Fairy Incense Burners

Fairies are peaceful creatures by nature, and there is nothing that fairy likes more than to sit and relax. And there is no better way to relax after a hard day then to sit back and enjoy a stick of your favorite incense. And thanks to the Fairy Incense Burners at Dark Knight Armoury, you can do just that while combining your two favorite things, fairies and incense. Many of our fairy incense burners are perfect for enjoying your favorite incense in stick form, possessing a holder and an ash-catcher that makes enjoying incense simple and easy, with very little fuss or clean-up. They come in all different forms, depicting a variety of colorful fairies as they pause in their activities, either to admire nature or to enjoy the smell of incense as it is burned. And even better, given their fairy fantasy design, these fairy decorations are great to leave out, as they have all of the look and detailing of a fairy statue, with the convenience of an incense burner built right in. So if you are looking for a small fairy display to put up in your home, or if you just want a good incense burner that involves one of your favorite elements of fantasy, then look no further than the selection of fairy incense burners, right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Driftwood Fairy Incense Burner
The Driftwood Fairy Incense Burner would make a great looking and great smelling accent piece. This incense burner features a fairy on one end sitting on a large piece of driftwood, which acts as the base of the burner.
Price: $16.25
Fairy Incense Burner
Like any sentient species, fairies can experience stress and hardship. And like mortals, fairies are known to use incense to relieve stress. If you are going to light a stick of incense, do so with the Fairy Incense Burner.
Price: $10.00
On Sale For: $8.00
Fairy With Lilacs Incense Burner
Sitting on a bed of flowers, this fairy is the perfect image of peace and serenity. All that is missing is a stick of incense to burn. And how fortuitous indeed, because this fairy is actually a Fairy with Lilacs Incense Burner!
Price: $13.00
Fairy With Roses Incense Burner
The Fairy with Roses Incense Burner depicts a peaceful scene that involves a fairy resting amid a bed of her favorite flowers. While this fairy relaxes in the best way she knows, you can relax with her by lighting a stick of incense.
Price: $14.00
Red Fairy Incense Burner
The Red Fairy Incense Burner would make a great looking and great smelling accent piece in your home. This incense burner features a fairy dressed in red kneeling inside a large leaf next to a pink flower, which acts as the base.
Price: $16.25

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