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Adults are not the only ones who can enjoy Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a vast array of awesome collectibles and medieval gear, but we also offer a number of incredibly cool items designed to appeal to a younger crowd. Our childrens corner is absolutely chock full of interesting and incredible items, all of which are perfectly suitable for young children who happen to be developing an interest in LARP, SCA, medieval festivals, or any number of other fun and engaging activities. We carry all manner of childrens clothing, ranging from vibrant and awesome looking tee shirts, many of which look similar to our adult tee shirts. We also have a great selection of themed clothing, which looks almost as if it has been taken straight out of the medieval era for your child to enjoy. If our childrens tee shirts are great for every day wear, then our other childrens clothing is fantastic for fairs and festivals and dress up in general, because it is always fun to pretend you are a knight! We also have a broad selection of childrens armour made from quality leather and steel to make your child feel like a real warrior. And of course, it would not be a kids corner if it did not have toys and puzzles and games to play with. We offer a number of intriguing yet challenging games and puzzles that are great for occupying your childs time. Not only are they fun, they are also educational, too, which makes them a win-win in our book! So if you have a child who has a hankering for medieval gear, you have come to the right place. Pull up a chair, grab your little one, and browse together for a spell!
Boys Medieval Clothing, Boys Medieval Clothing and Childs Historical Clothing
Get your young squire ready for his next Renaissance fair with the help of the Boys Medieval Clothing here at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry an excellent assortment of high quality historical clothing for youths, including boys Renaissance shirts, kids capes and cloaks, childrens pirate vests, boys surcoats and tunics, and so much more. With our array of boys historical apparel, it will be easy to transform him into any look from serf to prince!
Childrens Armor, Kids Armor and Childs Armor
If you shop at Dark Knight Armoury, a child in childrens armor might just become a more familiar sight. Our childrens armor offers solid protection as well as an impressive look that is great for LARPS and costuming and really fun for your child.
Childs Tee Shirts, Kids T-Shirts and Childrens T-Shirts
Nothing quite beats a good tee shirt for casual clothing, especially a good childrens tee shirt. Every child can benefit for having one of Dark Knight Armourys childrens tee shirts, which are comfortable and feature stylish designs that any kid can enjoy.
Girls Medieval Clothing, Girls Period Clothing, and Childs Historical Clothing
Get your young maiden ready for her next Ren Faire with the Girls Medieval Clothing at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a fine assortment of high quality historical clothing for youths, including girls peasant blouses and bodices, childrens capes and cloaks, girls chemises, kids pirate blouses, girls Renaissance gowns, and so much more. With our array of girls historical apparel, it will be easy to transform her into any look from peasant to princess!
Hand Puppets, Finger Puppets, and Animal Puppets
Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an amazing assortment of playful puppets for you to enjoy. These quality plush puppets include a variety of styles, including stage puppets, character puppets, hand puppets, finger puppets, and more. Our realistic animal puppets and other detailed puppets make fantastic playtime companions and educational tools. Browse our selection to find an adorable kids puppet to adopt into your home!
Medieval Toys, Kids Toys and Childs Toys
There probably is not a kid today that would not love to play with a righteously awesome action figure, and luckily, those are the only kinds of action figures we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury. Each of our kids toys is impressively detailed, depicting either figures from history or figures from myth and fantasy, so that any child might have their very own play setting.
Childs Medieval Puzzles and Games
If you are looking for a fantastic way to entertain your child while simultaneously involving them in an activity that is both mentally stimulating and challenge, then look no further than Dark Knight Armourys puzzles and games section.

"I love the quality of the craftsmanship and how easy it is to find what you are looking for on the site.' I will be a customer of yours for a very long time.' I am going to have to build a room dedicated just to house what you sell!"

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