Costume Accessories

So now you have your costume, but you still feel like it needs a little tweaking? Well, here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide assortment of costume accessories that will allow you to perfect your costume to your hearts content, adding little touches here and there until you have created something truly personal and altogether impressive. What sort of accessories do we offer, you might ask? We have costume wigs and costume hats for altering your appearance, as well as a huge assortment of costume masks that range in look from utterly creepy to purely fantastical. We carry a number of prosthetics, ranging from subtle injuries to grievous wounds, as well as horns, blemishes, and all sorts of other intriguing details that can be applied to your skin to add a few extra details to your look. Costume make-up is also available here, for subtle changes in coloration, as well as for the intrepid stylist who does not mind getting creative with a palette of colored makeup. There are even costume hands and feet for disguising your appendages and hiding every last trace of your humanity when you are in costume! Just because you have picked out your costume does not mean that you are done, because at Dark Knight Armoury, we have all the accessories you need to take a common costume and turn it into something that is truly unique.
Contact Lenses, Contact Lens and Eye Lenses
You would be amazed what the little details can really do to bring together an impressive looking costume. And as small as they are, the Contact Lenses at Dark Knight Armoury are among those little details, although once you see them, you will certainly realize how big an impact these contact lenses can have on a costume, whether it is for history, Halloween, or pure fantasy.
Costume Feet and Boot Toppers
When you are putting together your ideal costume, make sure you do not forget about the footwear. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide assortment of Costume Feet & Boot Toppers, all of which are perfect for covering and disguising your feet whenever you put on your ideal costume.
Costume Hand and Costume Glove
Need a hand? Dark Knight Armoury is prepared to literally offer you two, for a price. In our Costume Gloves & Hands section, we offer a number of hand coverings that are perfect for taking away your human hands and replacing them with pair of digits that truly are monstrous and impressive.
Costume Hats, Medieval Hats, Renaissance Hats and Top Hats
Some costumes just need a hat, and there is no changing that fact. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we understand that fact, and so we strive to provide the widest assortment of costume hats available, ensuring that if you find any of our costumes in need of a good hat, we also carry just the right type of hat that will go perfectly with it.
Costume Make-up, Makeup and Costume Make Up
If there is one thing that we have learned at Dark Knight Armoury, it is to never underestimate what a good, well thought-out application of costume make-up can do. Thus, we carry an assortment of Costume Make-Ups, all to ensure that you can take a few of these items and create something that looks truly amazing.
Costume Masks, Halloween Mask and Latex Masks
A Costume Mask is not just a great way to pull a whole costume together, it is also a great way to create drastic and immediate changes in your appearance. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we do offer a wide assortment of different masks, all of which are ideally suited for changing your appearance in new and exciting ways.
Costume Wigs, Halloween Wigs and Medieval Wigs
When you do not have the time to actually grow or dye your hair for that winning costume, then turn to Dark Knight Armoury to suit your needs, as we carry a wide assortment of different costume wigs that you can wear to give yourself dozens of different hair styles for hundreds of different costumes and looks.
Costume Weapons, Prop Weapons and Cheap Weapons
Do you ever find yourself already in-costume, looking at a mirror, only to wonder what you are missing? Well, if your hands are empty, you might be missing a good weapon. Have no fear, though, because you can quickly remedy that by visiting Dark Knight Armoury and checking out our awesome Prop Weapons category!
Prosthetics, Wound Prosthetics and Costume Prosthetics
There is more to a costume then just a mask and clothing. Take, for instance, any one of Dark Knight Armourys impressive looking prosthetics. Virtually any one of these amazing pieces, be it ears, a nose, a pair of fangs, horns, or even a wound, could play center stage on a costume and turn into something that was truly memorable.

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