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Even though the trilogy has been complete for well over fifty years, and despite the trilogy of movies having been completed, the popularity of the Lord of the Rings has not yet begun to wane. That is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to carry a wide assortment of Lord of the Rings T-Shirts that are perfect for expressing your love of this well-known series. These shirts are not just great for celebrating the series, though, but instead are a perfect way to for true enthusiasts to show their love of the rich setting and characters that make The Lord of the Rings trilogy a true masterpiece! With any one of these great t-shirts, you can celebrate not only the series, but your favorites from the series, ranging from your favorite places to your favorite quotes, down even to your favorite characters and more! If you want to show off your loyalty to Gondor, we have a shirt that features its White Tree. Perhaps you love Gimli and his sense of humor, as well as his steadfast loyalty? We have plenty of shirts that depict the dwarf in all his glory. Do you remember the Prancing Pony, in Bree? You and everyone you know will, when you wear a shirt emblazoned with its sign. You can even recall the days of the complete fellowship or even show off groupings of your favorite characters, ranging from the powerful women of Middle Earth to the great evils that plague the land. Whether you love Sauron, Aragorn, Frodo, Galadriel, Gandalf, or anyone else, you can bet that you will find a shirt here that is perfect for showing off your love of The Lord of the Rings. And not only are they all stylishly designed, but they are all also quite comfortable, too, making them a great choice to wear not just on occasion, but as often as you desire! So if you love The Lord of the Rings, then you are in good company, so why not take your time to browse through our LotR T-Shirts section until you find the perfect shirt for you?
Women Of Middle Earth T-Shirt
The fellowship may have been male, but that does not mean that Middle Earth was lacking in powerful and significant women. This Women of Middle Earth T-Shirt depicts three ladies, paying homage to their beauty, grace, and power.
Price: $27.00
Womens Arwen Necklace T-Shirt
Arwen the Elven Princess, known also as Evenstar, must choose to leave Middle Earth with her people or forego her immortality for the man she loves. Be reminded of this true love story when you wear the Womens Arwen Necklace T-Shirt.
Price: $29.00
You Shall Not Pass T-Shirt
This shirt depicts one of the most iconic scenes from the Fellowship of the Ring. On this You Shall Not Pass T-Shirt, a brave wizard makes a stand against a great demon of shadow and fire to save his comrades from destruction.
Price: $27.00

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