Mythology is filled with rare and wonderful creatures, but none as elusive as the unicorn. Wild yet shy, this creature was said to be impossible to catch, except by a pure maidens heart. Well, we may not have a live unicorn here, but at Dark Knight Armoury, we have a number of great unicorn items and images, which allow you to capture the essence of this legendary beast for your own! Virtually everything in this category relates back to the unicorn in one way or another, either featuring some of its symbolism or featuring its actual image. And we do not just offer the traditional white unicorn, either. No, we offer a variety of unicorn forms, ranging from pure silver ones in the form of pendants and other pieces of unicorn jewelry to stunning black ones, which are depicted on a wide range of accessories, including art scrolls, banners, boxes, decorative tiles, and more! We even have bronze unicorns, in the form of unicorn statues and unicorn mirrors, which are a great touch of fantasy for any decor, whether it is your entry hall or a little girl bedroom! And for the true unicorn enthusiast, we also offer a number of great unicorn t-shirts, in both adult and child sizes, so that you can show off your love and your enthusiasm for this legendary creature just by wearing a great graphic tee! As you can see, we have gone to great lengths to capture as much of the legendary unicorn as we can here at Dark Knight Armoury, all so that you can bring this mythic creature into your life, in some way, shape, or form. So if you love unicorns, then this unicorn section is definitely the place to be.
Amidst the Waves Unicorn and Fairy Statue
Placing an elegant hand over her heart, this water fairy promises to protect the beautiful ocean shores entrusted to her care. Let all who view the Amidst the Waves Unicorn and Fairy Statue find inspiration from her deep devotion.
Price: $72.00
Anne Stokes Realm of Enchantment T-Shirt
On the Anne Stokes Realm of Enchantment T-Shirt, a trio of mythical beings enjoys a peaceful stroll through a magical forest. With a tiny green dragon perched on her arm, a butterfly fairy rides comfortably on the back of a unicorn.
Price: $22.00
Anne Stokes Unicorn Heart T-Shirt
The Anne Stokes Unicorn Heart T-Shirt features a magical scene originally designed for greeting cards. Crossing their horns, a pair of unicorns forms a heart in this beautiful image created by the highly acclaimed fantasy artist.
Price: $22.00
Awesome Unicorn T-Shirt
Awe inspiring describes this Awesome Unicorn T-Shirt, because if you happened upon a unicorn in life, awe is a feeling you might have. The view of a unicorn can be forever immortalized in your wardrobe.
Price: $22.00
Bearded Unicorn Statue
Even in myth, unicorns were a powerful symbol, as imbued with magical potency as they were with ferocity and wildness. This Bearded Unicorn Statue, though, depicts a regal unicorn stallion that is at ease with its surroundings.
Price: $40.85
Black Magic Unicorn Trinket Box
Based on the lovely fantasy art of Linda M. Jones, the Black Magic Unicorn Trinket Box displays the shadowy head of a dark unicorn with gleaming sparks of light radiating from the glowing tip of its magical horn.
Price: $10.00
Black Unicorn Figurine
Introduce the imagination and spirit of an impressive fantasy creature like the Black Unicorn Figurine. This stylish and innovative decoration is sure to enhance the look and feel of any room within your home or office.
Price: $15.00
Black Unicorn Statue
While pure white unicorns generally indicate purity and innocence, their black counterparts represent more forceful characteristics such as power and strength. The Black Unicorn Statue emphasizes these qualities in mid-gallop.
Price: $27.00
Blue Moon Unicorn and Maiden Statue
Under the light of a blue moon, magical things may happen. The Blue Moon Unicorn and Maiden Statue depicts an enchanted moment between a beautiful forest maiden and a gentle white unicorn, hand painted on high quality polystone.
Price: $65.00
Blue Pegasus Figurine
Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the mystical beauty of the Blue Pegasus Figurine. This unique statue is sure to be a treasured gift and can also be a great way to introduce some fantasy into your homes decor.
Price: $15.00
Blue Unicorn Trinket Box
Designed to look like a unicorn sticking its head up out of a pool of water, the Blue Unicorn Trinket Box features a pearlescent unicorn's head on the lid, while the base of the box is decorated with images of daisies and vines.
Price: $12.00
Bronze Unicorn Dish
This Bronze Unicorn Dish depicts a rare scene taken straight out of fantasy. It features a subtle and magical style that makes it quite eye-catching, while its dish form makes it quite the useful fantasy decoration, too.
Price: $53.39
Brown Pegasus Figurine
Capture an image of fantasy with the stunning Brown Pegasus Figurine and add it to your fantasy collection. This item can be a wonderful way to evoke some mystical looks into your homes current theme, so pick one up while you can.
Price: $15.00
Celtic Unicorn Pendant
Get the Celtic Unicorn Pendant and add a fantastic piece to your ever growing collection of Celtic regalia or unicorn paraphernalia. It is also a great way to add some additional style and magic to your overall look too.
Price: $139.93
Celtic Unicorn Shield Pendant
With the Celtic Unicorn Shield Pendant, you get a fantasy adorned with Celtic inspiration. This pendant is a unique item that captures and combines the essence of two styles in a way that will easily accent your current look.
Price: $35.00
Childs Awesome Unicorn T-Shirt
Almost everything you need to know about the Childs Awesome Unicorn T-Shirt is in its name. It is a stylish and brightly colored t-shirt that features a unicorn sure to appeal to your fantasy loving child.
Price: $16.00
Childs Double Rainbow Unicorn T-Shirt
The unicorn is a creature of peace, tranquility, and purity, as well as a symbol of fantasy. This Childs Double Rainbow Unicorn T-Shirt makes it easy for any young one to have not just one, but a pair of unicorns of their very own.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $13.00
Childs Find 10 Unicorns T-Shirt
There is more to this shirt than meets the eye. Not only does this Childs Find 10 Unicorns T-Shirt feature a trio of mythic creatures, but it is also a puzzle and a challenge, as a total of ten hidden unicorns are on this shirt.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $9.00
Childs Unicorn and Butterflies T-Shirt
What child does not love a good fairy tale? If they love a good fairy tale, then they are bound to love this Unicorn and Butterflies T-Shirt, as it looks as though it has come straight out of one thanks to its color and its design.
Price: $16.00
Childs Unicorn Forest T-Shirt
Stunning color and style are what you get when you pick up this Childs Unicorn Forest T-Shirt. This brilliant shirt suits their love of fantasy, serving as a great option that they can wear when they go out and play.
Price: $16.00
Childs Unicorn Glade T-Shirt
Many have longed to catch a glimpse of a unicorn, but few have managed to do so. With this Childs Unicorn Glade T-Shirt, any youth can capture a unicorn for their own, just by pulling this shirt out of their wardrobe.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $9.00
Dark Fairy and Pegasus Statue
This Dark Fairy and Pegasus Statue features a dark haired fairy maiden embracing the neck of a winged horse. Posed on a weathered rock base, these winged friends make the perfect addition to any fairy or horse statue collection.
Price: $128.00
Divine Unicorn T-Shirt
This Divine Unicorn T-Shirt offers an up-close and personal glimpse of a creature that is nearly impossible to capture. Even in myth, few can even get close to glimpse the unicorn, even as this shirt offers a near perfect view.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $13.00
Double Rainbow Unicorn T-Shirt
The unicorn is a creature of peace, tranquility, and purity, as well as a symbol of fantasy at its finest, which makes this Double Rainbow Unicorn T-Shirt a great choice for the fantasy fan who wants to show off this equine legend.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $13.00
Enchanted Unicorn Tea Cup
If this bewitching creature could have its way, it would always be teatime. Surely fellow connoisseurs can appreciate the look of contentment in its gaze. Enjoy your own spot of tasty brew alongside the Enchanted Unicorn Tea Cup.
Price: $27.50
Engraved Celtic Unicorn Silver Ring
Get the Engraved Celtic Unicorn Silver Ring and add a fantastic piece to your ever growing collection of Celtic regalia or unicorn paraphernalia, as well as a piece of iconic and classic fantasy that you can enjoy every day.
Price: $103.93
Enlightenment Wall Clock by Anne Stokes
Unicorns have long represented the virtues of purity and innocence. The Enlightenment Wall Clock by Anne Stokes captures the image of one such creature posing in front of a stained glass depiction of a rampant unicorn.
Price: $14.00
Fairy and Unicorn Panorama
Few creatures possess the delicate beauty of unicorns and fairies. The Fairy and Unicorn Panorama depicts a nighttime waterside encounter of both of these rare beings, captured in a figurine for your personal enjoyment.
Price: $60.00
Fairy Kneeling with Pegasus Statue
The Fairy Kneeling with Pegasus Statue features a pink and purple floral fairy resting alongside her winged horse companion. Yellow flowers decorate their hair and are scattered upon the dark stone base of the figure.
Price: $101.00
Fairy with Unicorn Statue
Fairies and unicorns are the two of the most iconic creatures in the fantasy genre, and it is easy to see why. Unicorns are majestic creatures and fairies are their common companions, as seen in the Fairy with Unicorn Statue!
Price: $86.00
Find 10 Unicorns T-Shirt
There is more to this shirt than meets the eye. This Find 10 Unicorns T-Shirt features a trio of fantasy creatures and has a great fantasy design, but it is also a puzzle and challenge in itself, thanks to its hidden images.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $14.00
Forest Unicorn Cameo Necklace
Carry a bit of fantasy magic with you wherever you wander when you keep the Forest Unicorn Cameo Necklace close to your heart. The oval cameo center of the pendant reveals artwork of a unicorn journeying through an enchanted forest.
Price: $20.70
Furrybones Unie Pink Unicorn Statue
With its stylized face peeking out through the head of its costume, the mischievous skeleton wears the guise of a pink and purple unicorn. The Furrybones Unie Pink Statue depicts this delightful fantasy character with adorable detail.
Price: $13.00
Furrybones Unie Teal Unicorn Statue
Masquerading as a teal unicorn, the mischievous skeleton smiles from the face of its costume. Crafted from high quality cold cast resin, the Furrybones Unie Teal Unicorn Statue depicts this adorable creature in hand painted colors.
Price: $7.00
Furrybones White Uni Unicorn Statue
Everyone has heard the phrase A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing, but have you heard A Skeleton in Unicorn Clothing? The Furrybones White Uni Unicorn Statue depicts a chibi skeleton who just wants the love and attention that unicorns get!
Price: $13.00
Geistalon Necklace
Offering an alternate interpretation of history, the Geistalon Necklace displays the thundering phantom of a cataphract unicorn inspired by the Battle of Carrhae, one of the most crushing defeats of the Roman Empire.
Price: $40.00
Geistalon Unicorn Skull
The thundering phantom of a legendary armored cataphract unicorn, revered in the Scrolls of Carrhae for their terrifying and decisive actions in battle. The Geistalon Unicorn Skull depicts a heavily armoured skeletal unicorn head.
Price: $35.00
Gold Unicorn Bank
If your little prince or princess wants to save up some money to buy their own unicorn, why not let them put some money into this Gold Unicorn Bank? Saving money is a good lesson for them to learn and this money bank is so cute.
Price: $15.00
Gold Unicorn Pendant
Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland, which is why a rampant unicorn, like the one in the Gold Unicorn Pendant, shows up on some Scottish heraldry. This ornate pendant is fancy enough to be the crest of a royal family!
Price: $24.00
Gothic Fairy and Unicorn Statue
Just as every beautiful thing has a dark side, everything dark is also balanced by something beautiful. Show the loving relationship between two creatures that may seem like unlikely friends with the Gothic Fairy and Unicorn Statue.
Price: $120.00
Grey Pegasus Figurine
This mighty beast of the Grey Pegasus Figurine has come prancing into your home to freshen things up. The original design and look of this statue can only be a positive change when accenting the theme of your home.
Price: $15.00
Grey Unicorn Figurine
Now your home can easily enjoy the elegance and imagination of the Grey Unicorn Figurine. This unique model captures the essence of this fabled creature in a way that can only enhance the look and feel of any room.
Price: $15.00
I Believe in Unicorns Coffee Mug
Sometimes a cup is the best daily reminder of how you feel about a subject, and with our I Believe in Unicorns Coffee Mug youll never be lost for an opinion on the matter. This ceramic mug features an iconic picture of a unicorn.
Price: $15.00
Kids Cutiecorn T-Shirt
With a twinkle of the eye, this lady will steal your childs heart. If they ask nicely enough, though, they will get it back unscathed. Make their wardrobe 100 times cuter just by adding our Kids Cutiecorn T-Shirt.
Price: $16.00
Kids Unicorn Night T-Shirt
There is no need to fear the darkness of the night, because your child is never alone with a faithful unicorn companion. Bring your child home their very own unicorn friend today with our Unicorn Night T-shirt.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $14.00
Last Unicorn T-Shirt
According to legend, only the pure can see the horn that adorns this magical creature. In the sight of all others, she is nothing more than a magnificent steed. An aura of enchantment surrounds her form on the Last Unicorn T-Shirt.
Price: $22.00
Last Unicorn Youth T-Shirt
An ancient symbol of purity, the unicorn was said to be tameable only by the pure of heart. The Last Unicorn Youth T-Shirt displays a beautiful pure white unicorn standing in front of a blood moon, aglow in magical light.
Price: $19.00
LED Unicorn Log Light
One of the most beloved and mysterious creatures of fantasy appears in a carving on the side of this sculpted tree trunk statue. The LED Unicorn Log Light would fit in perfectly to a mystical wood or other magical setting.
Price: $28.00
Lisa Parker Sacred One Unicorn Mirror Box
Delightfully displaying the artwork of the famous fantasy artist Lisa Parker, the Lisa Parker Sacred One Unicorn Mirror Box brings fantasy into reality with its incredibly realistic depiction of a majestic unicorn.
Price: $14.00
Long Live Magic by Jody Bergsma
A majestic unicorn and her fairy companion share a tender moment as depicted in Long Live Magic by Jody Bergsma. The unicorn and fairy are embellished with vine tattoos entwining the arms of the fairy and the cheek of the unicorn.
Price: $106.00
Lunar Unicorn Necklace by Anne Stokes
A pair of mythic concepts comes together in this Lunar Unicorn Necklace by Anne Stokes, both influenced by the wilds of nature. The unicorn is a beast embodying purity and natural wildness, while Diana, the goddess, is much the same.
Price: $88.00
Mother and Baby Unicorn T-Shirt
Is there anything more touching then the sight of a mother with her child? Evoking feelings of maternal love and joy, this Mother and Baby Unicorn T-Shirt is the perfect blend of familial care, fantasy style, and casual comfort.
Price: $22.00
Musical Fantasy Carousel
Carousels always excite children, and there is something about riding those glossy horses around and around that brings out the kid in adults. Now, you can put that fairground magic on your table with the Musical Fantasy Carousel.
Price: $70.00
Oval Unicorn Pendant
The Oval Unicorn Pendant captures this legendary creature in a stylish accent piece. Balancing fantasy and fashion, this wonderful item can complete your look and make you the topic of conversation at your next social event.
Price: $9.00
Pastel Fairy and Unicorn Statue
After a day of frolicking through a meadow, sometimes taking a rest is necessary. The picture of innocence and beauty, this Pastel Fairy and Unicorn Statue is a wonderful way to show your love of fantasy creatures in your decor.
Price: $48.00
Pastel Unicorn Trinket Box
Keep your favorite jewelry neatly stored in style with the Pastel Unicorn Trinket Box. The lid of this fantasy collectible features a portrait of a white unicorn with rainbow hair and wings surrounded by ornate rainbow flower details.
Price: $14.50
Peaceful Fairy with Pink Unicorn Statue
The friendship between fairies and their unicorn companions is unlike any other in the world. The Peaceful Fairy with Pink Unicorn Statue spotlights a tender moment between two of the most well-loved creatures of the fantasy realm.
Price: $56.00
Pink Unicorn Figurine
Embrace the realm of fantasy with the stylish Pink Unicorn Figurine which captures the essence of this fabled beast. This wild and original statue is sure to be a welcome addition to your homes decor or even a magical themed collection.
Price: $15.00
Plantagenet Unicorn Necklace
Named after royalty, this Plantagenet Unicorn Necklace is a stunning and stellar accent, one that depicts the great fantasy of a unicorn, while also featuring a touch of royal styling that makes it a truly impressive piece to behold.
Price: $20.00
Prancing Blue Pegasus Figurine
The stunning form of the Prancing Blue Pegasus Figurine is sure to impress friends and guests who see it displayed in your home. A unique decoration like this can be the touch of fantasy to balance the theme of a room.
Price: $15.00

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