Womens Leather Boots & Period Shoes

Shoes, while typically considered necessary, are still among one of the most versatile additions to almost any outfit. In fact, shoes can and will say anything and everything about an outfit or look from how they are styled to how well they match up. With such a diverse variety of shoes in dozens of different styles and colors, Dark Knight Armoury is prepared to offer you a pair of womens boots and shoes that will say exactly what you need it to say about your latest look. It does not matter what sort of style you are going for. Dark Knight Armoury has several options that will leave your head spinning. For a chic, modern look loaded with style and flair, many of our womens shoes or boots can be added to an everyday look to add that dash of personal character that you feel may be lacking. And if you need period footwear, we have those styles available as well. We have medieval flats and boots that work just as well for a warrior woman as they do for a princess or a fair maiden. There are pirate boots for the lass on the high seas, gothic boots for the woman who likes that dark style, and Steampunk boots for that elegant lady who loves pseudo Victorian style fused with intriguing technology. Words simply do not do them justice. Take your time to browse through our womens boots and shoes, and you will see what we mean.
Davorin Spiked Steampunk Platform Boots
Spikes? Check. Fur? Check. Leather? Check. These Davorin Spiked Steampunk Platform Boots have all you need to complete a gothic or steampunk style. Plus, their striking design makes them a great way to accent contemporary looks.
Price: $164.00
Dorgu Goth Punk Pump
Strut with confidence when you wear these Gothic Victorian platform stilettos. The Dorgu Goth Punk Pump is a black peep-toe high heel with a lot of personality, so you can be sure to draw eyes as you make the street your catwalk.
Price: $148.00
Double Laced Liv Knee High Boots
Some shoes may feature fun lacing in the front, but the Double Laced Liv Knee High Boots takes the trend to the next level. Adjustable satin lacing at the back of their ankle gives these platform boots an extra kick of style.
Price: $198.00
Draco Gothic Heels
Named in honor of the Latin word for dragon, these Draco Gothic Heels are an ornate pair of shoes that will be a wild yet chic addition to your wardrobe. Take a risk with these eclectic heels and add a touch of mischief to your outfit!
Price: $154.00
Early Medieval Viking Boots
These shoes date back thousands of years. When archaeologists were digging through the remains of the early Viking kingdoms, they found and recreated these simple boots. Our Early Medieval Viking Boots are durable and comfortable.
Price: $136.00
Egyptian Queen Heeled Sandals
Rule over your personal domain with the addition of these stunning high heeled sandals to your wardrobe. The Egyptian Queen Heeled Sandals feature a metallic snake skin pattern over their knee high design.
Price: $58.00
Elegant Pirate Boots
The Elegant Pirate Boots are perfect for any pirate wench! These synthetic leather boots feature a great gold heel and sole, a 4 inch skinny high heel, and buttons and lace on the cuff.
Price: $66.00
Elegant Steampunk Boots
The Elegant Steampunk Boots are justly named! These brown boots are made of synthetic leather and tweed fabric. They feature brass buckles and a fleur de lis button near the heel. The Elegant Steampunk Boots have a 4-inch high heel.
Price: $67.00
Elegant Tall Steampunk Boots
The Elegant Tall Steampunk Boots would look beautiful with your Steampunk ensembles. These stunning boots are made of brown microfiber and tweed fabrics. Brass buttons and platform heels add timeless style to these Victorian boots.
Price: $74.00
Elena Ankle Boots
If your airship takes you to Imperial Russia, these Elena Ankle Boots will keep your feet warm without sacrificing style. Featuring adjustable buckles and faux fur, these French heel ankle boots also enhance shieldmaiden outfits.
Price: $130.00
Elisa Corseted Stiletto Shoes
What is it about corset lacing that fires up the imagination? Suitable for a Gothic gathering as well as a phenomenal first date, these Elisa Corseted Stiletto Shoes look flirty from the front and are even more enticing from the rear!
Price: $57.50
Elizabethan Lace Ankle Boots
There is no reason you should have to abandon magical style when it is time to complete your ensemble! Welcome the magnificent power you will possess with open arms by adding the Elizabethan Lace Ankle Boots to your pagan outfit!
Price: $52.00
Endora Witch Heels
These Endora Witch Heels are black but they are anything but basic! Featuring stiletto heels, pointed toes, and purple stitching, these patent shoes will have you cackling with glee! Instep cutouts and ribbon ties are chic touches.
Price: $18.00
Envy Gothic Heel Boots
Once you put on these Envy Gothic Heel Boots, you will likely see that the name speaks for itself. With an eye catching look and easily matchable accents, you can show off these unique shoes with practically any outfit you choose!
Price: $234.00
Ethereal Neo Victorian Boots
Steampunk fashion often features brown tones, but gothic style demands black. The Ethereal Neo Victorian Boots take the taboo mixture of contrary neutral hues to create these ultra-fashionable and feminine knee high platform boots.
Price: $176.00
Ezekiel Steampunk Platform Combat Boots
What is a girl to do when she needs shoes that show off character and style and have the rugged design necessary to serve in combat? Why, she can wear these Ezekiel Steampunk Platform Combat Boots to suit her every whim and need!
Price: $272.00
Faline Chained Steampunk Boots
Every ensemble should have an element that makes it pop and stand out to the eye. For your look, that accent can be these Faline Chained Steampunk Boots! Attractive leather blends with metallic accents to make these boots very chic.
Price: $196.00
Fantasy Buckled Kitten Heels
When you want a look that is a little quirkier than the mainstream styles of high heels, give these unique shoes a try. The Fantasy Buckled Kitten Heels show off a charming design that suits elf and witch ensembles perfectly!
Price: $37.00
Florence Thigh High Boots
The Florence Thigh High Boots make use of a black mesh overlay, creating a unique texture throughout this tall, platform heel shoe. Adjustable cord laced through golden tone grommets adds interest all the way up their outer sides.
Price: $194.00
Frances Platform Boots
Nothing says Neo Victorian quite like this blend of shimmering damask, ultra modern matte black faux leather, and industrial metal detail. The Frances Platform Boots are powerful platform calf boots fit for a steampunk queen.
Price: $198.00
Fur Cuff Stiletto Boots
Soft furry cuffs crown these killer stiletto boots. Featuring full-length adjustable lacing and contrast stitching, these Fur Cuff Stiletto Boots will vanquish all lesser footwear. Perfect for all your autumn pillaging excursions!
Price: $54.00
Gilded Gladiator Sandals
When you are in the arena trying to outrun a lion, the last thing you need is a lost shoe. Sometimes, those traditional leather ankle-wrapped sandals just dont do the trick. Fortunately, the Gilded Gladiator Sandals have you covered.
Price: $65.00
Godfrey Leather Shoes
When you set off on the road to adventure, be sure you are wearing the proper footwear for your setting! The Godfrey Leather Shoes are easy-to-wear, short leather boots sure to suit a wide range of fantasy and historical looks.
Price: $144.00
Gold Button Knee High Boots
You are sure to be a show-stopping sight when you strut down the street in these stylish high heeled boots! The Gold Button Knee High Boots feature a number of golden buttons that run down the front of the shoe.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $65.00
Golden High Heel Gladiator Sandals
Whether you are heading to a toga party or a night on the town, the Golden High Heel Gladiator Sandals offer a fun and strappy option to complement your fashion-forward ensemble with their bold knee-high style.
Price: $56.00
Gotham Steampunk Platform Combat Boots
The Gotham Steampunk Platform Combat Boots are not average combat boots. Made with the fashion-conscious lady in mind, these boots combine rugged reliability with chic gothic style to suit the women who needs to be tough and stylish.
Price: $280.00
Gothic Chain Boots
You do not have to sacrifice style to gain a towering form. The Gothic Chain Boots grant you the best of both worlds, merging style with function. These high-soled shoes go great with any Gothic outfit and are sure to add an inch or two.
Price: $108.00
Gothic Knee-High Heel Boots
Are you looking for a cute pair of boots to go with your glamorous gothic style? Look no further, as these Gothic Knee-High Heeled Boots are just what you need, possessing a decadent style that is perfect for casual and formal wear!
Price: $65.00
Gothic Lace Cuff Heels
If you are looking to complete a Gothic ensemble or add Steampunk style to a contemporary look, then the Gothic Lace Cuff Heels might be just what you need. Chic and cute, these heels are a beautiful example of subtle Gothic style.
Price: $56.00
On Sale For: $42.00
Gothic Lace Platform Heels
Whether you are a vampire queen or a gothic beauty, the elegance of these stiletto heels will set you apart from the rest. The Gothic Lace Platform Heels show off a 5 inch heel and 1 inch platform in dramatic red and black.
Price: $46.00
Gothic Lady's Heels
The Gothic Ladys Heels are just the shoes to wear to complete a gothic or steampunk ensemble. These beautiful shoes are the perfect accent, as their elegance and simplicity is a complement to dozens of different styles and looks.
Price: $62.00
On Sale For: $50.00
Gothic Punk Heel Boots
This calf boot is all attitude. Made from PU leather with pewter chrome accents, the Gothic Punk Heel Boots feature plenty of character. These ladies boots are perfect to wear when you really want to stand out in the crowd.
Price: $120.00
Gothic Skull Ankle Boots
The Gothic Skull Ankle Boots are an ideal accessory for any Gothic wardrobe. These boots feature three silver skull and bones buckles on adjustable straps. The pointed toes and heels accent the ornate scallop of these low boots.
Price: $69.00
Gothic Studded Spider Boots
If you are looking to add a couple more inches to your stature while maintaining your style and spooky persona, look no further than the Gothic Studded Spider Boots. These high-soled shoes pair perfectly with any Gothic ensemble.
Price: $100.00
Granny Abigail Witch Boots
When you have difficulty deciding which black boots to wear with your Gothic outfit, grab these Granny Abigail Witch Boots. With ribbon lacing that can be changed depending upon your mood, your feet will always be dressed to the nines.
Price: $39.00
Greek Goddess High Heel Sandals
A sultry shoe for a goddess of fashion, these strappy high heels look great when paired with a toga costume or playful dress. The Greek Goddess High Heel Sandals display four buckled straps that wrap around your calf.
Price: $43.00
Griffin Riveted Steampunk Heel Boots
The combination of leather, fur, and steampunk details makes these Griffin Riveted Steampunk Heel Boots impressive! They go with a variety of attires and have so much to them that admirers will want to see them again and again.
Price: $230.00
Grim Skull Mary Jane Heels
Though Mary Janes are often associated with innocent young girls, these shoes offer the style with a wicked edge. The Grim Skull Mary Jane Heels display the traditional strap across the instep with a 4 inch heel and gothic touch.
Price: $64.00
On Sale For: $52.00
Gunmetal Hardware Booties
You are no damsel in distress, so show off your untamed spirit with these fierce heels. The Gunmetal Hardware Booties ensure that you will attract eyes as you stalk down the street in these 5 inch heels with metal studs.
Price: $104.00
On Sale For: $80.00
Gypsy Wench Boots
The Gypsy Wench Boots are perfect for any Gypsy or Pirate Wench! These synthetic leather boots feature a rich gold stiletto heel and platform sole. Brass coins, chains, and trim add decadence to these cuffed pirate boots.
Price: $56.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Harajuki Steampunk Boots
A good pair of boots is an absolute must-have when it comes to a Steampunk outfit, although there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your steampunk boots anytime when they are as attractive as these Harajuki Steampunk Boots.
Price: $238.00
Hera Gothic Heel Boots
Shoes are the cherry on top of your outfit, so make sure you are wearing shoes that indicate your fun and fierce style. These Hera Gothic Heel Boots are an exciting pair of platforms, great for showing off your favorite ensemble.
Price: $270.00
High Fashion Stiletto Boots
Displaying overlapping segments reminiscent of armour, these thigh-high stiletto boots will protect you from hum-drum footwear. Wear these High Fashion Stiletto Boots with your superhero outfit and obliterate glum getups forever.
Price: $88.00
High Musketeer Boots
These High Musketeer Boots are the next piece of your outfit to complete your look when holding a musket. They come in two different colors and a variety of sizes which up the ante the next time you are donning a historical get-up.
Price: $370.00
Honor Before Victory Combat Boots
Take no prisoners in these bold and glossy boots. Based on the classic military boot, these Honor Before Victory Combat Boots will enhance any Punk, Grunge, or Gothic wardrobe, as well as giving an edge to a more mainstream outfit.
Price: $52.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Huntress Lace Up Calf Boots
Move with stealth and ease through an enchanted forest with the Huntress Lace Up Calf Boots. This fine pair is perfect for rangers and archers who partake in a quest for a LARP kingdom or reveal their skills at a renaissance faire.
Price: $82.00
Hyperion Steampunk Heeled Boots
The Hyperion Steampunk Heeled Boots are a sleek blend of everything a girl could want in footwear. These high boots are stylish, featuring a glossy leather look that is adorned from toe to cuff in all the right ways.
Price: $194.00
Icon Steampunk Shoes
The Icon Steampunk Shoes are a content medium between a highly decorated and styled Steampunk design and a muted, simple look that will draw less attention. It features intriguing designs and style but in a simple, subdued fashion.
Price: $100.00
Iron Punk Steampunk Heels
Not everyone needs or even wants a shoe that features elaborate styling and lots of flair. Sometimes, a simpler, stylish shoe is needed. So for your no nonsense Steampunk shoe, consider the Iron Punk Steampunk Heels.
Price: $110.00
Isabelle Steampunk Heels
Class and elegance are things that these Isabelle Steampunk Heels have in spades. These shoes are the pinnacle of vintage style combined with industrial steampunk flair, which creates a dramatic piece of footwear for any woman.
Price: $172.00
Ivory Lady Jane Shoes
The Ivory Lady Jane Shoes are versatile womens footwear for anyone interested in historical dress. These satin Mary Janes perfectly suit noble ladies and Renaissance characters with their simple yet elegant style.
Price: $22.00
Jade Velvet Lady Jane Shoes
The Jade Velvet Lady Jane Shoes are versatile womens footwear for anyone interested in historical dress. These velvet Mary Janes perfectly suit noble ladies and Renaissance characters with their simple yet elegant style.
Price: $22.00
Juana La Loca Steampunk Heels
These Juana La Loca Steampunk Heels are named after Joanna of Castile, who was regarded to be a mad queen. You would have to be mad to not want to wear these heels, as they possess a rich yet subdued style worthy of any ensemble.
Price: $138.00
Jules Steampunk Boots
No need to travel twenty thousand leagues under the sea to find adorable Steampunk shoes, we have you covered! Featuring a decorative spats-like upper, these Jules Steampunk Boots will make you feel like you won the lottery!
Price: $66.00
Julian Boots
The Julian Boots are a stylish addition to your Gothic or Steampunk Wardrobe! These boots feature brass gear buckles, eyelets, and zippers. These chunky platform heels measure 3.75 inches tall and will lift your style to new heights.
Price: $86.00
Juno Fur Cuff Knee High Boots
Accent your stylish winter ensembles with the Juno Fur Cuff Knee High Boots. In pewter gray the color of icy stone, these platforms embrace the staples of Arctic apparel without forfeiting their unique take on feminine fashion.
Price: $180.00
Kage Strappy Heels
Stunning for a sultry night out, these Kage Strappy Heels will take your outfit from mundane to magnificent. Slender straps coil around your foot, while a chrome-plated prehistoric claw provides an incredible accent to the heel.
Price: $158.00
Katja Platform Mary Janes
The Katja Platform Mary Janes are far beyond your average dress shoe. Accent your favorite skirts and dresses with a charming touch of gothic style when you wear these matte black heels, made from synthetic leather and metal.
Price: $144.00
Knee High Goth Punk Heeled Boots
Not all boots are made for walking. Some are made for strutting! Sharp is a good word to describe these Knee High Goth Punk Heeled Boots, as much for the spikes that adorn them as for the striking style that they bring to any look.
Price: $128.00
Knee High Victorian Stiletto Boots
Combining classic style with modern flair, these Knee High Victorian Stiletto Boots possess undeniable appeal. A line of buttons runs down the outer side of these faux leather boots, adding a touch of period charm to their design.
Price: $44.00
Knee-High Lace Up Steampunk Heel Boots
Does the rich style and bold appeal of a steampunk setting call to you? Do you long to take your first step into a world unlike anything mundane? These Knee-High Lace Up Steampunk Heel Boots are a great way to sample this world.
Price: $66.00

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