Fantasy Helmets, Movie Helmets and Medieval Helmets from Dark Knight Armoury Fantasy Helmets, Movie Helmets and Medieval Helmets from Dark Knight Armoury

Fantasy Helmets

Sometimes, it is good to break from tradition. These fantasy helmets depart from typical medieval-styled helmets and instead possess a distinctive look and feel that truly corresponds to the realm of fiction and fantasy, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer them. Some are a bit more decorative than others, but each one is impressive to behold. Many of our fantasy helmets draw inspiration from the worlds of movies and comic books, which more often than not takes typical medieval designs and adds their own distinctive flares and twists to create something that is truly intriguing to see. Fantasy-styled Viking helmets, for instance, feature wings or horns, which while not quite historically accurate, are still quite well-known to the masses. We also offer stunning helmets from heroes and villains from comic books, movies, and stories, including some of the more famous helmets from Conan the Barbarian. There are also distinctive helmets that are all their own in design, including helmets designed according to elvish tradition, berserker style, and more! In essence, if the helm was not normally in history, you will find here in our fantasy helmets section, because while it may be a work of pure fantasy, that does not prevent it from being a great accessory and a great helm to wear! So if you are looking for a great display piece from your favorite fictional world, here is definitely the place to start your search. And if you find a fantasy helmet you like here at Dark Knight Armoury then you can display it in your home and perhaps even wear it every now and then, when you head off into combat.
Black Ice Helmet
This is the Official Conquest Black Ice Helmet. This helmet features a fantasy style and comes with a blackened and shiny steel finish. You can pair this helmet with other Black Ice pieces or existing blackened or plain steel armour.
Price: $153.00
On Sale For: $137.70
LotR Helm of Sauron
There is no denying that the Dark Lord Sauron cut an intimidating image with this armor and helmet. Now, you can do so too, as the LotR Helm of Sauron is wearable, not to mention rather impressive a collectible for any fan to own.
Price: $624.00
On Sale For: $499.00
Berserker Steel Helmet
Berserkers were fierce Norse warriors that were not scared of battle. They intimidated their enemies by wearing bear or wolf skins, and we believe an awesome helmet like this one would have paired nicely with their attire.
Price: $113.00
On Sale For: $101.70
Undead Helmet
This is the Official Conquest Undead Helmet. Conquest is the biggest LARP gathering in Europe. This helmet features a Dark Metal finish. This gives the helmet a rugged, textured look, like it has been around for ages.
Price: $145.00
On Sale For: $130.50
Skull Helm
From the depths of medieval hell comes this magnificent skull helmet. Wear this Skull Helm out on the battlefield and your opponents will be scared to fight you. The skull helmet is a fully functional helm and crafted in 18 gauge steel.
Price: $159.60
Barbarians Horned Helmet
The barbarian hordes are no strangers to using fear as a weapon, and this Barbarians Horned Helmet demonstrates that, utilizing great horns to enhance look of this helm so that it made its wearer much more intimidating in battle.
Price: $79.00
On Sale For: $71.10
The Helmet of Loras Tyrell
Westeros is filled with warriors of all sorts. Among them is the Knight of Flowers, Loras Tyrell. Named for his coat of arms and beauty, this is one warrior whose name belies his impressive prowess in tourneys and combat.
Price: $250.00
Conan the Destroyer Helmet of Queen Taramis by Marto
Worn by Queen Taramis during the course of the movie, Conan the Destroyer, the Conan the Destroyer Helmet of Queen Taramis by Marto is a wicked helm that provides not only adequate protection, but also a small level of intimidation.
Price: $409.00
Horseman Helmet
This fantastic helm has leather straps on the crown and a real horsehair top knot. The brass nose guard and the steel pot have an antiqued finish. Mail skirting protects the neck for added defense when worn.
Price: $165.00
Conan the Barbarian Helmet of Thorgrim by Marto
Worn by Thorgrim during the course of the movie, Conan the Barbarian, the Conan the Barbarian Helmet of Thorgrim by Marto is a barbarian helm that provides not only adequate protection, but also a small level of intimidation.
Price: $409.00
Armageddon Helm
This awesome helm is steel adrenaline and its ageless style will last you to the very end. Put on this helm and face your destiny. The Armageddon Helm is hand crafted in 18 gauge steel. This helm is full sized and wearable with visor.
Price: $233.70
Helm of the Unsullied
Perhaps the fiercest fighting force in all the land, the Unsullied begin training at the age of 5 and fight in phalanx style formations. You can display your enjoyment of their highly disciplined style with the Helm of the Unsullied.
Price: $300.00
Mirkwood Infantry Helm
As fantasy fans around the world saw in the third and final The Hobbit film, the Mirkwood elves wore elaborate armor that left a lasting impact on audiences. This Mirkwood Infantry Helm is a stunning prop modeled after that armor.
Price: $624.00
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