There is more to a costume then just a mask and clothing. Take, for instance, any one of Dark Knight Armourys impressive looking prosthetics. Virtually any one of these amazing pieces, be it ears, a nose, a pair of fangs, horns, or even a wound, could play center stage on a costume and turn into something that was truly memorable. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we do carry a staggering array of great looking prosthetics. Some of our prosthetics are perfectly suited for altering your race and physical characteristics, transforming what would be a typical human into something a bit more fantastical in nature. If you are looking to transform yourself into an orc, a goblin, a demon, or an elf, then you will find all the prosthetics you need to do so right here. And that is not all you can do, either. We also offer a number of impressive and gory wound prosthetics that are perfect for adding that grotesque and gory look that might be missing from your authentic medieval knight costume or your gothic horror costume. Of course, many prosthetics require some effort to apply, and so we also offer spirit gum adhesive and adhesive remover, both of which are quite essential when wearing prosthetics, as one keeps the prosthetic in place and the other allows for safe, easy, and undamaged removal. So if you think being human is boring, or if you find that your costume could use a bit more authentic battle damage, then check out our long list of Prosthetics at Dark Knight Armoury, and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.
Nosferatu Foam Prosthetic
Inspired by the cult film, this costume prosthetic will transform you into the creepy Count Orlok! The Nosferatu Foam Prosthetic is an excellent special effect, especially since it will shift and move along with your face.
Price: $48.00
Novo Cocktail Prosthetic
There is something sinister and odd about the Novo Cocktail Prosthetic. With this synthetic injury, what should be a holy symbol has been profaned and bloodied by carving it into the skin, creating a painful and brutal looking wound.
Price: $6.00
Open Wound EZ FX Kit
You will send others running when they catch sight of you wearing this gruesome special effects injury! The Open Wound EZ FX Kit will give you a horrifying circular wound perfect for your next zombie walk or costume party.
Price: $10.50
Open Wound Prosthetic
After the zombies attack, open wounds will be all the more dangerous. After all, no one is quite sure exactly how the zombie virus is spread. With the Open Wound Prosthetic, you can display a patch of exposed, raw flesh.
Price: $6.00
Orc Ears
These handcrafted Orc Ears are made in Germany from high-quality latex using a method preferred by professional make-up artists. These high-quality ears are based on the orcs described in numerous books and portrayed in films.
Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $12.00
Orc Ears
Although they will never admit it, elves and orcs do have a few features in common, such as their ears. These Orc Ears are long and pointed like elf ears, although our orc ears are more distinctively pointed.
Price: $10.00
Orc Foam Prosthetic
Transform yourself into the orc of fantasy with the Orc Foam Prosthetic. You will leave humanity behind when you embrace this prosthetic and its ferocious look, which comes with a scowl that moves with your expression.
Price: $44.00
Orc Nose
These handcrafted Orc noses from are made in Germany from high-quality latex using a method preferred by professional make-up artists. These high-quality noses are based on the orcs described in books and portrayed in films.
Price: $12.00
On Sale For: $11.00
Ouch Knife Latex Appliance
With this gory wound prosthetic, you can look as though you faced off with a violent maniac. The Ouch Knife Latex Appliance includes an open wound with an embedded knife handle that is made to look wood-like.
Price: $9.00
Overbiter Latex Appliance
Unearthed from the grave, this monstrous being returns to life with a wicked grin and a gory physical form. The Overbiter Latex Appliance shows off a skeletal mouth and chin and a patch of exposed bone along the brow.
Price: $16.00
Pint Of Blood
There is so much that can be done with a Pint of Blood that looks this realistic. It dribbles and flows like the real thing and leaves behind crimson smears and stains to inspire a sense of dread that only a fresh trail of blood can.
Price: $7.00
Pirate 3D FX Kit
Yo ho ho, if the pirate life is for you, this Pirate Deluxe Kit will help you look like a seasoned buccaneer in no time, complete with a partially healed saber wound. This makeup kit is great for Halloween, costume events, and plays.
Price: $15.00
Pirate Deluxe Kit
Climbing the rigging, the sailor paused at the sight of gulls fighting over a meal. Then a rocky shore emerged from the mist. Land ho! This Pirate Deluxe Kit is an excellent addition to any Halloween privateer or scallywag costume.
Price: $16.00
Pirate's Gold Skull Tooth Cap
Going all out on pirate style does not just end with a good costume, excellent jewelry, and proper speech. Some costumes need more, requiring an esoteric touch that adds that punch of realism, like this Pirates Gold Skull Tooth Cap.
Price: $2.00
Plump Bite Prosthetic
A zombie thought you looked like a particularly tasty morsel, and it tried to take a bite! The Plump Bite Prosthetic shows off a series of deep bite marks that reveal the gory results of this savage attack of the undead.
Price: $7.00
Post Mortem Foam Prosthetic
Transform yourself into one of the undead with this professional grade costume prosthetic! The Post Mortem Foam Prosthetic is an excellent special effect, especially since it will shift and move along with your face.
Price: $48.00
Railway Spike Wound Prosthetic
There is no denying that a railway spike would make a good weapon. For proof, you need look no further than this Railway Spike Wound Prosthetic, which is a fake injury that depicts a rail spike deeply embedded in human flesh.
Price: $9.00
Red Devil Ears Latex Appliance
Tempt those around you to come to your next haunted house with the help of the Red Devil Ears Latex Appliance. This impressive devil ears prosthetic will complete your costume transformation into a wicked hell fiend.
Price: $10.00
Red Devil Latex Appliance Set
Tempt those around you to come to your next haunted house with the help of the Red Devil Latex Appliance Set. This impressive devil prosthetic kit includes several pieces to help give you the profile of a wicked fiend.
Price: $13.00
Red Line Prosthetic
Even a small, innocent-looking injury, like this Red Line Prosthetic, can become life-threatening, if not tended properly. The area around this ghastly little wound looks swollen, an indicator that something has gone horribly wrong.
Price: $6.00
Road Rash Burn Wound Prosthetic
If you can imagine a rug burn and multiply it by one-hundred fold, then you might have the Road Rash Burn Wound Prosthetic. This set includes three gruesome burn wounds that could have come from several different sources.
Price: $10.00
Rotted Zombie Teeth
No self-respecting member of the undead would dare be caught with perfect teeth! Given all the munching and crunching that zombies do, the Rotted Zombie Teeth are just about what a zombies teeth might really look like.
Price: $2.00
Rotten Flesh Wound Prosthetic
Nothing quite completes the look of an undead or zombified costume like necrotic and decaying flesh. The Rotten Flesh Wound Prosthetic includes three pieces that are perfect for adding that touch of rot and decay.
Price: $10.00
Rotten Hillbilly Teeth
It just goes to show you that you do not have to be a zombie, a monster, or any other sort of living dead to have bad thing. The Rotten Hillbilly Teeth is a prosthetic row of teeth that will transform your teeth into a dental nightmare!
Price: $4.00
Screwed Wound Prosthetic
Only a sadist would treat an open wound this way. The Screwed Wound Prosthetic displays a deep gouge surrounded by several screws that have been driven into the skin. Add a few drips of fake blood to make this wound look all too real.
Price: $7.00
See No Evil Latex Appliance
If you enjoy seeing others react to your horrifying costume appearance, make sure to check out the See No Evil Latex Appliance. This gouged eye wound prosthetic makes it look as though you have had your eyes torn out.
Price: $11.00
Sharp Pain Prosthetic
It is the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And this Sharp Pain Prosthetic is truly one of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance.
Price: $6.00
She Devil FX Kit
Demons, devils, and wicked spirits are depicted in all shapes and sizes, so you can embrace whatever style fits you best when you use the She Devil FX Kit for Halloween festivities, a theatrical production, or any costumed event.
Price: $21.00
Short Elven Ear Prosthetics
Step into character and turn fantasy into reality with the Short Elven Ear Prosthetics. Every detail adds up to a larger picture, and these ears are sure to be the finishing touch on that elf character you have been creating.
Price: $11.00
Shredded Face Prosthetic
Wounds inflicted by claws are often horrendous and bloody in appearance. This Shredded Face Prosthetic is a two-piece application that, when applied, creates a wicked and gory series of gashes that run across the face.
Price: $8.00
Sightmare Wound Prosthetic
This Sightmare Wound Prosthetic is probably not what anyone had in mind when they said something about a third eye. Yet that is exactly what this garish wound depicts, as a third eye stares out past the bloody tatters of skin.
Price: $10.00
Simple Scar EZ FX Kit
This EZ FX kit contains a pair of gashes that can be used for different costume events with a variety of different looks. The Simple Scar EZ FX Kit has everything you need to apply these two prosthetic wounds.
Price: $10.50
Skeleton Teeth Latex Appliance
Perfect for the Day of the Dead or Halloween, the Skeleton Teeth Latex Appliance will help give you the exposed teeth look of a skull! This teeth costume prosthetic offers an eerie touch to any ensemble you create.
Price: $7.00
Skin and Bones Latex Appliance Set
Zombies appear in various states of decay depending on how long they were in the ground. With the Skin and Bones Latex Appliance Set, you can look like your flesh has been reduced to bone in places for a skeletal special effect.
Price: $15.00
Skinned Foam Prosthetic
Dress up like the victim of torture with this horrifying injury appliance of a skinned face. The Skinned Foam Prosthetic is an excellent special effect, especially since it will shift and move along with your face.
Price: $48.00
Skull Foam Prosthetic
This Skull Foam Prosthetic is far more than just a simple mask. It is a full face prosthetic that, when applied properly, moves when you move, ensuring that your face looks and moves just like a real skull would.
Price: $44.00
Slashed Eye Face Prosthetic
Wearing this wound will make it seem like you had a close encounter with something decidedly not friendly. This Slashed Eye Face Prosthetic depicts an awful looking gash that is designed to encircle and cross over the eye.
Price: $7.00
Slashed Trachea Latex Appliance
Utterly gruesome, the Slashed Trachea Latex Appliance offers a far more violent-looking costume special effect than the usual slit throat prosthetics. A slasher has brutalized the throat so deep as to cut into the trachea.
Price: $10.00
Slit Neck Prosthetic
Are you feeling a little faint? Blood loss may be the cause when you wear the Slit Neck Prosthetic! This grotesque fake injury makes it look as though someone has taken a razor to the side of your neck, leaving a thin, bloody cut.
Price: $6.00
Slit Throat Latex Appliance
With its innovative design and extensive detail, the Slit Throat Latex Appliance is unmatched in quality. This hand-painted wide neck wound prosthetic has a bloody center, giving you a horrifyingly realistic slashed throat.
Price: $7.00
Slit Throat Latex Appliance
With one unlucky slash of a knife, your panicked fight is brutally ended. The Slit Throat Latex Appliance displays a deep cut running across the middle of the throat, offering a gory display for the living and the undead.
Price: $7.00
Small Antlers
These Small Antlers are a distinctive accent for any deer or woodland spirit costume. The base of the costume antlers also feature torn flesh along the bottom, reinforcing the idea that the antlers grew outward from your forehead.
Price: $8.00
Small Bone Demon Horns
Not all demons have long, curling horns that end in sharp points. These Small Bone Demon Horns are shorter than your typical set of demon or devil horns, but that size does not stop them from being just as intimidating.
Price: $8.00
Small Devil Horns
Not every devil or demon wants, or even needs, long horns. In fact, you will find that sometimes, these Small Devil Horns can pack just as much of a punch, visually speaking, than a larger set of horns can.
Price: $10.00
Small Evil Devil Horns Latex Appliance
You may have walked the earth without notice for centuries, but now is the time for you to show your true form. The Small Evil Devil Horns Latex Appliance allow a pair of jagged horns to drive their way up through your forehead.
Price: $9.00
Small Universal Horns
Devils and demons are not the only creatures with horns. The Small Universal Horns are the perfect way to add a set of horns to any costume that needs it, no matter if your costume is demonic or styled from fantasy!
Price: $10.00
Small Witch Latex Appliance Set
Create a convincing character design for Halloween with the help of the Small Witch Latex Appliance Set! These witch latex prosthetics include flesh-colored appliances that will give you the classic witch profile.
Price: $10.00
Spark Plug Prosthetic
Accosted one night in the parking lot, you feel a stabbing pain in your head that leaves you writhing on the ground. The Spark Plug Prosthetic shows you why - a plug has been jabbed into your flesh, where it pokes out in gory fashion.
Price: $5.00
Spike Latex Appliance
This undead figure might have a bit of a headache! The Spike Latex Appliance features a fantastic shiny black railroad spike prosthetic that you can embed in your head as a gruesome wound for your next Halloween costume.
Price: $8.00
Spirit Gum
Prosthetics and other appliances are not designed to stick to skin on their own, and that is where this Spirit Gum comes into play. Spirit Gum is a strong adhesive for attaching prosthetics, hair, and latex appliances.
Price: $9.00
Split Open Latex Appliance
The gory look of this wound prosthetic ensures that your finished appearance will be incredibly horrifying. The Split Open Latex Appliance includes two different gruesome slashes that are ideal for zombies and monsters.
Price: $10.00
Spoiled Rotten Wound Prosthetic
This is definitely a wound fit for any zombie you know. The Spoiled Rotten Wound Prosthetic is a gruesome and gory looking injury that is often seen on zombies, depicting injuries that have become infested with maggots.
Price: $9.00
Stab It Latex Appliance
Van Helsing got a bit too close at your party, and now you must deal with the grotesque results! The Stab It Latex Appliance creates the look of a wooden stake driven deep into your torso, only the end still poking out from the skin.
Price: $7.00
Staked Latex Appliance
Some monsters can only be killed if certain conditions are met - like a wooden stake through the heart! Dress as a bloodthirsty vampire or with the help of the Staked Latex Appliance for a gruesome Halloween look.
Price: $10.00
Stapled Gash Wound Prosthetic
Even if it is not real, this wound will have others asking if you need a bandage, or at least a little bit of medical help. The Stapled Gash Wound Prosthetic is a gruesome and gory gash that you can apply to your face.
Price: $7.00
Stitches EZ FX Kit
Your wound may have received treatment, but the result looks even gorier now with the rough stitches holding the gash together! The Stitches EZ FX Kit makes the perfect addition to any number of creepy Halloween ensembles.
Price: $10.50
Stitches Prosthetic
The man insisted he was a doctor. Since all the other paramedics were occupied with other accident victims, you allowed him to stitch your wound. Now, you can see the gory results with the Stitches Prosthetic as a part of your costume!
Price: $6.00
Swamp Witch Foam Prosthetic
Witch? Who is pretending to be a witch? When you wear this Swamp Witch Foam Prosthetic, the answer might be you! This prosthetic looks great once applied, especially since it shifts along with the movements of your face.
Price: $44.00
Swollen Eye Latex Appliance
Ouch! After being sucker punched in the eye, you might look something like this Swollen Eye Latex Appliance. This eye wound prosthetic covers your own eye to give your appearance a dramatic swollen effect.
Price: $7.00
Terminator Arm Latex Appliance
Skynet disguises its cybernetic assassins within realistic flesh, but it does not take too many encounters with the enemy for their true self to be revealed! The Terminator Arm Latex Appliance displays exposed mechanical parts.
Price: $12.00
Terminator Endoskull Latex Appliance
The endless fight between man and machine reaches new heights in the latest edition of the Terminator franchise. The Terminator Endoskull Latex Appliance helps reveal the Series 800 Terminator that lies within the flesh shell.
Price: $14.00

"Hands down the best customer service I've ever had!! I know I probably wasn't the best customer, had poor Megan changing things left and right. But she had done everything I asked and was extremely friendly and helpful. I will definitely be ordering from Dark Knight Armoury again and recommending them to everyone!! Can't wait to get my order. Thanks a million!"

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