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When you do not have the time to actually grow out or dye your hair for that winning costume, then turn to Dark Knight Armoury to suit your needs, as we carry a wide assortment of different costume wigs that you can wear to give yourself dozens of different hair styles for hundreds of different costumes and looks. A wig is a great Halloween accessory, especially because you can use a good wig over and over again, using it with dozens of different costumes to create hundreds of different variations that all look superb. We carry a number of great wigs here, many of which are perfect for recreating classic and historical costumes, as well as a few stylish wigs that look perfect when paired with a few spookier looks, too. We have even got wigs from famous characters in movies like Star Wars! Do not worry if your hair is not quite perfect for the costume you have got in mind. Instead, check out the Costume Wigs section at Dark Knight Armoury, and you are bound to find a head of hair that will suit your needs right down to the ground.
Lace Front Royale Natural Blonde Wig
The Lace Front Royale Natural Blonde Wig will grant you an authentic air of unmatched elegance, whether worn as part of your next cosplay or as a unique fashion accessory. This cosplay wig is handmade out of heat resistant fibers.
Price: $80.00
Ladies Fancy Pirate Wig with Wrap
A bit of fancy detailing never hurt anyone every now and then, and it especially will not hurt your style as a pirate either. This Ladies Fancy Pirate Wig with Wrap offers both color and style to any females future pirate ensemble.
Price: $11.00
Lady's Victorian Nobility Wig
Fashion flourished during the Victorian age, leading to the rise and fall of many different hairstyles. This Ladys Victorian Nobility Wig depicts one hairstyle that is elegant and attractive, as well as mildly conservative.
Price: $13.00
Legend of Zelda Link Inspired Cosplay Wig
For your next cosplay adventure, choose the Legend of Zelda Link-Inspired Cosplay Wig. This handmade, heat resistant cosplay wig features a short hairstyle in platinum blonde with face-framing layers sure to suit any aspiring hero.
Price: $40.00
LOTR Arwen Wig
You do not need to spend years grooming yourself and your hair to transform yourself into the elf maiden Arwen. Instead, you can save yourself the hassle of hair care and instead grab one of these fantastic LOTR Arwen Wigs, instead!
Price: $14.00
LOTR Legolas Wig
In the Lord of the Rings film, Legolas had a long mane of vibrant blond hair that gave him a truly distinctive appearance. Now, you too can have the same straight blond hair, as this LOTR Legolas Wig gives you a head of princely hair.
Price: $14.00
Marie Antoinette Black Roses Wig
The flowers that accent the Marie Antoinette with Black Roses Wig symbolize beauty and death. It is a fitting accessory for depicting the wife of Louis XVI. The fate of this extravagant queen was to meet the blade of a guillotine.
Price: $32.00
Marie Antoinette Black Wig
With the elegant ringlets of the Marie Antoinette Black Wig artfully stacked and cascading down to your shoulders, you will feel as regal as the famous French queen. This high quality cosplay wig is just what your royal look needs.
Price: $50.00
Marie Antoinette Blonde Wig
With its stunning ringlet curls, the Marie Antoinette Blonde Wig will have you feeling as regal as a queen. This high quality cosplay wig features an elegant built-inn updo and versatile face-framing bangs to accentuate your features.
Price: $50.00
Marie Antoinette Red Roses Wig
Array yourself in the beauty and grace of the 18th Century French nobility by dressing up as the wife of Louis XVI. Imagine yourself in the extravagant ballroom of the Austrian Archduchess with the Marie Antoinette Red Roses Wig.
Price: $32.00
Marie Antoinette White Wig
Gracefully extravagant, the Marie Antoinette White Wig is the ideal addition to your most regal looks. This high quality cosplay wig features sumptuous ringlet curls in a voluminous half updo style inspired by the famous French queen.
Price: $50.00
Medieval Sage Wig and Beard Set
Nothing makes you look like a wise old hermit like a long, full beard and a head of white hair, just like this Medieval Sage Wig and Beard Set provides. Wearing these pieces, you will have a mane of white hair and a full beard to match!
Price: $35.00
Medieval Wizard Disguise Set
You will be the envy of your magical comrades when you wear this disguise! The Medieval Wizard Disguise Set includes all you will need to transform yourself into a master of mysticisms, including a wig, a full beard, and bushy eyebrows.
Price: $12.00
Melisandre Inspired Wig
Get the look of a powerful Red Priestess with the Melisandre Inspired Wig. Handmade from a multitude of high quality heat resistant fibers for incredible volume, this impressive cosplay wig features cascading curls in deep burgundy.
Price: $80.00
Merlin's Wizard Wig and Beard Set
Wizards are known to be a wizened folk, and nothing quite gives the look of an ancient and wise master of magic quite like a brilliant mane of white hair and a matching beard, which this Merlins Wizard Wig and Beard Set provides.
Price: $15.00
Neptune's Wig and Beard
As a Roman god of the seas, Neptune would be an ancient entity. And like the god himself, in Neptunes Wig and Beard, you too will look like a divine who has withstood the passing of time, while sporting a great white beard to prove it.
Price: $19.00
Oriental Warrior Wig
Surprisingly, many cultures from around the world valued long hair as a sign of strength and a warriors prowess. No-where was this more true than in the Far East, and so this Oriental Warrior Wig features a definite Asian styling.
Price: $14.00
Pirate Beard and Mustache Set
Do you need facial hair in a flash to create your ideal pirate look? Well you are in luck because this Pirate Beard and Mustache Set is perfect for giving anyone, man, woman or child, a scruffy pirate beard and styled pirate mustache!
Price: $3.00
Pirate Captain's Faded Braided Wig
Wearing this Pirate Captains Faded Braided Wig is the perfect way to get your crew to respect your authority as captain, not to mention give yourself a the look of an authentic and experienced pirate captain of the seven seas.
Price: $18.00
Pirate's Beard and Moustache
Some of the corsairs who sailed the seven seas preferred to keep themselves groomed and styled at all times. If you count yourself among them, then this Pirates Beard and Moustache set will give you the pirate style you desire.
Price: $2.50
Pirate's Black Beard
For some pirates, beards were very important. They were so important, in fact, that they became a part of their identity. Of course, you do not have go by a specific title whenever you wear this Pirates Black Beard.
Price: $2.50
Platinum Blonde Marie Antoinette Wig
Do you want to bring a bit of style and flair to your own French Revolution? Then you need this Platinum Blonde Marie Antoinette Wig, as it features the infamous French Queens traditional high-top hairstyle, complete with ringlet curls.
Price: $32.00
Queen Ravenna Wig
A beautiful head of golden hair will keep you looking like the fairest one in the land, so long as you get rid of any fair princesses. This Queen Ravenna Wig will give you a regal hairstyle that befits a queen in all her beautiful glory.
Price: $16.00
Red Pirate Beard and Moustache
A full grown beard is a sign of dedication. Let your crew know youre a pirate captain worth following when you wear the Red Pirate Beard and Moustache. This voluminous and long, wavy costume beard features a natural red coloration.
Price: $9.50
Renaissance Man Wig and Beard
A Renaissance man is a person of diverse knowledge and skill. Likewise, the Renaissance Man Wig and Beard is a wonderful accessory to any number of characters and costume themes, from whimsical wizard to wizened warrior king.
Price: $15.00
Sleeping Girl Cosplay Wig
If you dream of having beautiful princess-worthy hair, the Sleeping Girl Cosplay Wig is just what you need. This princess cosplay wig is inspired by the hairstyle of Aurora from Disneys classic animated film, Sleeping Beauty.
Price: $55.00
Snow Girl Cosplay Wig
With its timelessly enchanting curls, the Snow Girl Cosplay Wig takes inspiration from the princess of Disneys classic animated film, Snow White. This curly black cosplay wig is handmade from high quality, heat resistant fibers.
Price: $55.00
South Seas Buccaneer Wig
The moment you put on this South Seas Buccaneer Wig, it is a pirates life for you and nothing else. This is a pirate wig at its finest, featuring a scraggly style contained under a pirates bandana and decorated with beaded tassels.
Price: $20.00
Steampunk Burgundy Wig
The world of Steampunk style is not tame. A few modest looks exist, but more often than not you will find intriguing styles that use accessories like the Steampunk Burgundy Wig to create looks as eye-catching as they are outlandish.
Price: $16.00
The Hobbit Dwalin Hair Kit
Each of the dwarves in the Hobbit films has a unique hair and beard style of his own, making the Hobbit Dwalin Hair Kit a necessary part of any Hobbit costume. This Dwalin hairpiece helps you to create a spectacular dwarf costume.
Price: $18.00
The Hobbit Thorin Hair Kit
Each of the dwarves in the Hobbit films has a unique hair and beard style of his own, making the Hobbit Thorin Hair Kit a necessary part of any Hobbit costume. This Thorin hairpiece helps you to create a spectacular dwarf costume.
Price: $18.00
Wavy Brown Coquette Wig
Want long waves of brunette hair without committing to styling your real hair? The Wavy Brown Coquette Wig grants you this look with ease. This costume wig features a past-the-shoulder length and short, wispy face framing bangs.
Price: $17.50
Witch's Black Updo Wig
This wig certainly is a bewitching accessory that is perfect for complimenting the look of any sorceress. The Witchs Black Updo Wig is an elegant hair style that is as messy as it is appealing. It is made entirely from synthetic hair.
Price: $20.00
Witch's Blonde Updo Wig
This wig certainly is a bewitching accessory that is perfect for complimenting the look of any sorceress. The Witchs Blonde Updo Wig is an elegant hair style that is as messy as it is appealing. It is made entirely from synthetic hair.
Price: $20.00
Womens Pirate Wig and Bandana
Getting your hair styled for the high seas can be a rough ordeal. Why not avoid the hassle altogether? Just wear this Womens Pirate Wig and Bandana instead, to give yourself fabulous pirate hair that works with any pirate ensemble!
Price: $11.00

"I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great series of renaissance festival outings this year.' Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved the outfits and gear!"

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