Fairies are an elusive bunch, often sequestering themselves away, hidden from prying mortal eyes. At Dark Knight Armoury, though, our fairy collection is a sanctuary for fairies, pixies, and fae creatures, and so they roam freely, for your viewing pleasure. And they are featured in quite the variety of forms, to suit virtually any of your needs. For the fairy fanatic or enthusiast, there is no better place to be then right here, in this section, as we carry a wide assortment of different fairy collectibles. Our selection of fairy statues just cannot be beaten, as we offer a massive variety of different fairies, ranging from woodland fairies to gothic fairies to shy fairies to brave fairies and more. Our fairies dance, sing, play, nurture and rest, all as they hold their position as a fairy statue or a fairy figurine for you to set up and display in your own home or collection. And given that some are designed by famous fantasy artists like Sheila Wolk, Josephine Wall, Jessica Galbreth, and more, you can get that they are always stylish and always breath-taking. Of course, we also offer a number of other fairy decorations, ranging from fairy pillows to rest on and fairy tables for displaying and holding things, down even to fairy wind chimes, which are perfect for emulating the sweet music of the fairy! If you are looking for a way to keep a fairy in your heart and your life, every day of the week, then you have come to the right place. Whether you want to wear fairy t-shirts or fairy jewelry to show off your fantasy style or just display a diverse array of fairy decorations, like wall scrolls and candle holders, you will find all of that and more, right here. And best of all, just as we have a fairy for all occasions, we also have a fairy for all budgets, ensuring that we definitely have a fairy for you. Take a journey into Dark Knight Armourys safe haven for fairies, and you will not be disappointed in the immense variety that you find here-in.
Bergsma Gallery Collection of Fairies
As can be guessed by the title, within this Bergsma Gallery Collection of Fairies, you can find all the wonderful fairy-styled works of the talented artist, Jody Bergsma, which Dark Knight Armoury has collected and displayed for you. Each of these stunning fairy pieces is beautiful, both in its detailing and in its bright, vivid coloration.
Fairies by Amy Brown
Adorable and cute are two words that perfectly define virtually any of the fairy works you will find here in this section devoted to Fairies by Amy Brown. Gathered together at Dark Knight Armoury, this section contains the works inspired by the artist, Amy Brown, and possesses a distinctive appeal that will certainly draw in all those who want a fairy that is both sassy and sweet looking.
Fairies by Jessica Galbreth
Each and every one of the intricate statues you see here in this section is modeled after the works of artist Jessica Galbreth, which is why the section is named after her. In this Fairies by Jessica Galbreth section at Dark Knight Armoury, you will find not only stunning fairy statues, but also all manner of other beautiful fairy decorations.
Fairies from the Fantasy World of Josephine Wall
If ever there was a collection of fairy statues to not pass up, then it was this collection of Fairies from the Fantasy World of Josephine Wall. With their bright colors and their amazing detail, these statues will capture your heart and mind, transporting you to the same world from which artist Josephine Wall seems to draw much of her inspiration!
Fairy Bags
If you find yourself bogged down and burdened as you go about your day, then Dark Knight Armoury has the solution just for you, especially if you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine fairy art. We offer a number of various fairy bags that are perfect for use in carrying things, as well as offering that gentle touch of attractive fairy style.
Fairy Candle Holders
Fire is far from a purely destructive element, as it possesses many positive, redeeming qualities, too. And these Fairy Candle Holders offered by Dark Knight Armoury are the perfect way to bring out the best in a flickering flame, while also accenting its luminous glow with the beauty of a pretty little pixie, sitting just next to the flame.
Fairy Collectibles by Molly Harrison
In this Fairy Collectibles by Molly Harrison section at Dark Knight Armoury, you will find many things. First and foremost, you will find fairy statues, figurines, and more. But beyond that, you will find beautiful works of fantasy art that show off one artists dedication and passion, in the form of diverse and stunning coloration that happens to be incredibly fetching.
Fairy Crystal Balls
These are not the typical crystal balls you peer deep into to seek the future, although given the detail that is featured in the crystal ball and the fairy that accompanies it, these Fairy Crystal Balls are likely to draw your attention quite a bit. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we are happy to provide a series of captivating and fetching fantasy displays.
Fairy Fountains
Water is often regarded as the element that brings life, being pivotal to the growth of nature and life in general, and so it makes sense that, as spirits of life and nature, fairies would often be drawn to water. And drawn they are, as the Fairy Fountains section at Dark Knight Armoury depicts several fairies that make their home by the water.
Fairy Incense Burners
Fairies are peaceful creatures by nature, and there is nothing that fairy likes more than to sit and relax. And there is no better way to relax after a hard day then to sit back and enjoy a stick of your favorite incense. And thanks to the Fairy Incense Burners at Dark Knight Armoury, you can do just that while combining your two favorite things, fairies and incense.
Fairy Lamps and Lighting
Are you in the market for a bit of mood lighting that features your favorite fairy elements from fantasy? Well, then look no further than right here at Dark Knight Armoury. It is particularly important that you focus your attention right here, at the Fairy Lamps and Lighting section, as you will find here all the fairies that will gladly help illuminate your surroundings.
Fairy Mirrors
A mirror is good for more than just casting a reflection. Some, like the fairy mirrors found here at Dark Knight Armoury, are perfect for display, too, although like a good mirror should, they will also cast a reflection, meaning that while they are pretty look at, these mirrors are also fully functional and great to use, too.
Fairy Notebooks & Journals
A personalized notebook is a great way to make your work stand out. If you are personally interested in the works of fantasy that feature fairies and fae creatures of the forest realms, then perhaps one of these Fairy Notebooks and Journals would be the notebook for you, thanks to any one of them featuring your favorite fantasy creature on its cover.
Fairy Ornaments
You do not have go to the forest realms to see fairies fluttering around, at least, not when Dark Knight Armoury is just as accessible! Here, we offer a magnificent selection of beautiful little fairy ornaments, which you can hang up around your chosen space to make it seem like real fairies are flying about within your home or office!
Fairy Peeps, Fantasy Creature Statuettes, and Fae Creature Statues
Enjoy our selection of fairy creature statues and fantasy creature statuettes featuring many different nature spirits and supernatural creatures, including imps, ogres, gremlins, brownies, and, of course, fairies. These resin fairy sculptures make charming companions to display on a shelf or desk. Our assortment of colorful magical creature figurines will enchant you with their delightful designs!
Fairy Pillows
Decorating does not end when you have tastefully adorned your walls with your favorite fairy images and accessories. After all, your walls and shelves might be lined with fairy pieces, but your sofa and seats are not, and that is where Dark Knight Armourys fairy pillows section comes into play, allowing you to take your fairy decor one step further.
Fairy Statues
We offer such a wide selection of different fairy statues and fairy figurines here at Dark Knight Armoury that you will think you have wandered into a realm inhabited by fairies and fae creatures of all sorts! Our Fairy Statues section is home to a broad array of different fairies and their companions, which ensures that there is a fairy here for everyone!
Fairy Statues by Jane Starr Weils
Take one look at any of the fairy statues contained here in this section, which holds the Fairy Statues by Jane Starr Wells, and you will fall in love with her work. Not only do these fairies feature impressive detailing and color, but each statue also features a small level of symbolism that makes each piece that much more attractive.
Fairy Statues by Sheila Wolk
In this section, you will find not just fairy statues by the talented artist, Sheila Wolk, but all manner of her works, ranging from little fairy figurines to larger works that perfectly capture the beauty and mystic qualities that all fairies should feature. Amazing form, color, and detail are just some of the things you will see when you look at her work.
Fairy Statues by Stephanie Law
For an example of truly beautiful fairy and fantasy art, you need look no further than the section of Fairy Statues by Stephanie Law here at Dark Knight Armoury. Each of these statues is an impressive collector piece that is painstakingly recreated from one of Stephanie Laws paintings, which feature bold shapes and a stunning level of detail.
Fairy Tables
Are you looking for a grand fairy decoration, one as large as it is stunning in its appearance? Are fairy figurines just not big enough to fill the fantasy void in your home decor? Well then you have come to the right place, because here at Dark Knight Armoury, we know that sometimes, you just need something as large and impressive as a good fairy table.
Fairy Tank Tops
Do not think for a second that just because the weather gets warmer you have to give up your favorite fairy tee. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of great fairy tank tops that are perfect to wear in the warmer seasons, not only because they are comfortable and light, but also because the lack of sleeves helps keep you cool.
Fairy Themed Jewelry
At Dark Knight Armoury, we have a way for you to celebrate your love of fairies every day, all without having to show off anything that is obvious or overt! Any one of the pieces found in our fairy themed jewelry section are perfect for letting a fantasy enthusiast or a fairy fan show their love of fantasy on any given day, no matter what the circumstances.
Fairy Tiles and Banners
Dark Knight Armoury has a fairy for everyone. The fairy for you might just be located here, in our Fairy Tiles and Banners section, which features a stunning selection of wall and table-top displays that depict a few fairies that are slightly outside the norm, as not all of these decorations depict happy-go-lucky pixies from the forest realms.
Fairy Trinket Boxes and Fairy Jewelry Boxes
Clutter. Virtually everyone has it, and not many have a good solution for it. At Dark Knight Armoury, though, we think we have a pretty good idea with what to do with it. Our fairy trinket boxes feature magic pixies that will just make the clutter vanish, while also possessing a look that will leave you and others in awe of its appearance.
Fairy T-Shirts
Wearing one of Dark Knight Armourys fine fairy t-shirts is a great way to show off your love of fantasy, especially if you are particularly enamored with the fine world of fairies. Offering a superb selection of both color and style, these shirts are perfect for the fairy enthusiast who wants something that they can wear any day of the week.
Fairy Wind Chimes
Have you ever heard a fairy make music? With one of our fairy wind chimes, you can listen to pretty little pixie as she makes music any time the wind blows and causes her hanging chimes to drift and sway, causing a serious of notes that will create a melody that will help you relax and unwind, all while the pretty sounds soothe your soul.
Fairyland Legends Fairy Collection
You could spend hours, or even days, searching both stores and the web and still not find pixie figurines that compare to this fairyland legends fairy collection. All of the statues located in this category at Dark Knight Armoury possess a similar artistic thread, featuring similar design and a beautiful look that makes each one a work of art.
Hanging Fairy Ornament
Why bother going through the hassle of building your own fairy display when all you need for one is right here, in this hanging fairy ornament category? that is right, available right here at Dark Knight Armoury, are a number of attractive hanging fairy ornaments, which include not only the actual fairy ornament, but also a base as detailed as the fairy is!
Mermaid Statues, Mermaid Trinket Boxes, Undersea Accents and Mermaid Decorations
If some fantasy tales are to be believed, a whole new world lies beneath the ocean waves. You need not journey to the sea to witness this realm, though. Instead, you can just take a much shorter trip to Dark Knight Armoury, where we have gathered an array of great mermaid statues and decorations, all so that you can witness the magic and the fantasy of these aquatic myths and legends.
Myka Jelina Collection of Fairies
Gothic style has undergone a lot of changes over the years. If you do not believe us, then you should check out the Myka Jelina Collection of Fairies, here at Dark Knight Armoury. What was once dark, decadent, and almost Victorian has become infused with fairy style to create several little fairy statues that are best described as brightly gothic.
Strangeling Fairies by Jasmine Becket Griffith
You might call this collection of Strangeling Fairies by Jasmine Becket Griffith strange, and indeed, they do have something of a strange look to them. But strange is not always a bad thing, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we find that as strange as these little fairy statues are, they are also quite cute, too.

"For some reason I didn't realize this (DK1029) was a triangular shaped bottle, but I dig it. The corks on their bottles are great quality, the leather work is effective, and carrying glass bottles on a belt is a really neat idea. I am very pleased."

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