Kids Costumes

As scary as Halloween can be, it has never been just for adults. It has always been a holiday as much for kids as it has been for adults, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a vast array of childrens costumes, including both girls costumes and boys costumes that are perfect for transforming your little one into whatever their little heart desires. Our kids costumes are not just great for Halloween, though, as you will find that any one of our boys costumes or girls costumes are perfect for a variety of situations. If you are going to a pirate gathering and your little one wants to be included, we have pirate costumes for boys and girls that will transform them into swarthy little swashbucklers. If you are little girl wants to look and feel like a princess, either for casual play or for a party with all her friends, we have princess costumes and queen costumes that will make her feel like a real member of fairy tale royalty. Or if your little boy wants to ride off into battle like a brave and courageous medieval knight, we have the knight costumes and king costumes that will make him look like a real knight, right out of the story books. The possibilities are limitless! Our childrens costumes range in size but are generally suited for kids between the ages of 2 and 12. Whether it is for play and dress-up, a costume party with friends and family, or even Halloween, you will find that Dark Knight Armoury as a wide selection of medieval and Renaissance costumes that will get your child excited about dressing up.
Boys Costumes and Childrens Costumes
At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide assortment of different boys costumes, ensuring that whenever your little boy wants to look like a medieval warrior, a regal king, or a deadly pirate, you can find that costume here. And not only will you find that costume here, but you will find it at a price that will make you as happy as the costume will make your child!
Girls Costumes and Childrens Costumes
More-so than their icky male counterparts, little girls are prone to wanting to dress up in dozens of different looks. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a selection of girls costumes that will do wonders for transforming your little girl into a variety of different looks, ranging from the beautiful princess to the legendary pirate, all the way to an adorable gothic maiden or vampire!

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