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For any of Dark Knight Armourys definitive works on swords, knives, or combat arts, look no further than our medieval sword and knife books collection. Within this category there are a number of books that are based entirely around the art of combat and the sword. In this category a reader can find all manner of books and resources. We have compendiums filled with encyclopedic entries for weapons and armor definitions, as well as books all about swords and swordplay. We even feature books that are based entirely around the swords of both history and legend. Any one of our medieval sword and knife books would make for a fantastic gift for anyone who loves both the sword and history, and many of the books offered here are also fantastic resources for a student or avid history fan to draw upon to further their knowledge of medieval swords, knifes ,and weapons in general.
Lessons on the English Longsword Book
In Lessons on the English Longsword, Brandon Heslop and Benjamin Bradak combine dedicated scholarship with years of physical training to provide the most complete look yet at the little-known English tradition of the noble longsword
Price: $35.00
The Flower Of Chivalry Book
The Flower of Chivalry, by Richard Vernier, tells the tale of a poor Breton squire that became the perfect knight and finally the Constable of France, spearheading the recon quest of the French provinces after the Battle of Poitiers.
Price: $35.00

"To start off I would just like to say... I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. I am Very Impressed with the quality of the metal when it arrived. For the price I doubt I could find better. As for the shipping and arrival.. Very timely, took a week to the day with just standard shipping and in my opinion is a very solid process. I have waited up to 2 months for swords in the past with other websites. The Chainmail shirt I ordered was heavy and well fitted, Which for not crafting to measurements I would say was very lucky or excellent craftsmanship to make the chain mail as well fitting as it is. All around I would give you 10 out of 10. I will definitely be using your site from now on for all my medieval needs. "

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