is subtle yet striking, possessed of an impressive level of detail that will assuredly cause others to take notice of your own level of gothic style.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Anima Machinato Futurus Belt Buckle
Humans have always sought to advance themselves, and the same is true in a steampunk setting. In this Animus Machinato Futurus Belt Buckle, onlookers can catch a glimpse of a Steampunk citizens futuristic mechanical merger.
Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $80.10
Archangel Belt Buckle
Not all gothic style is bones, mysticism, and chaos. Sometimes it can be something beautiful and subdued too. Such is the case with this Archangel Belt Buckle, which depicts a beautiful angel as she prepares to fly off to fight.
Price: $90.00
Brass CS Belt Buckle
Civil War enthusiasts can enjoy another fantastic collectible with the addition of this Confederate belt buckle! The Brass CS Belt Buckle features a round central icon displaying the letters CS in calligraphy.
Price: $20.50
On Sale For: $18.45
CSA Virginia Belt Buckle
Showing off the seal and motto of the state of Virginia, the CSA Virginia Belt Buckle makes the perfect accessory to finish off your Civil War reenactment attire, especially Confederate soldier ensembles.
Price: $20.50
On Sale For: $18.45
CSA Virginia Rectangle Belt Buckle
Finish off your Civil War outfit with this excellent belt buckle replica! The CSA Virginia Rectangle Belt Buckle displays the motto and seal of Virginia on a rectangular plate, perfect for Confederate soldier ensembles.
Price: $20.50
On Sale For: $18.45
Empire-Remington Patent Dermal Inducer Belt Buckle
Previously, the genius steampunk inventor Rosenstein paired with Empire-Remington to offer the world a mechanical tattoo gun. Now the pair has something that is just as unique, the Empire-Remington Patent Dermal Inducer Belt Buckle!
Price: $149.00
Gestalt Skull Belt Buckle
In German, gestalt literally translates as form or shape, and usually has to do with the change of such elements. In this Gestalt Skull Belt Buckle, form and shape are variable, giving this skull an impressive multi-faceted look.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Gold and Silver Eagle Belt Buckle
A nice touch of detail to any ensemble is sometimes the little bits that really add character to your look. This is true now, just as it was true in history. This Gold and Silver Eagle Belt Buckle is an accent out of the Civil War era.
Price: $19.50
On Sale For: $17.55
Gold Confederate States Belt Buckle
Even today, depictions of southern gentry remain popular, and this Gold Confederate States Belt Buckle allows anyone to show off love for the South, all while celebrating their interest in the Civil War era and all its details.
Price: $19.50
On Sale For: $17.55
Gold SC Palmetto Belt Buckle
Palm trees have long been associated with warm territories and the southern states. This palm represents South Carolina, and thus, the Gold SC Palmetto Belt Buckle represents that state as an icon for any to wear and enjoy.
Price: $19.50
On Sale For: $17.55
Gold Texas Star and Wreath Belt Buckle
A good Civil War belt buckle serves as more than just a casual costume piece. It can also be a great collectible, as this Gold Texas Star and Wreath Belt Buckle demonstrates, thanks to its stunning look and its impeccable detailing.
Price: $19.50
On Sale For: $17.55
Gold US Eagle Belt Buckle
Gleaming gold always makes for a stellar accent, and in the form of this Gold US Eagle Belt Buckle, it also makes for a great declaration of interest, as well as a fine collectible that features patriotic style and Civil War era design.
Price: $20.50
On Sale For: $18.45
Gramilion Belt Buckle
A pair of contesting dragons are what make up this Gramilion Belt Buckle, and there is no denying that the concept is an appealing one. After all, if one calm dragon looks good, then two warring ones must look even better!
Price: $85.00
On Sale For: $76.50
Jormungandr Belt Buckle
Jormungandr, The Midgard, or World, Serpent, is a great ouroboros in Norse mythology that encircles the world. The Jormungandr Belt Buckle depicts this massive sea serpent biting its tail as it is described in the Prose Edda.
Price: $45.00
Leather Belt Strap
The Leather Belt Strap is a universal belt strap that is perfect for creating your own gothic belts. This belt is designed for use with many of our belt buckles, which allows you to mix and match them to create many unique looks.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Letter of Marque Belt Buckle
Originally, letters of marque were actual letters and writs that were given to ship captains that allowed them to sail as privateers. That tradition of legal piracy lives on today, through this Letter of Marque Belt Buckle.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $67.50
Nevermore Skull Belt Buckle
Fans of Poe and his particular poetic devices will recognize the word emblazoned on this skull immediately. The Nevermore Skull Belt Buckle could be a tribute to his works, so mired in the briefness of mortality as they were.
Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $63.00
No Evil Belt Buckle
What is the best way to deal with evil? Just ignore it, and more importantly, hear, speak, and see no evil! The No Evil Belt Buckle is a reminder that life is too short to waste it on something as petty as evil for evils own sake.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Nosferatu's Hand Belt Buckle
Creeping quietly like the night, this Nosferatu's Hand Belt Buckle is the infamous hand of a withered and undead being that you can wear, allowing it to clutch at your belt strap while adding a touch of vampiric style to your ensemble.
Price: $85.00
On Sale For: $76.50
Omega Skull Belt Buckle
The infinitely enigmatic and infamous Alchemist makes his return in this Omega Skull Belt Buckle, although its title could indicate that this will be his last. What an appearance this is, as this design will leave others speechless.
Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $63.00
Pewter Oak King Belt Buckle
An often recurring symbol seen in medieval art, particularly adorning the most ancient of European cathedrals, the greenman is a unique representative of woodland energy. The Pewter Oak King Belt Buckle is inspired by this motif.
Price: $29.99
Pewter Raven Belt Buckle
The guttural caws of the raven are often foretellings of fate, either grim or fortunate. Based on the frequently mythologized bird, the Pewter Raven Belt Buckle depicts a Celtic knotwork raven face holding a round token in its beak.
Price: $29.99
Pewter Raven Pentacle Belt Buckle
Flying silently through the night sky, the raven can evoke the dark destinies of fate or unparalleled wisdom. Inspired by the creature so often described in myth, the Pewter Raven Pentacle Belt Buckle features the bird at its center.
Price: $34.99
Pewter Thors Hammer Belt Buckle
In Norse myth, thunder was said to be the striking sound of Thors hammer, Mjolnir. The Pewter Thors Hammer Belt Buckle is shaped like the thunder gods mythical weapon and features the visage of the deity through scrollwork elegance.
Price: $34.99
Pewter Tyr Belt Buckle
The Norse god of courage, war, and law, Tyr is intrinsically connected to the wolf Fenrir. Only Tyr would approach the beast, though he lost his hand in the process. The design of the Pewter Tyr Belt Buckle is based on this tale.
Price: $29.99
Rabeschadel Buckle
German for Ravens Skull, the Rabeschadel Buckle features a pewter raven skull design that can be attached to a 1.5-inch wide belt. Ravens are famous in myth for their prophetic powers, acting as messengers of Odin.
Price: $85.00
Ram Skull Belt Buckle
In antiquity, the ram skull was a symbol that could often be seen as a symbol of sacrifice and power. Now you too can display the symbolic power of this pagan symbol by wearing your very own Ram's Skull Belt Buckle!
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
The Alchemist Belt Buckle
The Alchemist Belt Buckle is a portrait of the undead philosopher magus and an impressive decoration, besides. This skull is a classic element of gothic attire, making it on accessory that no gothic guy or girl should be without!
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
The Grip Belt Buckle
Nothing quite speaks of gothic style like a hand of bone to secure your belt in place. The Grip Belt Buckle possesses a universal style and would make for a great addition that anyone could add to their gothic ensemble.
Price: $70.00
Thunder Hammer Belt Buckle
Symbolic of the Norse god Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir, this Thunder Hammer Belt Buckle features a powerful look, one that is forged from the combination of polished metal and intricate designs that are carved into it.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $67.50
Viking Warband Belt Buckle
There are two things that every Viking needs to have - the battle shield and the war sword. This Viking Warband Belt Buckle combines the two into a rune-cut accent that you can wear on your belt to ensure that you never without either.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $49.50
Vipers Nest Buckle
In some cultures, snakes were symbolic of rebirth, passion, fertility, or acted as messengers or familiars to the gods. The Vipers Nest Buckle displays a brood of intertwined pewter serpents with glittering Swarovski crystal eyes.
Price: $60.00
Vulture's Eye Belt Buckle
As a writer, Poe had a fascination with eyes, and for good reason. The eyes can be quite expressive and quite intimidating. Inspired by his story, The Tell-Tale Heart, this Vulture's Eye Belt Buckle demonstrates the power of the eye.
Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $80.10
Wulven Belt Buckle
The wolf is an inspiring creature, both magnificent and terrifying, and it is represented in all its glory by this Wulven Belt Buckle. Feral power and a handsome design make this a must-have accent for any who idolize this predator.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00

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