The Hobbit

Before it was a film, it was a book. The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, better known by its abbreviated title, The Hobbit, was a fantasy novel and childrens book written by J. R. R. Tolkien and first published in 1937. Even today, though, it remains a standard of classic reading and popular choice by all, and Dark Knight Armoury pays homage to its reputation with a variety of great licensed The Hobbit products. Originally written as a stand-alone story, the tale became a precursor to The Lord of the Rings, creating a prequel for what would be one of the greatest novels of all times. In the story, traditional hobbit Bilbo is taken from his quiet life on a real adventure, one that introduces him to hardship, conflict, and camaraderie and puts him face to face with orcs, mountains, elves, dragons, and more, all of which help him to grow into an equally adventurous little traveler whose wanderlust eventually defines his character. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a huge selection of products, ranging from fine little collectibles to great looking weapons, and more! Our collection of weapons is first-rate, offering arms of various dwarf companions, as well as more noteworthy items like Orcrist, Sting, and Glamdring. Our Hobbit costumes open up a world of fantasy that adults and children can both enjoy, allowing them to take on the look of their favorite character with ease, while our hobbit collectibles and hobbit statues all you to transform any room with scenes, characters, maps, and items that are straight out of the book and film. And for those with a more casual interest as well, we offer shirts and jewelry, so that you can show off your love of this classic book and epic fantasy film with ease as you go about your day-to-day activities as well. There is no end to the joy that The Hobbit can bring, especially not when you consider that Dark Knight Armoury has all the gear you need to make The Hobbit a common fixture in your daily life!
Hobbit Collectibles, Hobbit Signs, and Hobbit Figurines
There are a lot of little details that go into a novel, and many more that go into a film, and you can bet that The Hobbit is no different in that regard. Where it differs is quality, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury offers such a selection of licensed The Hobbit collectibles, so that aficionados of the book and the films can truly appreciate the fine detailing that goes into the story and its elements.
Hobbit Costumes, Hobbit Movie Outfits, and Hobbit Accessories
Thirteen dwarves and a wizard walk into a hobbit hole. Sound like a joke? It could be, or it could be a scene from the novel The Hobbit and from the film based on the novel, too. Or, if you have visited Dark Knight Armourys The Hobbit Costume section and grabbed a few ensembles, it might just be a true event that you happened to live one night!
The Hobbit Hoodies & Jackets, Hobbit Movie Hoodies, and Smaug Hoodies
Fans of the Hobbit can show their appreciation of the novel and trilogy of films with the fantastic Hobbit hoodies and Hobbit jackets offered by Dark Knight Armoury. We carry many Hobbit hooded sweatshirts featuring prints of characters like Bilbo, Smaug, Thorin, Azog, and Bard, as well as the Hobbit logo and other stylized graphics from the movies. Browse through our selection for the perfect way to remember your favorite moments from the tale!
Hobbit Jewelry, Arkenstone Replicas, and One Ring Replicas
When you first enter into The Hobbit jewelry section here at Dark Knight Armoury, you will find yourself looking at a treasure-horde. But do not worry - this horde is not guarded by a dreadful dragon, nor is it about to be hauled off by a company of dwarves. Instead, it is offered here so that you can make its pieces your own, so that you can appreciate from beauty direct to you from Middle Earth.
Hobbit Long Sleeved Shirts, Hobbit Movie Long Sleeve Shirts, and Hobbit Long Sleeve Clothing
Just as a good story will keep your mind abuzz with interest, a good shirt will keep you stylishly adorned in your favorite fashions. And now, thanks to the efforts we made here at Dark Knight Armoury, those two concepts can be combined into one, in the form of these The Hobbit Long Sleeve Shirts, which combine apparel with one of the greatest fantasy stories of the age!
Hobbit Pipes, Hobbit Wizard Pipes, Hobbit Halfling Pipes, and Bilbo Pipes
Pipes are sometimes seen as a symbol of sophistication, as well as an elegant form of tobacco consumption suitable for any to enjoy. In The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, many characters seem to enjoy the relaxing activity of pipe smoking, and now, you can do so too with an inspired pipe that looks to be straight out of Middle Earth!
Hobbit Swords, Hobbit Movie Weapons, and Hobbit Staffs
How many times over would the journey have ended, the company of dwarves under Thorin Oakenshield, lost, had it not been for their weapons? The Hobbit is filled with perilous moments when the protagonists must fight to survive, and here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of wonderfully detailed weapons, which the characters used to defend themselves from all the foes that they faced.
Hobbit T-Shirts, Hobbit Movie Shirts, and Hobbit Graphic Tees
The Hobbit, first published in 1937, is a novel by J.R.R. Tolkien that caught the attention of adults and children everywhere. And now, years later, the book has been made into a film, and its popularity remains undiminished. To accommodate the fan in you, Dark Knight Armoury carries a wide assortment of The Hobbit T-shirts, all of which are perfect for showing off your love of this iconic piece of literature.

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