Skull t-shirts

Skulls have always been something of a popular decoration, having been used since medieval times and before as sacred items. Dark Knight Armoury is just continuing that trend of using skulls as personal adornment, in the form of any one of our ultra-cool Skull T-Shirts. Not only do they depict skulls, though, but also skulls in the most wild and impressive of situations. If you are looking for a plain skull t-shirt, one that depicts a traditional skull on a plain background, you will find a few of those floating around here, amid a variety of other shirts that feature skulls in a more stylized light. Some of our skull shirts feature winged skulls that float and fly, creating a variety of impressive designs, while others depict skulls that are melting, to create a truly eerie and sinister look. Others still show off skulls as they face off, making the shirts look a bit more combative and eye-catching. And given that skulls often represent death, the Grim Reaper makes an appearance on several shirts here, too, performing a variety of tasks, ranging from casual sports to mystic experiments and more. A few skeletons are also present, showing off their bony countenance. Many of the shirts are dark in color and tone, although that fact is not true for all of them, which means that these skull t-shirts come in a wide variety of shades and hues, allowing you to show off some real color when you wear them. They are also available in different sizes, which ensures that virtually anyone can enjoy a good skull t-shirt when they want to. So if you want to show off some deathly, gothic style, you will want to pick up one of the dark yet awesome skull t-shirts found here, at Dark Knight Armoury. After all, if two heads are better than one, two skulls, have to be better than one, right?
Peace Is Dead T-Shirt
The harsh reality is that wars aren't won through peace, but that peace is won through war. The Peace is Dead T-Shirt is an unpleasant look at the cold hard truth that shows the unfortunate reality of how wars are won and peace is attained.
Price: $19.95
On Sale For: $17.00
Play Dead T-Shirt
This Play Dead T-Shirt features the artwork of James Ryman. This t-shirt features a skeleton rocker who is playing an electric guitar to skeletal fans. The skeleton rocker is gives a whole new meaning to rock till you drop dead.
Price: $22.00
Play With Fire T-Shirt
This Play With Fire T-Shirt features a skeleton rocker who is playing an electric guitar to skeletal fans. The skeleton rocker is long haired and gives a whole new meaning to rock till you drop dead.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $19.00
Psycho Skull Tee Shirt
There is something oddly disturbing about the graphic on the Psycho Skull Tee Shirt. Jaws open and wide, hollow eyes focused in an intense glare, this skull seems the perfect picture of intense loathing.
Price: $20.00
R.I.P. Reaper Musician T-Shirt
Do you hear that haunting sound? The reaper plays a soulful melody that could wake the dead, and you can glimpse this surreal scene by adding this R.I.P. Reaper Musician T-Shirt to your collection of cool graphic garments.
Price: $16.00
Raging Inferno Skull Tee Shirt
The Raging Inferno Skull Tee Shirt is a powerful item, as it should be. Fire is not a thing to be trifled with. A roaring inferno burns on fabric, the tendrils of flame taking life of their own as they take on the shape of a skull.
Price: $20.00
Reaper Bats T-Shirt
Armageddon has arrived, and Death has come to reap the unlucky souls who remain. Warn the world before it is too late with the Reaper Bats T-Shirt! With its stunning Azo-free graphics, the classic icon comes to life on this gothic tee.
Price: $19.85
Reaper Crows T-Shirt
When the black wind howls, there comes a reaper accompanied by a murder of crows. That is exactly what this Reaper Crows T-Shirt depicts, as a grim skeletal figure in dark robes steps over the fallen as the crows fly about its form.
Price: $16.00
Reaper in Chains T-Shirt
It might seem like this reaper is safely contained, but beware, for a chained reaper will be twice as fierce once free. The Reaper in Chains T-Shirt is a fierce looking t-shirt that would make for awesome casual wear on any given day.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $14.00
Reaper Queen T-Shirt
This Reaper Queen T-Shirt showcases the queen of death herself adorned in an intricate bone linked dress at the bottom of a staircase atop a pile of bones. In her left hand is a scythe and on her right arm is a large black crow.
Price: $22.00
Reaper Spell T-Shirt
The Grim Reaper is no stranger to the ways of mysticism and magic, and the Reaper Spell T-Shirt demonstrates the grim ones mastery of the dark arts. This reapers attention is eagerly focused on an arcane ritual that is underway.
Price: $16.00
Ride Or Die T-Shirt
Upon his skeletal steed, the harbinger of death approaches. With his weapon of choice held high, he brings impartial justice to the world. Join him as he harkens the darkness with the Ride Or Die T-Shirt, desolation left in his wake.
Price: $19.85
Ride to Hell Mens T-Shirt
No ghoul, risen specter, agent of darkness, or fallen angel has anything on this bad looking biker. The Ride to Hell Mens T-Shirt depicts a biker with attitude, whose dead state has only made him all the more wild.
Price: $21.95
Rock 4Ever 2-in-1 Mesh Top
From the angels to the reaper himself, no one can deny the immortality of rock and roll, the true music of the soul! The Rock 4Ever 2-in-1 Mesh Top displays an eye-catching gothic graphic inspired by classic rock designs.
Price: $23.00
Rock 4Ever T-Shirt
From the angels to the reaper himself, no one can deny the immortality of rock and roll, the true music of the soul! The Rock 4Ever T-Shirt displays eye-catching gothic graphics inspired by classic rock designs on the front and back.
Price: $20.00
Rock Eternal T-Shirt
A thunderous storm rages on an unsuspecting town. This storm, the spirit of heavy metal, will not go down silently. Help to keep the memory of this beloved genre alive with the Rock Eternal T-Shirt, the only choice for metal enthusiasts.
Price: $19.85
Rock from the Grave T-Shirt
Anyone can say they will love rock and roll until the day they die, but a true fan knows that their passion will live on long after death! This Rock from the Grave T-Shirt is a must have item for those die-hard rockers out there.
Price: $20.00
Rock Salute T-Shirt
Are you a rocker and a metal-head? Then say it loud and show it off by wearing this Rock Salute T-Shirt. And while you do, throw up your own sign of the horns, so everyone knows that you rock out just like the skeleton on your back.
Price: $21.95
Sacrifice and Valor Premium T-Shirt
Valor and sacrifice are two highly prized virtues that many of our service men and women exhibit daily! The Sacrifice and Valor Premium T-Shirt displays the stylized grinning skull of a soldier with both qualities in spades.
Price: $19.95
Scar Bones T-Shirt
The legendary ink man from Louisiana takes his final bow. Payback, with the mother of all irons made from trophies and relics taken from his former customers. The Scar Bones T-Shirt makes a noteworthy gift for any tattoo enthusiast.
Price: $30.00
Scythe T-Shirt
This Scythe T-Shirt features the artwork of Abrar Ajmal. The fantasy image features the grim reaper upon the bones of his war horse with the bones of human remains littering the floor. It is made in the USA!
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $15.00
Serpent Infection T-Shirt
Traditionally, you cannot be infected with draconic traits, yet that is exactly what happens on this Serpent Infection T-Shirt. A classic medieval dragon perches atop a skull, which gradually takes on more of the dragons features.
Price: $21.95
Shadow Master Charcoal T-Shirt
Nothing quite speaks for true gothic style like a skull emblazoned across your core, and when you wear this Shadow Master Charcoal T-Shirt, you will have not one but two menacing skull designs to show off whenever you leave the house.
Price: $21.95
Shadow Skull Grey T-Shirt
The emergence of this shadowy skull from the blackness is hardly a herald of doom. Instead, it comes on this Shadow Skull Grey T-Shirt, which makes it a garment that is great for any guy to wear when it comes to showing off his style.
Price: $22.95
On Sale For: $20.00
Shadow Skull Sleeveless Workshirt
The emergence of this shadowy skull from the inky blackness is hardly a herald of doom. Instead, it comes on this Shadow Skull Sleeveless Workshirt, which makes it great for any guy to wear when it comes to working in style.
Price: $39.95
Shut Up And Ride T-Shirt
Is there any way to outrun the Reaper? You will just have to go full throttle and see if you can. Who knows, maybe the reaper on this Shut Up And Ride T-Shirt might just let you go if you can earn his respect when you ride.
Price: $21.95
Side Skull Break Through T-Shirt
This Side Skull Break Through T-Shirt features a human skull pushing through the side of the T-shirt. These medieval and fantasy style T-shirts are super soft and have guaranteed exceptional color for years of wear.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $19.00
Skull Cage Mens T-Shirt
Do you ever feel like you are trapped? Now, you can liberate your bones from their fleshy prison by wearing this Skull Cage Mens T-Shirt, which will transform you with its startling and impressive gothic style and design!
Price: $34.95
On Sale For: $31.95
Skull Cove Charcoal T-Shirt
Anything with a name like skull cove is bound to create some expectations. This Skulls Cove Charcoal T-Shirt does not fail to deliver, depicting an eerie and sinister cave that could very well be an entrance into the realm of the dead.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $19.00
Skull Crypt T-Shirt
This Skull Crypt T-Shirt features the artwork of David Penfound. The fantasy image features a menacing wall of skulls with empty eye sockets. Our T-shirts are top quality, pre-washed, pre-shrunk, made of 100 percent cotton.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $19.00
Skull Fairy T-Shirt
A typical fairy is pretty, warm, and exuberant, being an innocent creature concerned with her plants and her freedom. This is not your typical fairy. Despite her beauty, there is something cruel and cold about the Skull Fairy T-Shirt.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $19.00
Skull Shock T-Shirt
A streak of crimson on skeletal bone makes for quite the striking accent, especially when it is seen as the main design of this Skull Shock T-Shirt! Worn casually, this garment is perfect for adding gothic style to any guys look.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $19.00
Skullfire T-Shirt
This Skullfire T-Shirt features the artwork of David Penfound. The fantasy image features a gruesome skull on fire. It is made in the USA! This Skullfire T-Shirt makes a great Medieval gift for you or your loved ones.
Price: $22.00
Smoking Gun T-Shirt
There were many outlaws and lawmen that saw their death at the end of a smoking barrel, and now, it is a sight you can share with the world by putting on this Smoking Gun T-Shirt and giving the world a taste of gothic western style.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $19.00
Snake Eyes T-Shirt
When the dice come up snake eyes, it is usually the end of the line. Depicted on this Snake Eyes T-Shirt is a deadly combination of serpents and skulls that will make anyone leery of rolling the dice again, for fear of this result.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $17.95
Solemn Skull Sleeveless Lace Back Top
The elegance of death appears with stunning beauty over the entire front of the Solemn Skull Sleeveless Lace Back Top. Below the bleached grinning skull, a black and gray marbled pattern covers the bottom half of the front.
Price: $31.00
Soul Taker Grim Reaper T-Shirt
Now I lay me down to sleep, and pray the lord my soul to take. In the case of this Soul Taker Grim Reaper T-Shirt, it might just happen! It is wicked and dark, and in spite of its dark colors, it is also bold and powerful, too.
Price: $16.00
Speed Demon Mens T-Shirt
One look at this creature, and you know what is on his mind. Of course, it is also all right there in the name. The Speed Demon Mens T-Shirt is just the ticket for anyone who feels the need for speed as keenly as this skeleton.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $19.00
Spider Skull T-Shirt
For those who adore our eight-legged neighbors, the Spider Skull T-Shirt is the excellent way to incorporate spiders into everyday gothic style. With its Azo-free graphics, this cotton jersey tee gives comfort to the arachnophile in you.
Price: $19.85
Spirit of the Wolf T-Shirt
Honorable, cunning, and strong, the wolf is a powerful totem for anyone to possess. This Spirit of the Wolf T-Shirt allows anyone to claim the wolf as their own totem, and more than that, allows them to proudly show it off too.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $17.95
Spirit of the Wolf White T-Shirt
Honorable, cunning, and strong, the wolf is a powerful totem for anyone to possess. This Spirit of the Wolf White T-Shirt allows anyone to claim the wolf as their own, and more than that, allows them to proudly show it off too.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $17.95
St Leventius Remains T-Shirt
The shrouded countenance of Brother Mortimus. Last of the Holy Order of St. Leventius and deathless custodian of the Arcanum Noctis, Mortimus decorates the St. Leventius Remains T-Shirt, a stunning addition to your gothic wardrobe.
Price: $30.00
Steam Punk Bandit Mens T-Shirt
Goth and steampunk style, all in one great garment? Sign us up! This Steam Punk Bandit Mens T-Shirt combines the best of both worlds, leaving you guys with a stunning garment that features both cool tech and attitude!
Price: $21.95
Stitched Up Skull T-Shirt
The eerie image of this skull may torment your nightmares with its ghastly visage. The Stitched Up Skull T-Shirt displays a graphic of a blood streaked skull, shown behind the strips of fabric that restrain its grinning form.
Price: $20.00
Street Reaper T-Shirt
Even classic legends need an update from time to time, and the myth of the Grim Reaper only gets better with this one. The Street Reaper T-Shirt offers a modern spin on the old angel of death with striking front and back graphics.
Price: $20.00
Super Bad Skeleton T-Shirt
The specter of a villain has arisen. Within this ribcage of carved bone lies a black heart bent on destruction. The Super Bad Skeleton T-Shirt displays skeletal hands ripping open the chest to expose the ribcage.
Price: $20.00
Symphony Of Death T-Shirt
Very little in the world can equal the haunting beauty of a melody played by death himself, except perhaps the sight of death actually playing the melody, and that is exactly what you will see on this Symphony of Death T-Shirt.
Price: $21.95
Terminator Skull Tee Shirt
Part skull and part something else, the Terminator Skull Tee Shirt is an imaginative design that is sure to turn heads. Set on black fabric, the design depicts a skull that has undergone something of a transformation.
Price: $23.00
The Reaper T-Shirt
Depicting the visage of death as it hides in the shadows, the Reaper T-Shirt depicts a haggard and worn skull in tattered cloth as it sits, waiting. Once this reaper has a soul to take, it will step out of the shadows and take its due.
Price: $16.00
Time Keeper T-Shirt
It is the nature of time to keep on marching ahead, ceaselessly continuing on. All the while, this Time Keeper T-Shirt tracks the inexorable continuation of time while featuring an impressive and detailed looking gothic design.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $14.00
Time Waits for No Man T-Shirt
Our Time Waits for No Man T-Shirt features the Grim Reaper seated in his throne grasping his scythe in his right hand and jutting from his left hand is a bolt of red lightening. The throne is adorned with skulls and red fabric.
Price: $22.00
Tribal Dreams Sleeveless Worker Shirt
The industrial look of a stone washed work shirt combines with the gruesome and barbaric image of an idolized war chief in the Tribal Dreams Sleeveless Worker Shirt, the shirt made for a rough and tumble worker with a warrior soul.
Price: $32.00
Tribal Rib Cage Gothic T-Shirt
You have been dying to get something off of your chest and now you finally the opportunity to let it out. Show the world the terrifying truth that has been hiding inside with the shocking and stylish Tribal Rib Cage T-Shirt.
Price: $22.00
Tribute T-Shirt
This Tribute T-Shirt features a skeleton guitarist sitting on a speaker box and playing a guitar in a cemetery with a full moon in the sky. This Tribute T-Shirt makes a great Medieval gift for you or your loved ones.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $15.00
Vampire Skulls T-Shirt
The Vampire Skulls T-Shirt gathers a pile of soul-sucking skulls together for your viewing pleasure and then puts it on a graphic tee so that you can offer up a dose of gothic style in your look on any given day of the week.
Price: $16.00
Viking Dead T-Shirt
The tormented souls of fallen Norse warriors return to reclaim their rightful place, at the helm of their longboat, in the Viking Dead T-Shirt. This shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and printed with skin friendly dyes.
Price: $22.00
Viking Dead Worker Shirt
The tormented souls of fallen Norse warriors return to reclaim their rightful place, at the helm of their longboat, in the Viking Dead Worker Shirt. This shirt is made with 100 percent cotton denim, for comfort and durability.
Price: $47.00
On Sale For: $40.00
Viking Undead T-Shirt
Look out! It is a draugr, come back from the grave to raid and pillage! It comes as this Viking Undead T-Shirt, which captures the iconic look of a Viking warrior, with just a sprinkling of undeath added in for gothic measure.
Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $18.95
Wanted Charcoal T-Shirt
This shirt should evoke memories of the old days in the West, when lawmen put up wanted posters all over town. The Wanted Charcoal T-Shirt, though, does not depict any old outlaw, though. It depicts Death himself!
Price: $21.95
Warlord Premium T-Shirt
Prospering among the age old remains of war, this reaper sits as ruler of the battlefield. The Warlord Premium T-Shirt displays the true victor of war, who from time immemorial has claimed soldiers as his spoils of war.
Price: $19.95
Warrior Horse T-Shirt
Like a hell spawned devil-warrior from the abyss, this Warrior Horse T-Shirt features a skeletal rider on a nightmarish horse as it rides into battle, screaming and shedding embers that set everything it passes ablaze with its fires.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $14.50

"'I'm huge fan because of your wonderful, large selection of high quality LARP, costume gear, and amazing movie replicas! My favorites being the renaissance and dragon leather outfits and all your beautiful bows! I also love all the collectibles, such as dragon figurines, dragon (which are my favorite, and I have a larger collection thanks to you), as well as fairies, and so many other wonderful pieces. You offer such a massive collection of awesomeness everyday, and you keep adding more!! Your site is the first I visit if I am looking for something new to add to my dragon collection, or something to make or add to a costume. It's also prefect for shopping for gifts for my LARP friends or fantasy lovers!"

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