Historical Coins

Coins are simply a great little item and there is just no questioning this fact. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a staggering variety of attractive replica coins from a variety of ages. We have medieval coins, pirate coins, Roman coins, and more! All of our coins are made with historical accuracy in mind, meaning that we have kept as much about the coins as historically accurate as we possibly could. Virtually all of our coins have the same size and weight as their originals, and it goes without saying that they also feature the same level of detail that could be found on a freshly minted historical coin, too! Virtually all of our coins are made from a type of pewter, whether it is polished, gold plated, or antiqued to give the coin just the right shade and tone of metal. Of course, there are dozens of uses for a good coin, so whether you are giving out as souvenirs or actually using them as limited currency for your event, you can rest assured that your coins will look as historically accurate as you need them to!
Celtic Coins, Reproduction Celtic Coins and Historic Celtic Coins
Even to a people like the Celts, coins had their uses. After all, how was one to acquire basic necessities without coinage? Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry an assortment of Celtic coins, all of which made in classic designs in attractive plated pewter.
Fantasy Coins, Game of Thrones Coins, Robert Jordan Coins and Historical Fantasy Coins
You do not have to look only to history to find cool collectible coins. Many books and fantasy settings have their own forms of currency as well, and now Dark Knight Armoury has finally acquired some coins from far off lands, so that you can add to your collection the coinage from the worlds of noted fantasy authors like George R. R. Martin and Robert Jordan, among others.
Greek Coins, Reproduction Greek Coins and Historic Greek Coins
Imagine the effort required to acquire an authentic Greek coin. Well, not as long as Dark Knight Armoury is offering accurate replicas of classic Greek coins. These coins look and feel realistic, so much so that you could almost spend them in an ancient Greek market!
Medieval Coins, Reproduction Medieval Coins and Historic Medieval Coins
Not all coins fall into a specific cultural grouping. For those coins that saw widespread use across multiple cultures, Dark Knight Armoury has the Medieval Coins category, where you will find several impressive looking examples of classic and historical coins.
Pirate Coins, Reproduction Pirate Coins and Historic Pirate Coins
Did pirates make coins of their own? They did not, although many historical coins have gained notoriety as being commonly associated with pirates. Thus, at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry an assortment of Pirate Coins, the type that any sea-sailing scallywag would love to have jingling around in their pocket or filling their treasure chest.
Roman Coins, Reproduction Roman Coins and Historic Roman Coins
Romans were not the first culture to use coins as currency, although Roman Coins did have a major impact on the currency of the kingdoms that came to follow the Roman Empire. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a variety of Roman coins, in a variety of denominations, including both commonly known coins as well as a few of the lesser-common coins.
Saxon Coins, Reproduction Norman Coins and Historic Saxon Coins
There is a reason that many of the Saxon and Norman Coins that you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury are similar in design and shape. Both Saxon and Norman currency were based on a similar foundation, which ensured that while the people themselves remained somewhat different, their currency was decidedly alike.
Tudor Coins, Reproduction Tudor Coins and Historic Tudor Coins
Each one of the Tudor Coins offered here at Dark Knight Armoury is not just an English coin, but an English coin from a very specific period in history, stretching from 1485 to 1603, when the Tudor dynasty ruled the Kingdom of England and its attached realms. Thus, many of these coins feature the likeness of famous Tudor rulers.
Viking Coins, Reproduction Viking Coins and Historic Viking Coins
One would think that with as much raiding and pillaging as Vikings did that they would not have need of their own coins, having taken more than enough from other cultures. But Viking Coins were still minted, often in celebration of Viking events, like great battles or the crowning of great kings or chieftains.

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