Medieval Helmets

Medieval helmets are among some of the most varied helmets available, coming in a variety of styles that gradually offer increasingly different levels of protection. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a full line of medieval helmets, ranging from the early examples of great helmets to the late burgonet helmets of the later Middle Ages. Our medieval helmets come in a wide variety of styles, but they most specifically focus on the traditional helmets that were favored by first knights, and later, most cavalry and infantry soldiers who sought to keep themselves protected from the weapons of war in their age. The most common type of medieval helmet is the great helmet, which was also known by several other names, including the pot helmet, the sugar loaf helmet, and more. Great helmets are quite varied, possessing both rounded and conical tops, but generally always feature closed faces and wrap the head in steel, providing secure protection, with minimal ventilation. Other styles of medieval helmets are knightly helms and jousting helmets, which provide an impressive and almost unbeatable level of facial and cranial protection and were fairly typical of knights when they were jousting and competing. Crusader helmets feature a style similar to flat-topped great helmets, although many are better ventilated and a bit more ornate. Sallet helmets and barbute helmets are a product of the late middle ages and show an increased interest in the protection of a great helmet, without any of its typical drawbacks. All of these and more are the medieval helmets that we offer here. Each one is made from high-quality steel and is perfect for use both as a display and as a worn helm. Many are also effective protections that can be worn into battle, ensuring that when you fight in them, you feel and look like a warrior from the medieval era. If protection is the name of your game, then this medieval helmets section at Dark Knight Armoury is definitely the place you want to be, because here is where you will find some of our more impressive helmets, ones that will certainly afford you all the protection a warrior could desire on the field of battle.
Flat Top Crusader Helm
A great knight of the Crusades would not have been fully armed without his sturdy steel helmet. Perfect for safety and comfort during reenactment, the Flat Top Crusader Helm will also give you the authenticity you are searching for.
Price: $205.00
Foot Soldiers Kettle Helmet
Preferred by the general infantry, this Foot Soldiers Kettle Helmet is a rendition of the classic kettle hat, which was first made in England around 1011. Easy to make and protective, this helmet was a favorite for a good reason.
Price: $90.00
Franz Steel Open Sallet
Worn by soldiers across Europe during the 15th century, the Franz Steel Open Sallet is built without a visor for unhindered vision and breathing. This rounded steel helmet has a slight rear flange to protect the back of the neck.
Price: $71.00
French Bascinet Sports Helm with Face Plate
Historically, the bascinet was designed to help do away with unwieldy great helmets. This French Bascinet Sports Helm with Face Plate, based on a French design, is made to maneuverable and effective, as well as highly protective.
Price: $312.00
French Bascinet Sports Helm with Wire Mask
Historically, the bascinet was designed to help do away with cumbersome great helmets. This French Bascinet Sports Helm with Wire Mask, based on a French design, is made to maneuverable and effective, as well as highly protective.
Price: $356.00
French Celtic Helm
The Celts were a diverse and varied group of tribes that once occupied much of iron-age Europe. This French Celtic Helm is named partially for its origins, and partially because it is modeled after a Celtic helmet unearthed in France.
Price: $139.00
Frog Mouth Jousting Helm
In ancient Germany, armour used for jousting became more and more protective, resulting in the sleek, peculiar shape of the Stechhelm. This curious piece of armour has been stunningly recreated by the Frog Mouth Jousting Helm.
Price: $1,200.00
German Closed Bellows Helmet
Armor only improved as time went by, and that was especially true for helmets. This German Closed Bellows Helmet replicates a 17th century armor that would have been the favorite of many warriors, thanks to its protective strength.
Price: $112.00
German Gothic Sallet Helmet With Bevor
As art experienced a new style known as Gothic, so too did armour. This German Gothic Sallet Helmet with Bevor is a detailed view of how armour took on the gothic styles of the time, creating visually appealing armour that was also quite protective to wear.
Price: $375.00
German Sallet Helm
This helm has the popular gothic styling so favored by the German armourers of the late 1400s. Wonderful examples still exist today in museum and castle collections including the Tower of London in England.
Price: $150.25
Goetz Steel Sallet
Pushing up the visor of your Goetz Steel Sallet, you shout commands to your soldiers, hoping to win the battle with your strategy and willpower. This handmade steel helmet will protect your head during the skirmishes to come.
Price: $88.00
Gold Engraved Spanish Round Morion Helm by Marto
The Gold Engraved Spanish Round Morion Helmet by Marto is a full size reproduction of a 16th century helmet. The helmet provided protection for the head and featured a rounded profile, semispherical crest, and a crescent shaped brim.
Price: $395.00
Golden Knight Helmet
The Golden Knight Helmet is from around the 16th century. This beautiful museum quality, late 16th century replica is full sized and ready to wear. The Golden Knight Helmet is hand made of high carbon steel and fully wearable.
Price: $109.90
On Sale For: $98.91
Gothic Sallet Helmet - Dark Metal Finish
One look at the Gothic Sallet Helmet - Dark Metal Finish, and it is easy to see why the sallet was one of the more common helmets of the Middle Ages. Not only is this helmet protective, but also visually pleasing as well.
Price: $138.00
Gothic Sallet Helmet - Steel Finish
Create a suit of armour befitting a German knight from the 15th century by including the Gothic Sallet Helmet. The descendent of the Italian bascinet, this war helmet became the preferred choice of armour for over a hundred years.
Price: $128.00
Gothic Sallet Helmet With Bevor
A lords armour was often adorned with rich detailing, while a foot soldiers armor was a bit more unadorned. That does not make it any less effective, though, and that point is proved beyond a doubt when it comes to this Gothic Sallet Helmet with Bevor.
Price: $375.00
Great Fighting Bascinet Helmet
Complying with SCA regulations, this Great Bascinet will provide full head protection for the re-enactor or fighter. The hinged visor is removable and the helm is fitted with attachment points for an aventail (see our AB2735 Aventail).
Price: $229.00
Great Helmet
Used in the 13th Century, barrel helms were a necessity for men at arms. They provided the most coverage for the weight. The barrel helm was typically worn over mail, and originally only had the ocularium opening or eye slots.
Price: $209.00
Great Helmet
This Great Helmet is modeled after an actual archaeological find that was named the Pembridge Helmet. Crusaders, in particular, favored this style of helmet, and one like it were used from the 12th century to the 14th century.
Price: $117.00
Guardsman Helmet - Polished Steel
Defending your city may be dangerous, but you can be sure your head will stay safe with the Guardsman Helmet - Polished Steel helm! This polished steel helmet will bring a standardized aesthetic to whatever guard uniform you assemble!
Price: $108.00
Houndskull Bascinet Helmet
The Bascinet is the most common form of helmet used in the middle ages. Originally developed to be worn under the great helm or barrel helm, the bascinet eventually evolved to include a retractable visor.
Price: $229.00
Imperial Secret Helmet
A flashy helmet might impress your opponent in battle, but there are times when something more subtle is needed. The Imperial Secret Helmet makes the ideal choice for those moments with its sturdy yet unobtrusive design.
Price: $49.00
Jaw Bone Visor Helmet
Visors were a late addition to medieval helmet. They came at a time when warriors had to chose between protection or better visibility. The visor changed that, allowing a man-at-arms could raise the visor to see the field.
Price: $209.00
Jupp Steel Kettle Helmet
You count yourself lucky as a blow from above narrowly misses your head but, should the attack have hit, you feel well protected wearing the Jupp Steel Kettle Helmet. This style was popular among foot soldiers of the Middle Ages.
Price: $71.00
Kaldor Darkened Helmet
Call for your trusted henchman, and gather the dark troops. The land is yours for the taking. Set yourself as the cruel dictator of this kingdom. Let all fear your tyrannical image with the Kaldor Darkened Helmet upon your head.
Price: $132.00
Kaldor Steel Helmet
Gather your trusted knights and arm your mighty soldiers. The kingdom must be safe from the cruel overlord. Show the strength of your leadership and reclaim your land with your proud head enclosed in the Kaldor Steel Helmet.
Price: $115.00
Kaspar Blackened Helmet
Swift as a storm wind, you and the rest of the cavalry swoop onto the battlefield, bringing doom to your enemies. Protected by the Kaspar Blackened Helmet, handcrafted from steel, you charge towards the fray, certain of your victory.
Price: $132.00
Kaspar Steel Helmet
Your head protected by the Kaspar Steel Helmet, you confidently ride towards your next battle. Based on helmets worn by Renaissance cavalry and pikemen alike, this handcrafted helmet features a round crest, cheek flaps, and a visor.
Price: $124.00
Kettle Hat Helmet
Grab your sword and shield, and step into rank as you prepare for battle with the Kettle Hat Helmet. This stunning replica helmet can be a great addition to any costume that requires an authentic and distinctive medieval style.
Price: $104.00
Kettle Hat Helmet
The typical Kettle Hat Helmet is shaped like a hat. Surprisingly, this design is quite effective, as it was favored throughout all of medieval Europe for quite some time, serving as excellent protection to all infantry who wore it.
Price: $81.00
Kings Crown Medieval Great Helm
During the Crusades, the great helm was very much the pinnacle of design for a knights helmet. As such, even kings would have worn it! This Kings Crown Medieval Great Helm is one to suit his royal highness in virtually every way.
Price: $158.00
Klappvisier Bascinet Helmet
The Bascinet is the most common form of helmet used in the middle ages. Originally developed to be worn under the great helm or barrel helm, the bascinet eventually evolved to include a retractable visor.
Price: $205.00
Knight Helmet
Knights, being both career soldiers and nobility, often had access to the best equipment of their age, so it makes sense that a Knight Helmet would be an impressive, protective piece of armor that shielded the head from all angles.
Price: $104.00
Knights Close Helmet
The Knights Close Helmet is from around the 16th century. In the legends of knights in shining armor, the gallant knights wore helmets styled as this! The Knights Close Helmet is hand made of high carbon steel and fully wearable.
Price: $89.50
On Sale For: $80.55
Knights Cross Sugar Loaf Helm
The sugar loaf helm is one of the most iconic pieces of Crusades era armor, and it was one of the most popular among warriors of the High Middle Ages. This Knights Cross Sugar Loaf Helm will be a great addition to your knightly look.
Price: $293.00
Knights Helmet
The great helm was great for a number of reasons, but none as important as the level of protection it provided to the wearer. This Knights Helmet is a classic example of a medieval great helm that kept its wearer safe behind steel.
Price: $140.00
Knights Templar Helm
Styled after an original helm of the Knights Templar, the Holy Order who fought in the Crusades. Great for SCA combat, this helm is not a lightweight. Each is handmade from 14 gauge steel. With padding, it is perfect for battle.
Price: $284.25
Konrag Steel Kettle Helmet
Neither rain, shine, nor downwards volley will best you in the Konrag Steel Kettle Helmet. Essential armour for medieval infantrymen, it protects the wearers face with a wide, downturned metal brim attached to its round skull cap.
Price: $71.00
Laurin Steel Great Helm
As you endeavor for your noble cause, you feel confidently protected with the Laurin Steel Great Helm upon your head. This handmade steel helmet is inspired by those popular with Crusading knights during the High Middle Ages.
Price: $88.00
Lobster-Tailed Pot Helmet
The Lobster-Tailed Pot Helmet was one of the few European helmets that had a distinctively Oriental origin, being derived from an Ottoman Turkish helm of similar design. It was adopted by much of Europe throughout the 17th century.
Price: $108.00
Maciejowski Helm
Thought to have been created in the 13th century, the Maciejowski Bible includes 46 folios of medieval pictures conveying Hebrew scripture. This Maciejowski Helm is a stunning Crusader helm designed in honor of this historic work.
Price: $195.00
Magnus Visor Steel Helmet
The peaceful kingdom faces ruin once again. Another dragon terrorizes the townsfolk. Duty calls the gallant knight to face the monstrous beast. Face your fierce opponent while wisely cloaked within the Magnus Visor Steel Helmet.
Price: $106.00
Manolo Steel Barbute
Hearing the call to protect your kingdom, you quickly don your trusted helmet. The Manolo Steel Barbute, based on 15th century Italian designs, protects your skull, back of your neck, and sides of your face without hindering vision.
Price: $88.00
Masked Norman Helmet
The usual Norman helm is similar to a spangenhelm, featuring a skull-cap and a nasal guard. That design is expanded on in this Masked Norman Helmet, featuring not a straight nasal guard, but instead, a full face mask for protection!
Price: $135.00
Mathes Steel German Sallet
Take to the battlefield with stylish protection when you wear the Mathes Steel German Sallet. This steel helmets hinged visor and extended tail feature sharply scalloped upper edges, lending sleek ferocity to its 15th century form.
Price: $106.00
Maximillian Helm
This Maximillian Helm is characterized by the fluted visor, popularized during the reign of the Emperor Maximilian. This style of armet remained in vogue until the mid-16th Century. The visor hinges up and the side plates hinge out.
Price: $179.00
Medieval Bascinet with Face Plate
First recorded in use in 1281, the bascinet saw use for nearly 170 years before its decline, and even then, it was a favorite by warriors in tournaments. This Medieval Bascinet with Face Plate demonstrates why it is such a great helm.
Price: $223.00
Medieval Bascinet with Wire Mask
First recorded in use in 1281, the bascinet saw use for nearly 170 years before its decline, and even then, it was a favorite by warriors in tournaments. This Medieval Bascinet with Wire Mask demonstrates why it is such a great helm.
Price: $223.00
Medieval Battle Bascinet
The Medieval Battle Bascinet offers its wearer a historic take on head protection. This 12 gauge steel helmet features a slightly pointed, sugar loaf shape and a hinged visor, a common style of head protection for knights of old.
Price: $150.00
Medieval Crusader Sugar Loaf Helmet
The sugar loaf helmet was a popular choice for crusaders in the early medieval days. This Medieval Crusader Sugar Loaf Helmet is full sized and wearable, making it a terrific addition to your Crusader costume at your next event.
Price: $80.00
Medieval Italian Knights Helmet
This Medieval Italian Knights Helmet is fully wearable and is a fantastic example of the style worn by Italian knights in the 15th century. The helmet is made from 18-gauge stainless steel and features an authentic appearance.
Price: $90.00
Medieval Norman Helm with Aventail
Once the common helmet of the day, the Norman helmet protected not just foot soldiers but also lords and kings as well. This Medieval Norman Helmet with Aventail certainly has all the details necessary to be made for a noble or a king.
Price: $63.90
On Sale For: $57.51
Medieval Sporting Great Helm
There is a certain appeal to historical European martial arts, one that continues even to this day. For the avid practitioner, good protection is a must. This Medieval Sporting Great Helm offers both good protection and an iconic look.
Price: $225.00
Montefortino Celtic Helmet
The Montefortino Celtic Helmet is designed off a helmet that was found in a Celtic burial site in Montefortino, Italy. The helm has a simple yet effective design that was favored by Celts, and later, the Romans.
Price: $158.00
Morion Helmet
Designed and introduced in the middle of the 16th Century, the Morion Helmet is an iconic part of the classic conquistador look. Beyond that, it is also a highly protective helmet that serves well in keeping the wearers noggin safe.
Price: $185.00
Norman Helmet with Aventail
Your typical Norman helm might have been quite protective, but there were ways to improve it design. The Norman Helmet with Aventail is a classic helmet at its finest, with the added defenses of a mail aventail thrown in for good measure.
Price: $145.00
Norman Nasal Helmet
At first glance, a helm like this Norman Nasal Helmet might appear to be similar to a spangenhelm, but the two are actually quite different, with the primary differences coming from how the two helms were constructed.
Price: $79.00
Norman Spangenhelm
The quintessential medieval helmet, the Norman Spangenhelm will complete almost any medieval soldier look with its open face and nose guard, and with its tough black lining its no chore to wear either.
Price: $185.00
North Italian Barbute Helmet
Born of 15th Century Italian ingenuity, the barbute is something of an enigma. As a helmet, its design is effective, as shown by this North Italian Barbute Helmet, yet historically, it was favored heavily in Italy yet no-where else.
Price: $144.00
North Italian Sallet Helmet
The sallet was a common enough helmet after their rise during the 15th century, and for good reason. Helms like this Northern Italian Sallet Helmet were rather protective, while also lacking the drawbacks of many earlier great helmets.
Price: $149.00
Open Faced Burgonet Helm
As armor evolved, so too did helmets, which eternally moved towards a blend of lightness and protection. This Open Faced Burgonet Helm, and historical pieces like it, was the renaissance solution to a helmet that was light and effective.
Price: $143.00

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