Medieval & Renaissance Costumes

Before you start browsing through the mens Medieval and Renaissance Costumes at Dark Knight Armoury, we want to take a deep breath. Why the pause? Because sometimes you need to a take a moment to get your bearings straight before you plunge head-first into a sea that is teeming with dozens of different costume designs. What might seem like an overwhelming variety at first, though, is good for you, because variety means that, more than likely, there is something perfectly suited for you, your tastes, and your need, right here. In this section you will find dozens of differently styled mens costumes, all inspired by the garments and the attire worn by those who lived through the medieval and Renaissance eras. And since these times lasted for several hundreds of years, that is quite a lot of time to pull ideas and styles from. So if you are looking for a medieval knight costume, you should look here, because you will find quite a few, ranging from comical dark knight costumes to serious crusader looks, and more. If you are looking for something a little more casual, like what a peasant or a serf would wear, you are also in the right place. Viking enthusiasts need go no further as well, as there are Viking warrior and barbarian costumes here that will make any man look like a wild warrior. There are also monk costumes for the more reserved men out there, as well as musketeer costumes and nobility costumes for those men who want something further from the medieval era and closer to the Renaissance. Our costumes even go as far back as Roman emperors, gladiators, and legionaries! Basically, if you are looking for a costume that comes straight out of history, then it is very possible that you are going to want to look in the mens medieval and Renaissance costume section here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Mens Musketeer Costume
It is easy to see why any man could be confused for a historical French figure in the Mens Musketeer Costume. This costume is modeled after a classic interpretation of a Musketeer, in order to create a roguish yet dashing swordsman.
Price: $160.00
Men's Ninja Costume
The Japanese shadow warriors, also known as shinobi, are practically a modern-day legend. Tales of the ninja permeate modern-day culture, elevating the ninja to mythic heights. With this Mens Ninja Costume, you can join their ranks.
Price: $32.00
Mens Prince Charming Jacket
Dreams really can come true, and when you wear the Mens Prince Charming Jacket, you can become her dream come true! Inspired by the classic fairytale and happily ever after, this costume coat puts the charming into the prince.
Price: $30.00
Mens Renaissance Costume
Our Mens Renaissance Costume is perfect for any medieval themed parties, renaissance fairs and Halloween. The burgundy and champagne colored ensemble includes the tunic, pants, belt and hat.
Price: $130.00
Mens Renaissance King Costume
Our Mens Renaissance King Costume features a white tunic with a fleur de lis on the front, a purple robe and the headpiece. This costume is perfect for any medieval themed parties, renaissance fairs and Halloween.
Price: $45.00
Mens Renaissance Prince Costume
You will be prepared to handle all the affairs of state when dressed in the finery of this outfit. The Mens Renaissance Prince Costume makes a bold statement of regal ability in bright red and gold.
Price: $120.00
Mens Richard the Lionheart Costume
With the ferocity of a mighty lion, conquer your next event in style by wearing the Mens Richard the Lionheart Costume. This mens medieval king costume features a gold colored rampant lion printed onto the chest of its long tunic.
Price: $45.00
Mens Robin Hood Costume
Robin Hood is such a popular medieval character. If you are the prince of thieves, you need the proper costume! Our Mens Robin Hood Costume includes the suede like tunic with attached shirt, sash, and pants with attached boot tops.
Price: $48.00
Mens Robin Hood Costume
Crime does not pay nowadays, but it certainly did, once upon a time. Robin Hood made a great living robbing the rich and donating to charity, and now, you can feel just like the Sherwood Bandit in your own Mens Robin Hood Costume.
Price: $38.00
Mens Roman Centurian Costume
A stately costume, our Mens Roman Centurian Costume includes the white tunic with attached red cap, the belt, head wreath and gold colored arm cuffs. This costume is great for themed and costume parties, Ren fairs and Halloween.
Price: $14.50
Mens Roman Centurion Costume
In the Roman Legion, one soldier stood above the rest, the Centurion. This soldier was chosen to lead others, due to his expert-abilities as a warrior. Now, any man can emulate this strength in his Mens Roman Centurion Costume.
Price: $60.00
Mens Roman Gladiator Costume
A classic Roman Gladiator look, this costume is great for themed parties, Ren fairs and Halloween. Our Mens Roman Gladiator Costume includes the red roman shirt, leather armour looking tunic and the pants with attached boot tops.
Price: $42.00
Mens Roman Noble Costume
A classic Roman look, this costume is great for toga parties, costume parties, Ren fairs and Halloween. Our Mens Roman Noble Costume includes the white robe with attached purple drape and leaf style head wreath.
Price: $30.00
Mens Roman Warrior Costume
Our Mens Roman Warrior Costume includes the red tunic with attached cape and armour. The arm bracers and greaves are also included. This costume is great for themed parties, costume parties, Ren fairs and Halloween.
Price: $160.00
Mens Rugged Robin Hood Costume
Stories tells of a formidable hooded outlaw who lurks in the woods and steals from the wealthy. Far from sinister, his aim is altruistic. Take on the role of the legendary thief when you wear the Mens Rugged Robin Hood Costume.
Price: $48.00
Mens Scottish Warrior Costume
You can look like a Highlander whenever you show off this colorful and detailed adult costume this Halloween. The Mens Scottish Warrior Costume works great for the Renaissance fair and theatrical productions, as well.
Price: $150.00
Mens To Be Or Not To Be Costume
To be or not to be is no longer just a question. Now, it is also a stylish costume that can be worn throughout the year. The Mens To Be Or Not To Be Costume is a stylish Renaissance-era look that has a decided Shakespearian feel.
Price: $160.00
Mens Viking Warrior Costume
For a man looking to emulate the fierce, hardy nature of a traditional Viking, nothing comes quite as close as the Mens Viking Warrior Costume. It is the perfect picture of a classic, non-historical Viking.
Price: $70.00
Mens Warrior Costume
The northern tribes possess a fearsome reputation - and with good reason! The Mens Warrior Costume displays the look of a berserker wearing the remains of his enemies on his belt as a warning to any who might challenge his might.
Price: $123.00
Mens Warrior King Costume
Our Mens Warrior King Costume features a velvet tunic with a heraldic dragon in the center. It also includes a headpiece with chainmail looking cowl and boot tops. This costume is perfect for any medieval themed party or Halloween.
Price: $40.00
Mens White Knight Costume
Champion of truth and justice, this medieval knight is adept at rescuing fair maidens and defending the realm. The Mens White Knight Costume works great for the Renaissance fair, theatrical productions, and Halloween parties.
Price: $170.00
Men's Wizard Costume
Wizards can be an eclectic bunch, although just because they focus on their magical pursuits does not mean that they cannot be stylish, in their own way. In the Mens Wizard Costume, you will wear robes befitting a master magician.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Mighty Musketeer Mens Costume
Fight for King Louis XIV as a member of his royal guard! Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or roleplay events, this Mighty Musketeer Mens Costume will have you shouting all for one and one for all as you storm the castle!
Price: $50.00
Ninja Warrior Men's Costume
Ninja get a lot of hype in the media, and most of it seems fairly well-deserved. They are a modern sensation and a lot of people want to be them, even for only a day, so enjoy your time in the Ninja Warrior Men's Costume.
Price: $80.00
Noble King Men's Costume
Noble, robust, and imperial are three perfect words to describe the Noble King Men's Costume, the perfect piece to transform an ordinary man into a noble king whose worth is measured in deed and not riches.
Price: $130.00
Noble Knight Men's Costume
In the Noble Knight Men's Costume, you will look just like the name, a noble knight, ready to ride off and save the day. All you will be missing is a gallant steed and a fierce dragon, to defeat in a heroic fashion.
Price: $46.00
Noble Lord Men's Costume
No self-respecting noble would ever attend the royal courts unless they were dressed in the finest of garments. Unsurprisingly, when you wear this Noble Lord Mens Costume, you will find yourself dressed to visit those courts.
Price: $82.50
Oktoberfest Guy Men's Costume
As difficult as it may be to believe, the Oktoberfest Guy Men's Costume is not based on a stereotypical image of an Oktoberfest attendant. This costume is actually based on clothing that is worn by many during the festival.
Price: $96.00
Plague Doctor Kit
With the Black Death knocking on the door, only the plague doctor can save the day. This Plague Doctor Kit is sure to send chills through your friends as you diagnose each of them with this unique and historically authentic mask.
Price: $30.00
Prince Charming Men's Costume
What fairytale is complete without a prince charming? None! And if your girl is in dire need of her very own prince, do not let her go without! It is your duty to don the Prince Charming Men's Costume and sweep her off her feet!
Price: $100.00
Rawhide Renegade Men's Costume
Even today, the Old West is still a wildly appealing fantasy with its dangerous yet alluring prospects. With the Rawhide Renegade Mens Costume, you can be properly dressed to face the unique challenges of the historic west.
Price: $50.00
Renaissance Boot Toppers
If you find that locating a good pair of renaissance-styled boots is far too much hassle, than these Renaissance Boot Toppers might just be the accessory for you. Unlike traditional shoes, you will not have to break these toppers in.
Price: $15.00
Robin Hood Deluxe Adult Costume
Become a legendary medieval outlaw at your next cosplay event with the Robin Hood Deluxe Adult Costume. Lead a band of Merry Men, stop the evil plans of the Sheriff of Nottingham, and join the party in time to dance with Maid Marian.
Price: $100.00
Robin Hood Men's Costume
Have you ever wanted to roam the forest and protect the land? Perhaps acquire illegitimate funds from the wealthy and distribute them to the less fortunate? Then you, too, can be a bandit, in your very own Robin Hood Men's Costume!
Price: $53.28
On Sale For: $49.00
Robin Hood of Nottingham Men's Costume
Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor was Robin Hoods lifestyle, and an exciting one to be sure. We cannot all live such lives, but for a time you can enjoy the spirit of that life in the Robin Hood of Nottingham Men's Costume.
Price: $40.00
Roman Costume Chest Plate and Cape
The Roman war machine was as respected as it was feared, both for its strength and for its arms and armor. In this Roman Costume Chest Plate and Cape, you will look just like a great general, ready to lead those troops into battle.
Price: $18.00
Roman General Julius Caesar Costume
It takes natural cunning and charisma for a poor aristocrat to rise through political ranks and become ruler of the Roman Empire. Complete a flawless portrayal of the ancient dictator with the Roman General Julius Caesar Costume.
Price: $33.00
Roman Gladiator Men's Costume
Gladiators were rarely heavily armed and armored. Many wore little armor or coverings, making this Roman Gladiator Mens Costume a fairly accurate looking costume, as well as a rather impressive costume for any Roman warrior.
Price: $36.00
Roman Senator Costume Tunic
Infused with ancient style, the Roman Senator Costume Tunic makes putting a costume together fast and easy! Crafted using fine polyester fabric, this Roman costume will take you from a common citizen to an esteemed senator in seconds!
Price: $30.00
Roman Senator Men's Costume
Perfectly combining the elegance of a wealthy Roman citizen with the simplicity of a public servant of the Empire, this Roman Senator Mens Costume allows you to dress yourself in the style of Romes most powerful citizens.
Price: $24.00
Roman Warrior Men's Costume
Have you ever wanted to transform yourself into a Roman soldier, fresh from camp and ready to march? Wearing this Roman Warrior Mens Costume, you will fulfill that dream, as you will look just like a veteran Roman soldier.
Price: $95.00
Royal Knight Men's Costume
This costume is one fit for any warrior who fights in service to a king and claims the honor of being a knight of the realm. The Royal Knight Costume features a knightly appearance, complete with faux armor adorned with royal symbols.
Price: $90.00
Royal Storybook King Costume
Become the benevolent ruler of your own fantasy kingdom when you wear the Royal Storybook King Costume to your next event. This mens medieval king costume is perfect for medieval themed parties, Halloween, and fun costume balls.
Price: $46.00
Ruffled Costume Shirt
Ruffles were all the rage in fashion at several points in history, being favored by both men and women alike. And this Ruffled Costume Shirt definitely features a classic look that makes it a great garment at many points in history.
Price: $20.00
Rustic Robin Hood Men's Costume
You will not just look like Robin Hood when you wear this Rustic Robin Hood Mens Costume. Instead, you will look like a rugged woodsman and a bandit, ready to adventure through the woods, while possibly stealing a little from the rich.
Price: $80.00
Sherwood Archer Men's Costume
Are you ready to join Robin Hood and his merry men as they rob from the rich and give to the poor? If you are, than all you have to do is don this Sherwood Archer Mens Costume, and you will be dressed as one of the Sherwood Bandits.
Price: $40.00
Silver Costume Pauldron
Perfect for warrior costumes of all sorts, the Silver Costume Pauldron adds a fantastic touch to your look. The costume armor is molded into a detailed design with nicks to make it seem as though it has been worn during battle.
Price: $25.00
The French Taunter Costume
The gambeson of this French taunter costume has an armored look, short sleeves, and countless silver studs. Faux steel chain mail sleeves are sewn in and the entire costume is made of soft polyester.
Price: $195.00
On Sale For: $180.00
Thunderous Zeus Costume
With a flash of lightning and crash of thunder, the Thunderous Zeus Costume brings this Greek deity to life! Crafted from soft polyester fabric, this regal god costume combines his ancient power with the comfort of the modern world.
Price: $50.00
Viking Warrior Men's Costume
For the man looking turn himself into a warrior of note and legend, no costume serves better than the Viking Warrior Mens Costume. Tough and hardy, these warriors were some of the fiercest fighters in history, and now modern men can join their ranks.
Price: $140.00
Zombie Knight Costume with Mask
You will certainly be a terrifying medieval warrior dressed in the Zombie Knight Costume with Mask! Dressed in a knightly tunic and cracked helmet, this warrior looks as though he died in battle before rising to resume the fight!
Price: $50.00

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