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Need a hand? Dark Knight Armoury is prepared to literally offer you two, for a price. In our Costume Gloves & Hands section, we offer a number of hand coverings that are perfect for taking away your human hands and replacing them with pair of digits that truly are monstrous and impressive. Each pair of these gloves are a fantastic way to complete any number of great looking costumes, especially when those costumes center around transforming you into something that is less than human. If you are trying to look like a true devil, then we have the devilish and demonically evil hands that are perfect to put on. On the other hand, if you want to be terrifying and monstrous, we have a few pairs of werewolf hands that you can slide on like gloves to give yourself some lethal looking claws. And that is not all we have, either. It does not matter if you are looking for zombie hands, vampire hands, or even bony white skeletal fingers, you will find all of the above and more floating around in this section. And the best part about most of these costume hands is that virtually all of them are made so that you can not only move your fingers, but that even when worn, you will retain most, if not full use of your natural dexterity! That means that whatever you can normally do with your hands and fingers, you will still be able to do once you put on these Costume Gloves & Hands!
White Junior Skeleton Hands
Your hands will look like you have had the flesh stripped from their bones when you wear the White Junior Skeleton Hands! These hands will eliminate all traces of life, leaving only skeletal digits where your fingers once where.
Price: $16.00
White Monster Claw Costume Hands
Grip the shoulder of someone while wearing this set of wicked gloves, and you are sure to give them a scare! The White Monster Claw Costume Hands possess a ghastly look with a pale hue and fingers tipped by dramatic black claws.
Price: $23.00
White Nylon Long Gloves
Some accessories provide so many options for Halloween and roleplay that they are essential to any cosplay wardrobe. The White Nylon Long Gloves look just as fetching on the arms of a superhero as they do on a ballroom debutante.
Price: $10.00
White Skeleton Costume Hands
Looking as though they have been bleached by the sun, these skeletal hands will give realism to your bone walker costume! The White Skeleton Costume Hands are the perfect costume accessory for Halloween parties and haunted houses.
Price: $23.00
White Skeleton Gloves
Whenever you don these White Skeleton Gloves, you will have an authentic pair of skeletal, deathly hands at your disposal. Even better, these bony digits will respond and work just as well as your mortal, flesh-covered fingers do!
Price: $31.00
White Walker Hands
Grab someone by the shoulder with these White Walker Hands and there will be no doubt that the White Walkers have risen again to terrorize the living. These latex gloves are officially licensed and approved by producers at HBO.
Price: $40.00
Wookie Costume Hands
When you put on a costume, you endeavor to change your features to look like something new. And when it comes to costuming, these Wookie Costume Hands are perfect for doing just that - replacing your human hands completely.
Price: $26.00
Yoda Latex Hands
If you are planning on doing some good costuming, then you need to make sure you address every detail. Masks, make-up and clothing are all good, but how are your hands? If they need changing then consider these Yoda Latex Hands.
Price: $26.00
Zombie Flesh Costume Hands
Clawing its way up through the grave dirt, the zombie emerges with a powerful hunger for human flesh. The Zombie Flesh Costume Hands display details of decomposition that make them the perfect finishing touch for any zombie costume.
Price: $28.00

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