Medieval Helmets

Medieval helmets are among some of the most varied helmets available, coming in a variety of styles that gradually offer increasingly different levels of protection. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a full line of medieval helmets, ranging from the early examples of great helmets to the late burgonet helmets of the later Middle Ages. Our medieval helmets come in a wide variety of styles, but they most specifically focus on the traditional helmets that were favored by first knights, and later, most cavalry and infantry soldiers who sought to keep themselves protected from the weapons of war in their age. The most common type of medieval helmet is the great helmet, which was also known by several other names, including the pot helmet, the sugar loaf helmet, and more. Great helmets are quite varied, possessing both rounded and conical tops, but generally always feature closed faces and wrap the head in steel, providing secure protection, with minimal ventilation. Other styles of medieval helmets are knightly helms and jousting helmets, which provide an impressive and almost unbeatable level of facial and cranial protection and were fairly typical of knights when they were jousting and competing. Crusader helmets feature a style similar to flat-topped great helmets, although many are better ventilated and a bit more ornate. Sallet helmets and barbute helmets are a product of the late middle ages and show an increased interest in the protection of a great helmet, without any of its typical drawbacks. All of these and more are the medieval helmets that we offer here. Each one is made from high-quality steel and is perfect for use both as a display and as a worn helm. Many are also effective protections that can be worn into battle, ensuring that when you fight in them, you feel and look like a warrior from the medieval era. If protection is the name of your game, then this medieval helmets section at Dark Knight Armoury is definitely the place you want to be, because here is where you will find some of our more impressive helmets, ones that will certainly afford you all the protection a warrior could desire on the field of battle.
14th Century Dark Knight Helm
The great helm is, perhaps, one of the most iconic helmets in medieval history. It possesses a well-known form that is used by many who participate in reenactments. This 14th Century Dark Knight Helm adds a twist to the classic design.
Price: $171.00
14th Century Gilded Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet
A variant of the medieval great helm, the sugar loaf helm possesses a more conical top than the original helmet design. The 14th Century Gilded Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet displays a golden cross shape over the front of the face.
Price: $212.00
14th Century Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet
A variant of the medieval great helm, the sugar loaf helm possesses a more conical top than the original helmet design. The 14th Century Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet displays a subtle cross shape over the front of the face.
Price: $212.00
15th Century Sallet
A sallet is often regarded as the forerunner of the modern-day combat helmet, and when you are looking at this 15th Century Sallet, it is not hard to see why, as this helmet possesses a shape that provides good coverage and protection.
Price: $135.00
17th Century Closed Burgonet
When wearing a helmet, protection is good, but comfort must also be a consideration. After all, a protective helm that is impossible to wear, is not worth much. This 17th Century Closed Burgonet blends protection and comfort perfectly.
Price: $176.00
Alberto Morion Steel Helmet
The Alberto Morion Steel Helmet is based on historic helms often associated with Spanish conquistadors, though soldiers across Europe eventually wore it as well. The helmets distinctive crest was intended to strengthen its design.
Price: $110.00
Archers Banded Kettle Helm
First produced in England around 1011, the kettle hat was the helm of choice of many foot soldiers and men-at-arms. As its name implies, this Archers Banded Kettle Helm would have been a good helm for archers, thanks to its open design.
Price: $122.00
Archers Spangenhelm
This Spangenhelm style was made specifically for archers, the nasal being omitted to provide greater visibility. Our Spangenhelm is crafted in 14 gauge steel. The helm has an adjustable (spider style) leather liner and chinstrap.
Price: $109.00
Arlan Steel Helmet
Based on the Kegelhelm of medieval Asia and Europe, the Arlan Steel Helmet features a rounded dome shape that comes to a central point and ends in a horse hair crest. An attached aventail adds further coverage to the historic design.
Price: $165.00
Arthurian Ages Deluxe Helmet
Arthurian myth and legend has inspired mystical weapons and fantastic creatures, and now, it is inspired stunning armor as well! It is not hard to picture the Knights of the Round Table wearing this Arthurian Ages Deluxe Helmet.
Price: $112.00
Barbuta Helmet
The Barbuta Helmet, also known as the barbute, was a visorless helmet of Italian design. This helmet is straight-forward, possessing a design similar to the classic Greek helmets of old, while providing just as much protection.
Price: $86.00
Basic Sallet Helmet
The sallet was a common helmet after their rise during the middle of the 15th century, and for good reason. Helms like this Basic Sallet Helmet were rather protective, while also lacking the drawbacks of many earlier great helmets.
Price: $122.00
Bearded Sports Bascinet Helm
It might be based on medieval design, but this Bearded Sports Bascinet Helm is made for modern reenactment and combat. Offered in two different gauges, this helmet is the best protection that a modern-day warrior could possibly ask for.
Price: $201.00
Bellows Face Sallet Helmet
The sallet or salade was a popular and elegant headpiece in use across much of Europe throughout the second half of the 15th century. Various forms developed during this time, they all fitted closely to the front and sides of the head.
Price: $205.00
Berthold Steel Sallet
A staple style of the late medieval era with Italian origins, the sallet provided great protection on the battlefield. The Berthold Steel Sallet is a wearable, handmade steel armour piece based on this historical European war helmet.
Price: $132.00
Brass Celtic Helmet
Celtic warriors, and Celtic warrior reenactors, know that protection of every body part is vital during battle. The Brass Celtic Helmet is ideal protection for your head in your historic ensemble, with its unique shape and designs.
Price: $334.00
Brass Trim Crusader Great Helm
Adorned with a bold cross detail, the Brass Trim Crusader Great Helm makes a stunning addition to the armour set of any knight. Handcrafted, this historic steel helmet features an angular design with its many plates riveted together.
Price: $167.00
Burgonet Helm with Buffe
This beautiful helm popular throughout England and Scotland during the 16th century afforded protection to the neck as well as the head and face and pairs beautifully with our Cuirass (Breastplate Armour).
Price: $228.00
On Sale For: $159.00
Burgonet Helmet
The Burgonet Helmet was, in many ways, the successor to the medieval sallet. Used primarily in the late renaissance, this helmet offered similar protection to the sallet but was considered to be lighter and easier to wear.
Price: $135.00
Castilian Helmet
In the 13th Century, knight armor was found not just in England but all over Europe. One such place was the Kingdom of Castile, in modern-day Spain. The Castilian Helmet recreates the look of a helmet from the early days of Iberia.
Price: $190.00
Celtic Coolos Helmet
The Celtic Coolos Helmet is a variation on the classic coolos style of helmet. A traditional coolos helmet features a rounded appearance, with a flared back. This helmet matches that classic design but also adds hinged cheek guards.
Price: $156.00
Celtic Spire Helmet
The Celts were a diverse group of tribes that once occupied much of iron-age Europe. This Celtic Spire Helmet is named for the distinctive design that was used in many historical Celtic helms, featuring a tall cap with a rounded point.
Price: $139.00
Classic Spanish Morion Helm
While it is most famously associated with the Spanish conquistadores, the truth is that the Classic Spanish Morion Helm, and others like it, was actually a wide-spread piece that was favored by warriors all over Europe.
Price: $108.00
Clesta Helmet
Sometimes some of the most effective protection you can give yourself is also some of the simplest looking. Take this Clesta Helmet, for instance, which is a shaped cap of steel that will protect any warriors head with ease.
Price: $81.00
Comb Morion - Steel
Originally hailing from the mid-16th century, the morion was a helmet that became fairly common, thanks to its efficient protection. This Comb Morion - Steel recreates the form of this age-old helm, as well as its protective strength.
Price: $116.00
Comb Morion Helmet
The morion helmet was introduced to warriors across Europe in the 16th and early 17th centuries. It became a huge hit for its level of protection, and the Comb Morion Helmet was particularly favored by both the English and the Spanish.
Price: $99.00
Comb Morion Helmet
The Comb Morion, an evolution of the earlier Kettle Hat, was popular during the 16th and early 17th centuries. The Morion, though often associated with Spanish conquistadors, was common among foot soldiers throughout Europe.
Price: $92.00
Conquistador Helmet with Plume
The Conquistador Helmet with Plume is a recreation of the classic Spanish morion helms of the 16th century. Foot soldiers and officers from all over Europe favored this style of helm because it was cost effective and highly protective.
Price: $80.00
Crusader Flat Top Helmet
During the crusades, life could be very dangerous. To cope with this danger, armor and weapons evolved. From the end of the 11th century all the way to the end of the 13th century, the crusades were the center of attention in Europe.
Price: $205.00
On Sale For: $165.00
Crusader Great Helm
No helmet rings truer as a classic knights helm then this Crusader Great Helmet. This helmet remained a protector of warriors for a reason, and that was primarily the high degree of protection that this helmet offered to its wearer.
Price: $115.00
Crusader Great Helmet
The Crusader Great Helm was developed early in the 13th century. The Great Helm became the mainstay of the medieval fighting man and lasted for about 300 years. The Crusader Great Helm is made of high carbon steel and fully wearable.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $67.50
Crusader Helmet
Developed early in the 12th Century, the Great Helm became the mainstay of the medieval fighting man. Worn over a mail coif and padding, this helm has menacing narrow eyeslits that provide maximum protection.
Price: $185.00
Crusader Helmet - Dark Metal Finish
The great helm was very protective, but also had a few drawbacks to it. This Crusader Helmet - Dark Metal Finish is an attempt to circumvent those drawbacks, featuring some classic elements of the great helmet with a few key revisions.
Price: $132.00
Crusader Helmet - Steel
The typical great helm was exceedingly protective, but also had a few drawbacks. This Crusader Helmet - Steel is an attempt to circumvent those shortcomings, featuring some classic elements with a few important revisions.
Price: $117.00
Crusader Spangenhelm with Face Guard
Helmets of the Middle Ages could be quite varied, and this Crusader Spangenhelm with Face Guard is an example of this. The design of the helmet is quite distinctive, while also being rather intimidating and fully protective.
Price: $175.00
Dark Knight Great Helm
Do not let the name fool you into thinking that this Dark Knight Great Helm can only be worn by villains, because that is just not true. In fact, this helmet is a piece of protection for good and evil alike, thanks to its hardy design.
Price: $162.00
Deep Visored Sallet Helmet
The sallet was a common enough after their rise during the middle of the 15th century, and for good reason. Helms like this Deep Visored Sallet Helmet were rather protective and lacked the drawbacks of many earlier great helmets.
Price: $149.00
Economy Archers Skullcap
Layered protection is the best kind of protection. This Economy Archers Skullcap was favored by archers, as well as by warriors who wanted a bit more defense to layer onto their skull, to ensure that it was as protected as possible.
Price: $99.00
Economy Domed Helmet
Appearances can be deceiving. As basic as this Economy Domed Helmet might seem as a skullcap, it was actually a design that was favored by countless warriors, from the crusaders in the Holy Wars to archers and foot soldiers.
Price: $81.00
Economy Kettle Hat
Once, the kettle hat was one of the most common helmets across all of Medieval Europe. As this Economy Kettle Hat demonstrates, it was an efficient helmet that was inexpensive to make and served well in keeping its wearer safe.
Price: $81.00
Economy Morion Helmet
The morion is most commonly associated with the Spanish, although historically, many other cultures also used it. This Economy Morion Helmet reflects the general look of the comb morion, while also possessing its protective design.
Price: $125.00
Economy Norman Helm
The Economy Norman Helmet carries the name of those who commonly favored this design. It was favored for a reason, as its shape creates an effective design that works well at keeping a warriors head safe and protected during battle.
Price: $125.00
Economy Sugarloaf Helmet
Deriving its name from its shape, this Economy Sugarloaf Helmet recreates a the warriors great helm from the medieval era, allowing modern warriors to make it a part of their armored attire whenever they fight and reenact today.
Price: $99.00
Edward Darkened Helmet
You don your dark knight armour with pride. Your black heart fills with evil glee when the weak shirk away in fear. The Edward Darkened Helmet will terrify the hearts of the timid while increasing your defense in LARP battles.
Price: $110.00
Edward Steel Helmet
You wear your knight crusader armour with honor. Your righteous heart fills with pride when others rely on your strength. The Edward Steel Helmet will emphasize your noble bearing while reinforcing your defense in LARP battles.
Price: $99.00
English Knights Combat Close Helm
This English Knights Combat Close Helm is based on the style of helmet that became popular during the end of the medieval era, as well as during the early renaissance era, thanks to the amount of protection that the helmet provided.
Price: $149.00
English Knights Jousting Close Helm
This English Knights Jousting Close Helm is based on the style of helmet that became popular during the end of the medieval era, as well as during the early renaissance era, thanks to the amount of protection that the helmet provided.
Price: $108.00
English Knights Tournament Close Helm
This English Knights Tournament Close Helm is based on the style of helmet that became popular during the end of the medieval era, as well as during the early renaissance era, thanks to the amount of protection that the helmet provided.
Price: $147.00
Engraved Comb Morion Helm
The morion helmet was introduced in the 16th and early 17th centuries. It was a popular design, so much so that even officers favored it, although theirs were more like this Engraved Comb Morion Helm, to display personal status.
Price: $135.00
Engraved European Closed Helmet
The closed helmet is the typical helm that is often thought of when picturing a knight of the middle ages, although this Engraved European Closed Helmet takes that thought a step further by covering the helmet with ornate designs.
Price: $161.00
Engraved Spanish Horse Helmet by Marto
The Engraved Spanish Horse Helmet Marto is a reproduction of helmets used by mounted knights during the reign of Charles V and Philip II, and today is now a part of the collection of the Real Armeria (Royal Armory) in Madrid.
Price: $977.00
Engraved Spanish Round Morion Helm by Marto
The Engraved Spanish Round Morion Helmet by Marto is a full size reproduction of a 16th century helmet. The helmet provided protection for the head and featured a rounded profile, semispherical crest, and a crescent shaped brim.
Price: $390.00
Epic Dark Barbuta Helmet
If you are a warrior who seeks protection before looks, then perhaps this Epic Dark Barbuta Helmet is just what you are looking for. Modeled after the Italian barbute helmets of the Middle Ages, this helm is simple, yet effective.
Price: $123.00
Epic Dark Sugar Loaf Helmet
Battle for the sake of a High Middle Ages kingdom the next time you LARP by donning the Epic Dark Sugar Loaf Helmet. A descendent of the great helm, this enclosed helmet possesses a crown that is more conical than its predecessor.
Price: $129.00
Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet
Barbute helmets did not have visors, although the needs of the warrior are what dictate the evolution of the helm. This Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet is as protective as a typical barbute and then-some, thanks to the visor.
Price: $166.00
European Barbute
This helm, circa 1460, is a prime example of the true genius of early Italian helm smiths. The barbute style helm provided visibility so crucially needed in battle while providing protection of the neck.
Price: $152.00
European Closed Helmet
The closed helmet is the typical helm that is often thought of when picturing a knight of the middle ages, and this European Closed Helmet does not fail to deliver on detail, as its design evokes images of knights in shining armor.
Price: $117.00
European Pig Faced Helmet
The Houndskull Bascinet (Pig-faced is a later term) was popular in the late 14th and early 15th Centuries. The pointed visor provided a deflecting surface for blows to the face and also improved ventilation.
Price: $119.00
European Pigface Bascinet
This helm became popular in the late 13th century widely replacing the Great Helm because of its close fit. Towards the late 14th century the long snouted appearance had earned it the English nickname Hounskull, or pig-faced bascinet.
Price: $188.25
Fidelio Steel Barbute
Based on a 15th-century Italian design, the Fidelio Steel Barbute protects the head and sides of the face while still allowing for great ventilation and sight. This handcrafted steel helmet features rivets and a subtle skull ridge.
Price: $110.00

"To start off I would just like to say... I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. I am Very Impressed with the quality of the metal when it arrived. For the price I doubt I could find better. As for the shipping and arrival.. Very timely, took a week to the day with just standard shipping and in my opinion is a very solid process. I have waited up to 2 months for swords in the past with other websites. The Chainmail shirt I ordered was heavy and well fitted, Which for not crafting to measurements I would say was very lucky or excellent craftsmanship to make the chain mail as well fitting as it is. All around I would give you 10 out of 10. I will definitely be using your site from now on for all my medieval needs. "

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