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Skulls have always been something of a popular decoration, having been used since medieval times and before as sacred items. Dark Knight Armoury is just continuing that trend of using skulls as personal adornment, in the form of any one of our ultra-cool Skull T-Shirts. Not only do they depict skulls, though, but also skulls in the most wild and impressive of situations. If you are looking for a plain skull t-shirt, one that depicts a traditional skull on a plain background, you will find a few of those floating around here, amid a variety of other shirts that feature skulls in a more stylized light. Some of our skull shirts feature winged skulls that float and fly, creating a variety of impressive designs, while others depict skulls that are melting, to create a truly eerie and sinister look. Others still show off skulls as they face off, making the shirts look a bit more combative and eye-catching. And given that skulls often represent death, the Grim Reaper makes an appearance on several shirts here, too, performing a variety of tasks, ranging from casual sports to mystic experiments and more. A few skeletons are also present, showing off their bony countenance. Many of the shirts are dark in color and tone, although that fact is not true for all of them, which means that these skull t-shirts come in a wide variety of shades and hues, allowing you to show off some real color when you wear them. They are also available in different sizes, which ensures that virtually anyone can enjoy a good skull t-shirt when they want to. So if you want to show off some deathly, gothic style, you will want to pick up one of the dark yet awesome skull t-shirts found here, at Dark Knight Armoury. After all, if two heads are better than one, two skulls, have to be better than one, right?
Viking Dead Worker Shirt
The tormented souls of fallen Norse warriors return to reclaim their rightful place, at the helm of their longboat, in the Viking Dead Worker Shirt. This shirt is made with 100 percent cotton denim, for comfort and durability.
Price: $47.00
On Sale For: $40.00
Viking Undead T-Shirt
Look out! It is a draugr, come back from the grave to raid and pillage! It comes as this Viking Undead T-Shirt, which captures the iconic look of a Viking warrior, with just a sprinkling of undeath added in for gothic measure.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $18.95
Wanted Charcoal T-Shirt
This shirt should evoke memories of the old days in the West, when lawmen put up wanted posters all over town. The Wanted Charcoal T-Shirt, though, does not depict any old outlaw, though. It depicts Death himself!
Price: $22.00
Warlord Premium T-Shirt
Prospering among the age old remains of war, this reaper sits as ruler of the battlefield. The Warlord Premium T-Shirt displays the true victor of war, who from time immemorial has claimed soldiers as his spoils of war.
Price: $19.95
Warrior Horse T-Shirt
Like a hell spawned devil-warrior from the abyss, this Warrior Horse T-Shirt features a skeletal rider on a nightmarish horse as it rides into battle, screaming and shedding embers that set everything it passes ablaze with its fires.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $14.50
Waxed Skull T-Shirt
All hail the Lord of Darkness with the Waxed Skull T-Shirt! This soft cotton jersey tee provides an exceptional modern view on classic occultist charm by its use of Azo-free graphics, the comfortable way to express gothic style.
Price: $20.00
Wheels of Fire Sleeveless Workshirt
What is the best way out of the pit? On a motorcycle! On the Wheels of Fire Sleeveless Workshirt, a skeleton rides his way out of Hades on a chopper fit for a demon, complete with custom handle bars, flaming wheels, and all the works.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $33.00
Wheels Of Fire T-Shirt
What is the best way out of the pit? On a motorcycle! On the Wheels of Fire T-Shirt, a skeleton rides his way out of the pit on a chopper fit for a king-devil, complete with custom handle bars, flaming wheels, and all the wicked works.
Price: $22.00
White Solemn Skull T-Shirt
Death stares out at you from the White Solemn Skull T-Shirt. The back of this mens gothic shirt displays a partial skull in the center of dramatic black tribal designs that stand out starkly against the pure white shirt material.
Price: $20.00
Winged Grim Reaper Tee Shirt
The Winged Grim Reaper Tee Shirt is nothing short of a portrait of the angel of death himself. Clad in the traditional garb, the reaper wears the dark, hooded robe well, a grinning skull visible from underneath the folds of the hood.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $17.00
Winged Skeleton T-Shirt
His chains broken at last, the skeleton lord prepares to take flight. The Winged Skeleton T-Shirt depicts this hardcore scene in incredible detail, printed with Azo-free, skin friendly dyes on high quality cotton jersey fabric.
Price: $20.00
You're Next T-Shirt
Do you dare go against the reaper when he proclaims that your time has come? The You're Next T-Shirt features a wicked reaper who, with a single gesture, promises to deliver an untimely and unfortunate demise.
Price: $22.00

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