Medieval Helmets

Medieval helmets are among some of the most varied helmets available, coming in a variety of styles that gradually offer increasingly different levels of protection. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a full line of medieval helmets, ranging from the early examples of great helmets to the late burgonet helmets of the later Middle Ages. Our medieval helmets come in a wide variety of styles, but they most specifically focus on the traditional helmets that were favored by first knights, and later, most cavalry and infantry soldiers who sought to keep themselves protected from the weapons of war in their age. The most common type of medieval helmet is the great helmet, which was also known by several other names, including the pot helmet, the sugar loaf helmet, and more. Great helmets are quite varied, possessing both rounded and conical tops, but generally always feature closed faces and wrap the head in steel, providing secure protection, with minimal ventilation. Other styles of medieval helmets are knightly helms and jousting helmets, which provide an impressive and almost unbeatable level of facial and cranial protection and were fairly typical of knights when they were jousting and competing. Crusader helmets feature a style similar to flat-topped great helmets, although many are better ventilated and a bit more ornate. Sallet helmets and barbute helmets are a product of the late middle ages and show an increased interest in the protection of a great helmet, without any of its typical drawbacks. All of these and more are the medieval helmets that we offer here. Each one is made from high-quality steel and is perfect for use both as a display and as a worn helm. Many are also effective protections that can be worn into battle, ensuring that when you fight in them, you feel and look like a warrior from the medieval era. If protection is the name of your game, then this medieval helmets section at Dark Knight Armoury is definitely the place you want to be, because here is where you will find some of our more impressive helmets, ones that will certainly afford you all the protection a warrior could desire on the field of battle.
Open Faced Burgonet Helm
As armor evolved, so too did helmets, which eternally moved towards a blend of lightness and protection. This Open Faced Burgonet Helm, and historical pieces like it, was the renaissance solution to a helmet that was light and effective.
Price: $143.00
Ornate Medieval Horseman Helm
This Ornate Medieval Horseman Helm would have made any rider noticeable in battle, as it features gleaming detail and fine engravings, enough so make this helmet a kingly piece to own and enjoy as decoration in your own castle or home.
Price: $63.90
On Sale For: $57.51
Ottokar Steel Bascinet
Before you venture forth on you next knightly errand, be sure you are properly protected by the right helmet. The Ottokar Steel Bascinet provides fantastic coverage with its adjustable full face plate and attached chainmail aventail.
Price: $115.00
Over Wearer Great Helmet
There are a number of reasons as to why the great helm earned its name, although the least of which is probably because this Over Wearer Great Helmet made the wearer look like a great, powerful, and intimidating warrior or knight.
Price: $153.00
Owen Steel Kettle Helmet
No matter what tribulations a medieval infantryman faces, he must carry on. With its wide brim, the Owen Steel Kettle Helmet helps shield its wearer from the blinding sun, pouring rain, and any downwards blow or strike from above.
Price: $71.00
Pig Face Bassinet Helmet
The bassinet was a helmet that came to use around the beginning of the 14th century. Originally, they had no visors, but eventually, the helmet evolved into this Pig Faced Bassinet, which was favored by warriors of all ranks.
Price: $158.00
Pigface Bascinet
During the 1200s, armor began to make stunning developments. Simple skull caps began to be equipped with chainmail and visors, and thus the bascinet was born. The Pigface Bascinet reproduces this iconic helmet in beautiful detail.
Price: $375.00
Pikemans Peaked Morion Helm
Many would associate this Pikemans Peaked Morion Helm with the Spaniards and their Conquistadors, but the truth is that it was a style of helmet that was favored all across Europe, by many different warriors from many different nations.
Price: $90.00
Pot Helmet With Visor
This Pot Helmet, built to comply with SCA regulations, is both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. The Pot Helmet is crafted in 14 gauge steel with its great cross overlaid in brass.
Price: $219.00
Ralf Darkened Kettle Hat Helm
For LARP or historical reenactment, take on the role of an 11th century infantryman with the Ralf Darkened Kettle Hat Helm. Also referred to as â€' the helmet of the commoner, the kettle was commonly used throughout Medieval Europe.
Price: $71.00
Ralf Steel Kettle Hat Helm
The Ralf Steel Kettle Hat Helm allows you to take on the role of an 11th century infantryman for LARP and reenactment. Also referred to as â€' the helmet of the commoner, the kettle hat was used widely throughout Medieval Europe.
Price: $60.00
Ready For Battle Helmet - Steel
If you are heading into battle, you had best have a helmet. Why? Because your head is your most important part! Even if you are short on cash, you can still get a good helmet in this Ready for Battle Helmet - Steel.
Price: $47.00
Reinforced Medieval Kettle Helm
Around 1011, England produced what would become one of the most lasting helmets of the Medieval Era. This Reinforced Medieval Kettle Helm is a type of helmet that was favored by foot soldiers and infantry throughout and beyond the age.
Price: $122.00
Relief Engraved Spanish Horse Helm by Marto
This Relief Engraved Spanish Horse Helmet by Marto is a reproduction of helmets used by mounted knights during the reign of Charles V and Philip II, which, today, are a part of the collection of the Real Armeria (Royal Armory) in Madrid.
Price: $1,400.00
Rodrigo Morion Steel Helmet
The evolved form of the medieval kettle hat, the morion is often associated with Spanish conquistadors but was also commonly worn by Renaissance infantry. For your next historical soldier look, try out the Rodrigo Morion Steel Helmet.
Price: $88.00
Royal Over Bearer Great Helm
A unique aspect of the great helm was that its size allowed for it to be worn over a light helmet. This Royal Over Bearer Great Helm is one such example of helm that, historically, might have been worn with a secondary helm underneath.
Price: $117.00
Rufus Steel Helmet
Whether worn as your primary head protection or underneath a great helm, you cannot beat the benefits of a close fitting skull cap like the Rufus Steel Helmet. This helmet style was worn by medieval Crusaders and common folk alike.
Price: $44.00
Secret Helmet
As history continued, many parts of a traditional suit of armor were dropped to increase mobility. Along with the breastplate, helmets continued to be worn. One popular style of helmet was the secret helm.
Price: $95.00
Sigismund Steel Burgonet Helmet
You proudly ride towards the battlefield as part of the cavalry, your head protected by the Sigismund Steel Burgonet Helmet. This handmade steel helmet is based on a style worn by mounted and armoured fighters during the Renaissance.
Price: $106.00
This unique armor helmet of history was favored by many knights of the Middle Ages. It gets its name from the plates called spangens that were united to form the round contoured top which shunted blows easier than flat top designs.
Price: $265.25
Spanish Comb Morion Helmet
The morion is most commonly associated with Spanish conquistadors, although historically, foot soldiers throughout Europe wore them as well. This Spanish Comb Morion Helmet is an excellent replication of the popular protective armour.
Price: $81.90
Spanish Horse Helmet by Marto
The Spanish Horse Helmet by Marto is a replica reproduction of helmets used by mounted knights in the 16th century. It is based on what is today a part of the collection of the Real Armeria (Royal Armory) in Madrid.
Price: $829.00
Spanish Morion Helmet
The morion helmet was used in the 16th and 17th centuries, usually having a flat brim and a crest from front to back. This Spanish Morion Helmet is a modern replica of those worn by the foot soldiers of explorers like Hernando de Soto.
Price: $79.90
Spanish Round Morion Helmet by Marto
The Spanish Round Morion Helmet by Marto is a full size reproduction of a 16th century helmet. The helmet provided protection for the head and featured a rounded profile, semispherical crest, and a crescent shaped brim.
Price: $321.00
Spanish Tournament Parade Helmet
The Spanish Tournament Parade Helmet by Marto is a replica reproduction of helmets used by mounted knights on parade during the 16th century. It is based on helmets that are apart of the collection of the Real Armeria in Madrid.
Price: $981.00
Steel Barbuta Helmet
If you are a warrior who wants protection first and looks second, then perhaps this Steel Barbuta Helmet is just what you are looking for. Modeled after the Italian barbute helmets of the Middle Ages, this helm is simple, yet effective.
Price: $88.00
Steel Crusader Great Helm
The Steel Crusader Great Helm provides the utmost in protective and historic headgear. This angular helmet is fully enclosed with no hinged front piece. Two slits on the front provide sight while the wearer remains safe within.
Price: $139.00
Steel German Sallet
When it comes to the sallet helmet, some of the best came out of Germany. There, the sallet became an almost universal helm, one that was worn by most. This Steel German Sallet reflects the style of one such historic piece.
Price: $178.00
Steel Kettle Hat with Face Armour
Often worn by medieval infantry, the kettle hat has a wide, downturned brim to protect soldiers from attacks from above. This Steel Kettle Hat with Face Armour takes protection to the next level with its attached steel face guard.
Price: $88.00
Steel Sugar Loaf Helmet
There is a reason why the great helmet of the High Middle Ages remains the choice helmet of warriors and reenactors today, and that is because great helmets, like this Steel Sugar Loaf Helmet, are both incredibly protective and iconic.
Price: $94.00
Sugar Loaf Cross Helmet
Crusading knights interested in both style and protection must check out the Sugar Loaf Cross Helmet. Featuring a bold, brass colored cross across its face, this helmet offers an enclosed design and a sleek, reflective satin finish.
Price: $121.00
Sugar Loaf Helmet
There is a reason why the great helmet was unquestioned as the supreme defense that a warrior could wear to protect his skull. And that was because great helms, like this Sugar Loaf Helmet, surrounded the wearers head with plate metal.
Price: $113.00
Sugar Loaf Helmet
Taking its name from the conical loaves in which sugar was sold, this Great Helm was popular during the Crusades. Providing full head protection, its conical top deflected blows much more efficiently than its flat-topped predecessors.
Price: $119.00
Swiss Sallet
Keep your head safe during battle with the Swiss Sallet. This version of the historic helmet, handcrafted in 16 gauge steel, features a hinged bevor that leaves a narrow horizontal strip exposed at the front for sight when lowered.
Price: $136.00
Templar Knight Great Helm by Marto
The Templar Knight Great Helm by Marto is a replica reproduction of style of helmet that was typically used by the crusaders in the Holy Lands, as well as the Knights Templar, for the whole duration of the early Crusades.
Price: $1,085.00
Templar Mask Great Helm
The Templar Mask Great Helm is based on the transitional helms of the Crusades era, particularly those that were used from the 3rd Crusade to the 5th. It is noteworthy for its unique design, as well as its use by the legendary Templars.
Price: $117.00
T-Face Barbute Helmet
Exemplifying the styling of 15th century Italian armor, the T-Faced Barbute Helmet is crafted for functional use in weapons-contact re-enactments. This barbute style helmet is durably made from 14 gauge steel in an authentic design.
Price: $205.00
Tudor Close Helm
The Tudor Close Helm sports the form most often associated with the image of a knight. During Henry the VIIIs wars in France, this type of helmet would have been in use on both sides. This reproduction is made of 18 gauge steel.
Price: $195.00
Ultuna Helmet
The Ultuna Helmet, so name for the grave site in Uppland, Sweden, from which the original was excavated, is an excellent recreation that exemplifies pre-Viking era armor, depicted as a helmet that looks both protective and highly ornate.
Price: $310.00
On Sale For: $280.00
Viking Spectacle Helmet
The Spectacle Helmet is a variation of the Viking Spangenhelm and is so named for the eyepieces formed integrally with the nasal. This Viking Helmet is crafted in 16 gauge steel, leather lined and ready for use.
Price: $112.00
Visor Bascinet
A classic knight helmet replica based on styles from the mid-14th century, the Visor Bascinet will keep your head on your shoulders and get you into the medieval spirit. This helmet offers full face protection with its locking visor.
Price: $245.00
Visored Barbuta Helmet
The barbute has undergone many changes since it first hit the field of war in the 15th century. This Visored Barbuta Helmet expands upon the original design by adding a visor, which adds protection and makes for an intimidating sight.
Price: $113.00
Visored Helmet
From East, West, or perhaps the origin lies in an ancient warrior culture, this incredible visored helm dates back to unknown time and origin. This Visored Helmet however does not diminish the exotic styling and long visored plates.
Price: $160.75
War of the Roses Archer Helm
England has known its fair share of conflict, sometimes over land, religion, and of course, the throne. This War of the Roses Archer Helm is based off an artifact from a period when two rival houses fought over the throne of England.
Price: $122.00

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