Fairy Candle Holders

Fire is far from a purely destructive element, as it possesses many positive, redeeming qualities, too. And these Fairy Candle Holders offered by Dark Knight Armoury are the perfect way to bring out the best in a flickering flame, while also accenting its luminous glow with the beauty of a pretty little pixie, sitting just next to the flame. After all, as spirits of nature, it seems right that fairies would be the most familiar with some of the best qualities of fire. These fairy candle holders depict a wide assortment of different fairies, ranging from the typically playful to the calm and somber. Some fairies sit before the candle wasting their time away, while others seem to dance with the flame. These candle holders are perfect for holding a variety of different candles, too, as many are sized to fit small votive candles or tea lights with ease. And just as the fairy enjoys the soft flickering of a flame, so too can you, as these fairy candle holders come in all different shapes and sizes, ensuring that no matter where you want it to go, there is a fairy candle holder that will fit your needs, in both design and in size. The benefits of these fairy candle holders are obvious, as each one depicts a beautiful little fairy that will catch the eye of all who glance her way, while the addition of a flickering light will only accent her beauty. Also, a burning candle is a great way to add to the ambient light of the room. So if you are looking for a bit more light and a bit more fantasy in your life, then perhaps one of these Fairy Candle Holders is the way to go, as they deliver both in equal measure.
Mushroom Shelter Tealight Holder
The Mushroom Shelter Tealight is the example of how we should stop and take a moment to appreciate the little things in life. This fairy wants to enjoy the beauty of nature, and we should try to follow this example.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $11.00
Nature Fairy Candle Holder
Leave it to a fairy to use magic to coax flame from a flower. This Nature Fairy Candle Holder is a sight on its own, and when you combine it with a tea light candle, the image is enhanced by the flicker of soft firelight.
Price: $42.50
On Sale For: $38.00

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