Prop Weapons

Do you ever find yourself already in-costume, looking at a mirror, only to wonder what you are missing? Well, if your hands are empty, you might be missing a good weapon. Have no fear, though, because you can quickly remedy that by visiting Dark Knight Armoury and checking out our awesome Prop Weapons category! Each and every one of the weapons that you will find here are the perfect props to add to a variety of different costumes and looks, and even better, each and every one of these prop weapons is perfectly safe to carry. Many are made from hard plastic, which ensures that each and every prop weapon possesses a great look and detail, while also lacking any sharp points or edges that might render a prop weapon too dangerous to carry and wield. Please be aware that prop weapons are suitable only for limited use in mock-combat and are best served as pieces of visceral and interactive decoration to carry while in-costume. Our prop weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the classic axe, knife or machete for a zombie survivor or a horror movie victim, all the way down to the truly sinister looking lead-pipe pick or bloody bone saw fit for monstrous mutants and deranged horror movie slasher. So if you find yourself empty-handed when you feel you have finished putting together your ideal costume, take a moment to browse through the Prop Weapons section here at Dark Knight Armoury, where you are bound to find a great and safe weapon that looks just right when held securely in-hand.
300 Rise of an Empire Artemisia Costume Sword
Anyone that saw Artemisia and mistook her for a bystander was making a grievous mistake. She was all warrior in 300 Rise of an Empire, and now you can wield a costume version of her blade to complete your own warrior-woman costume.
Price: $9.00
300 Rise of an Empire Calisto Costume Shield
For a Greek hoplite, the shield was every bit as important as the sword or the spear. So if you dress as one, do not forget your shield! So if you need one, few can compare to this 300 Rise of an Empire Calisto Costume Shield.
Price: $18.00
300 Rise of an Empire Persian Immortals Costume Sword
A deadly warrior deserves a deadly sword, and no warrior was said to be more lethal than the Persian Immortals. They were fearsome fighters, each one armed with a blade similar to this 300 Rise of an Empire Immortals Costume Sword.
Price: $9.00
300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume Shield
General Themistokles was no fool. He knew to go into battle with his shield at his side. And now, you can do the same. This 300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume Shield recreates his aspis so that you can carry it anywhere.
Price: $18.00
300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume Sword
The 300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume Sword is modeled after the same blade wielded by the general during the film, making it a great way to complete your own Themistokles look with a weapon that is safe to openly carry.
Price: $9.00
Adult Arrow Costume Bow and Arrow Set
Being stranded on a remote island provided Oliver Queen the chance to hone his skills and become the vigilante Green Arrow. Wield this Adult Arrow Costume Bow and Arrow Set and protect the residents of Star City from organized crime.
Price: $19.00
Adult Captain America Costume Shield
No Captain America costume is complete without the American Avengers iconic shield. His most trusted asset in battle, you too can now trust the Adult Captain America Costume Shield to serve you well as a licensed costume accessory.
Price: $25.00
Adult Captain America Shield
Have you always wanted to be a superhero like Captain America? The Adult Captain America Shield will help you to complete your transformation from average person to the original superhuman, even without a dose of super-serum!
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $23.00
Adult Captain America Stealth Shield
Do you plan to dress as Captain America in his stealth uniform this Halloween? If so, be sure not to neglect his most important tool - his iconic shield! The Adult Captain America Stealth Shield looks great guarding your arm.
Price: $25.00
Adult Katniss Costume Bow
Katniss learned to use a bow to provide food for her family, but it also helped her survive to win The Hunger Games. This Adult Katniss Costume Bow will help ensure the odds are ever in your favor at Halloween or any costume event.
Price: $13.00
Adult Legolas Costume Bow and Arrow Set
Renowned for his skill at archery, Legolas Greenleaf is a valued member of the Fellowship of the Ring. This Adult Legolas Costume Bow and Arrow Set will provide a finishing touch to your elven ensemble for your next Tolkien event.
Price: $16.00
Adult Thor Costume Hammer
Rumor has it that only the worthy can wield the mighty hammer Mjolnir. Now you can test your merit with the officially licensed Adult Thor Costume Hammer. This essential prop weapon is the perfect addition to any Thor outfit.
Price: $13.00
Adult Wonder Woman Costume Sword
If you find your Wonder Woman costume missing a bit of its edge, try the Adult Wonder Woman Costume Sword. This officially licensed prop weapon is based on the superheroines Sword of Athena as seen in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.
Price: $13.00
Adult Wonder Woman Shield
Shield in hand, Wonder Woman charges into the fray. Emblazoned with the image of an eagle, the Adult Wonder Woman Shield is a costume prop version of the protection she uses to deflect the attacks of her opponents in Dawn of Justice.
Price: $25.00
Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber
Portray the legendary Sith Lord, Darth Vader, as he was before succumbing to the dark side with the Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber. Star Wars fans of the prequel trilogy will enjoy adding this prop weapon to their cosplay arsenal.
Price: $12.00
Archer's Bow and Arrow Prop Set
What is an archer without his signature weapon? Thanks to this Archers Bow and Arrow Prop Set, no archer ever has to leave home without their bow again. Even better, they can be assured of this bows safety, thanks to its prop arrows!
Price: $5.00
Azog Prop Mace
Azog the Defiler was the orc leader who hunted Thorin and his company in The Hobbit film trilogy. This Azog Prop Mace will make a fearsome addition to your Middle Earth orc or goblin costume for Halloween or any costumed event.
Price: $13.00
Baroque Plastic Dagger
In the medieval age, a dagger was a smart addition to any look. When safety is a concern, you do not have to abandon this old tradition. Instead, just replace the steel dagger with this appealingly detailed Baroque Plastic Dagger!
Price: $3.33
Batman Batarangs and Safety Light Set
Batman is all about his helpful gadgets, and now your child can accessorize their costume with the Batman Batarangs and Safety Light Set, a pairing of tools and prop weapons inspired by the Caped Crusaders Dawn of Justice appearance.
Price: $12.00
Batman Costume Prop Batarangs
The Batarangs have appeared in almost every iteration of Batmans adventures, from comics to the big screen. With the Batman Costume Prop Batarangs set, you can now add these essential gadgets to your own costumed look.
Price: $6.50
Batman Grappling Gun Costume Prop
Batman may not be able to sling through the city on spider web, but his trusted grappling gun suits him just fine. The Batman Grappling Gun Costume Prop is perfect for fans looking to accessorize any Dawn of Justice-inspired outfit.
Price: $13.00
Black Widow Light-Up Batons
Black Widow is known for her cunning spy skills, but she is also an incredibly skilled fighter and martial artist. Add the signature weapon of this superspy Avenger to your own costume with the Black Widow Light-Up Batons.
Price: $19.00
Bloody Carving Knife Prop
A staple of the horror genre, this large gory knife makes a fantastic accent to any creepy look. The Bloody Carving Knife Prop displays a realistic appearance that makes the spattered blood even more disturbing to see.
Price: $5.50
Boba Fett Blaster
Whether on mission for Jabba the Hutt or appearing at a costume event, no Mandalorian bounty hunter should be without the right accessories. The Boba Fett Blaster ensures that the Star Wars mercenary is ready for the unexpected.
Price: $27.00
Buccaneer Musket Gun
No pirate should ever go anywhere without a sidearm, and when you are going ashore, bigger is better. For that reason, make sure you keep your Buccaneer Musket Gun close, because a gun like is bound to keep rivals at bay.
Price: $4.50
Buccaneer's Pistol
Swords were all well and good, but no pirate would ever go anywhere without also carrying a pistol. When you want something that is lightweight and harmless but still pirate styled, than you want a prop like this Buccaneers Pistol.
Price: $3.00
Childrens Captain America Costume Shield
Our youthful hero bursts into action, running from room to room, jumping from one spot to the other, carrying this proud badge to the party. The Childrens Captain America Costume Shield adds a final touch to a thrilling costume.
Price: $13.00
Childs Ninja Knives Set (Pair)
The ninja was a master of many weapons, but few were as deceptive and deadly as the sai. And now, thanks to this Childs Ninja Knives Set (Pair), even your child can wield and enjoy these impressive weapons of the true ninja master.
Price: $2.19
Crusader's Sword and Shield Prop Set
This Crusaders Sword and Shield Prop Set are the ideal pieces of equipment to carry as a knight if you are looking for something that is whimsical, a little medieval, and most importantly of all, lightweight and perfectly safe to carry.
Price: $7.20
Darth Vader Lightsaber
Align yourself with the dark side and step fully into the role of Anakin Skywalker. Whether you wish to depict the Sith Lord as portrayed in the original trilogy or another version, the Darth Vader Lightsaber belongs at your side.
Price: $12.00
Darth Vader Samurai Blade
Depict Sith Lord, Anakin Skywalker, in Bandai Tamashi Nations Meisha Movie Realization form for Halloween or cosplay. Keep the Darth Vader Samurai Blade by your side as you combine the Star Wars saga with the Japanese Edo Period.
Price: $25.00
Dawn of Justice Aquaman Costume Trident
Tridents have long been the weapon of choice for many an ocean dweller, and DC superhero Aquaman is no exception. The Dawn of Justice Aquaman Costume Trident is based on the one he is seen with in the Batman v Superman movie.
Price: $24.00
Deadpool Weapon Kit
The wise-cracking Merc With a Mouth always comes to a fight well armed. And we are not talking giant-sized chimichangas with fiery sauce. With this Deadpool Weapon Kit you will be prepared for any Halloween party or cosplay event.
Price: $18.00
Deluxe Animated Chainsaw Prop
The perfect weapon for amateur serial killers, the Deluxe Animated Chainsaw Prop will increase the fright factor of your Halloween costume. The plastic chainsaw features a rotating blade accompanied by roaring noise.
Price: $60.00
Deluxe Pirate Hook
If ever there was an iconic image for all of pirate kind, it would have to be either the skull and crossbones or the infamous hook. This Deluxe Pirate Hook features both, possessing a curved hook with a decorated fabric sleeve.
Price: $6.00
Deluxe Plastic Pirate Cutlass
If you plan to do much raiding and pillaging as a pirate, then you are going to need this Deluxe Plastic Pirate Cutlass. Not only does it pair perfectly with pirate costumes, but it also puts a sword into your hands that is safe, too.
Price: $3.33
Double-Bladed Darth Maul Lightsaber
The Double-Bladed Darth Maul Lightsaber is the perfect prop weapon for Star Wars fans who seek to portray the apprentice of the evil Darth Sidious. Complete your role by adding this accessory to your cosplay or Halloween costume.
Price: $22.00
Drax the Destroyer Dagger
If Drax the Destroyer was your favorite character in Guardians of the Galaxy, you may enjoy adding his knife to your Drax costume this Halloween! The Drax the Destroyer Dagger provides authenticity to your ensemble.
Price: $10.00
Force Awakens Kylo Ren Crossguard Lightsaber
Do not hesitate to take on the exciting role of Star Wars villain at the next costume event. If you seek to depict the dark Jedi portrayed by Adam Driver, the Force Awakens Kylo Ren Crossguard Lightsaber is the perfect accessory.
Price: $15.00
Han Solo Blaster
For the Star Wars fan who has yet to choose a role for the next costume event, the Han Solo Blaster offers an exciting opportunity. Step into the role of intergalactic smuggler and owner of the Millennium Falcon with this prop.
Price: $15.00
Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver
The perfect costume accessory for demented doctors, evil morticians, and any other psychotic madman, the Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver adds a dramatic element of horror to any scary and deranged character this Halloween.
Price: $5.50
Jango Fett Blaster
The Jango Fett Blaster is the prop weapon you need to step fully into the role of intergalactic bounty hunter. This accessory matches well with Mandalorian armour, assisting the Star Wars fan in portraying their favorite character.
Price: $12.00
Jango Fett Blaster With Holster Set
No bounty hunter of the Star Wars galaxy should be without the proper weaponry. The Jango Fett Blaster With Holster Set assists the cosplayer in completing the role of Mandalorian mercenary at the next Halloween or costume event.
Price: $36.00
Jedi Knight Lightsaber
The Jedi Knight Lightsaber is the perfect costume accessory for a skilled warrior of the Jedi Order. Whether you choose to appear as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Yoda, this prop weapon befits your favorite Star Wars hero.
Price: $12.00
Katniss Costume Quiver
May the odds be ever in your favor with this Katniss Costume Quiver, based on the one worn by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Outfit yourself like the girl on fire for Halloween or another costumed event.
Price: $15.00
Kids Aragorn Accessory Kit
Frodo and his friends meet a mysterious Ranger named Strider early in their journey. Strider is later revealed as Aragorn, heir to the Gondor throne. Your child will love this Kids Aragorn Accessory Kit for Halloween or everyday play.
Price: $28.00
Kids Captain America Costume Shield
A must-have for any fan of this Marvel superhero, the Kids Captain America Costume Shield perfectly suits any Steve Rogers-inspired look. This plastic version of his iconic Vibranium shield is sized specifically for young heroes.
Price: $13.00
Kids Civil War Hawkeye Bow and Arrow Set
If your child loves the Avengers ace archery specialist, then the Kids Civil War Hawkeye Bow and Arrow Set is a must-have accessory for their next costume. This set includes a bow and arrow based off those used by this superhero.
Price: $17.00
Kids Classic Captain America Costume Shield
An iconic part of Captain America is his shield, and for any child who wishes to transform themselves into this hero, a matching shield is a must-have. Thus, we offer to your young one this Kids Classic Captain America Costume Shield.
Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $11.00
Kids Legolas Accessory Kit
Legolas the elf travels from Mirkwood to join the Fellowship quest to destroy the One Ring. During the quest, Legolas befriends with the dwarf Gimli. This Kids Legolas Accessory Kit is perfect for Halloween or any costumed event.
Price: $28.00
Kids Stealth Captain America Costume Shield
The unique twist on this Kids Stealth Captain America Costume Shield gives Captain Americas iconic shield a subtle change - one that is perfectly suited to the clandestine operations that S.H.I.E.L.D. had Captain America running.
Price: $13.00
Kids Thor Costume Hammer
The weapon of choice for Marvels Asgardian Avenger, the Kids Thor Costume Hammer is an essential prop for any childs Thor costume. This costume weapon is decorated with Asgardian designs on its edges and realistic metallic colors.
Price: $10.00
Kids Wonder Woman Shield
Make sure your child is armed and ready for whatever the battle for justice may bring her way. The Kids Wonder Woman Shield is a plastic costume prop version of the shield Wonder Woman is seen wielding in Batman v Superman.
Price: $13.00
Legolas Bow and Arrow Costume Set
If there is one thing that the elf Legolas was known for, it was his archery. And with this Legolas Bow and Arrow Costume Set, you can look every inch the archery that his elf was by wielding his own weapons as if they were your own.
Price: $6.65
Light-Up Lasso of Truth
A favored weapon of DC superheroine Wonder Woman, the Lasso of Truth is her trusted tool against all manner of villainy. Based on the version seen in Dawn of Justice, the Light-Up Lasso of Truth glows throughout its rope portion.
Price: $15.00
Luke Skywalker Lightsaber
For Star Wars fans who wish to depict the Jedi warrior portrayed by Mark Hamill in the original trilogy, the Luke Skywalker Lightsaber is an essential costume accessory. Step into full character with this prop weapon at your side.
Price: $12.00
Marvel Thor Mjolnir
You will not need the strength of Thor to wield this hammer, but it still looks as fantastic as the actual Mjolnir! The Marvel Thor Mjolnir will help you to recreate all of your favorite adventures of the Norse god of Thunder.
Price: $13.00
Medieval Costume Flail
The flail is one of the most recognized medieval weapons, and this Medieval Costume Flail not only recreates its design, but it does so in safety, making this flail work just like the original, while still remaining safe to carry.
Price: $5.70
Medieval Double Wrap Belt and Sword
There is no telling what is in store for you when you step out of the modern era and into a medieval world. Thankfully, this Medieval Double Wrap Belt and Sword will ensure that you look like you have always got a blade at your side.
Price: $18.00
Medieval Jeweled Prop Dagger
Every knightly figure and king can stand to have an ornate dagger sheathed at their side, and if you want something as elegant as it is safe and lightweight, than this Medieval Jeweled Prop Dagger is definitely the blade for you.
Price: $3.00
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