Medieval Toys

There probably is not a kid today that would not love to play with a righteously awesome action figure, and luckily, those are the only kinds of action figures we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury. Each of our kids toys is impressively detailed, depicting either figures from history or figures from myth and fantasy, so that any child might have their very own play setting. Some of our medieval toys are action figures that depict a battle-ready figure from history. Some of our action figures are decidedly inspired by Roman figures, including typical soldiers and even generals and emperors, all armed in traditional Roman fashion. Some of our other action figures include Vikings from different centuries, all of whom look ready to raid, pillage and do battle with their enemies. And those are not all we have. Our toys include knights of various types, including Norman knights, Templars, Hospitallers, and general medieval knights, as well as countless other types of warriors that fought throughout the middle ages. We also have a wide variety of impressive little museum quality figurines that depict various aspects of history, myth, and fantasy, which serve to spark imagination in your children while they play! And not only do these action figures look cool on their own, but they also look great together, allowing for the creation of full settings that your child can play in and enjoy. Pick up one and give your child something historical to play with, so they learn as they play, or get them a couple of these Medieval kids toys so that they can re-enact events and re-invent old scenes all day long!
Pink Unicorn Figurine
Ancient Greek scholars believed that the unicorn lived in faraway India, describing the creature in their natural history texts. Even more lovely than described, the Pink Unicorn depicts a graceful example of this legendary being.
Price: $12.00
Pirate Cannonballs
No pirate game is complete without a pirate ship. With this piece, you can start arming your ship to make sure you can blast your foes out of the water! The Pirate Cannonballs figure is a great element that can enhance any play set or pirate scene.
Price: $6.35
On Sale For: $4.00
Pirate Cannonballs
A few pirates will really set the stage for a pirate ship, but the accessories can be just as important. These Pirate Cannonballs are an accent that deserves to be paired up with any and all pirate toys, especially with pirate cannons.
Price: $3.95
Pirate Raft
Thanks to this detailed Pirate Raft, you can let your imagination sail wild with the prospect of playing pirates on the seven seas. This raft looks like the sort used by pirates to escape deserted islands, after their ship has sunk.
Price: $14.45
Pirate Skeleton
Another classic decoration of the pirate age is the Pirate Skeleton, which can be used just about anywhere to create a traditional pirate style, whether you are using it for decoration or your child is using it to create a pirate hideout.
Price: $3.95
Pirate Treasure Chest
Among pirate-y items, none are so famous as the chest of buried treasure. Of course, the benefit to this Pirate Treasure Chest is that it comes unburied, so you do not have to find it. That and it comes looking laden with pirate riches.
Price: $4.75
Pirates Toob
Sail the Spanish Main with the scourge of the seas with our Pirates Toob. These individually hand painted miniature replicas feature vibrant colors, fine, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.
Price: $11.99
Poseidon Fantasy Figure
Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea, and one of three gods who ruled the three realms, alongside his brothers, Hades and Zeus. This Poseidon Fantasy Figure depicts this god in all his glory, so that enthusiasts can enjoy this legend.
Price: $7.75
Prince III LARP Sword
From noble knights to nimble rogues, a short sword is a favored companion of any adventurer in melee. Made for LARPing, the Prince III LARP Sword is made of a softer foam than others, making it a perfect choice for little LARPers.
Price: $49.50
Prince Patrick Medieval Figure
The Prince Patrick Medieval Figure is the perfect picture of a fairytale prince, being both a regal royal and a dashing rogue. He is also a perfect gentleman, as evidenced by the pale pink rose he holds out for any maiden to accept.
Price: $8.25
Princess Dragon Figure
With her dainty frame and delicate coloration, it comes as no surprise that this lovely creature is a member of the royal family. The Princess Dragon Figure stands on all fours with her wings spread slightly and a curling tail.
Price: $20.00
Princess Emily Medieval Figure
A princess is always the center of attention at royal balls, and the same would likely be true of this Princess Emily Medieval Figure. Rendered as she is, this figurine depicts a lovely princess in a gown that accents her beauty.
Price: $8.25
Princess Juliet Medieval Figure
Sometimes, a vivacious princess is just what is needed to add spice to a fairytale. When it comes to building your fairytale with figurines, none fit quite as nicely as this Princess Juliet Medieval Figure and her graceful pose.
Price: $8.25
Princess Penelope Medieval Figure
Pure and innocent princesses often have a way with animals, and the same could be said of this Princess Penelope Medieval Figure. This princess has a heart of gold, evident by the way that she cradles a dove that perches on her hand.
Price: $8.25
Purple Dragon Plush
Most dragons are fearsome creatures, though some are not. Terror is the farthest thing from what you will feel while holding the Purple Dragon Plush. This green and purple, fairy eating dragon hatchling is absolutely adorable!
Price: $30.00
Pyrois Figurine
One of the four horses that pulled the chariot of Helios across the sky in Greek myth, Pyrois possesses a name as fiery as his appearance. The Pyrois Figurine displays a black horse with flaming wings, mane, tail, and fetlock tufts.
Price: $15.00
Queen Sofia Medieval Figure
The image of a queen is perfectly represented in this Queen Sofia Medieval Figure. She is matronly yet kind, while still featuring all the pomp and regal appeal that anyone, adult or child, would expect a noble queen to display.
Price: $8.25
Robert De Mamines Knight
Every warrior of the middle ages was not a knight, as that title was reserved for the warriors who possessed the right skills and held to the right code. This Robert de Mamines Knight figure depicts one warrior who fits the description.
Price: $7.75
Rose The Fairy Queen Figure
The Rose the Fairy Queen Figure is a regal thing, and it shows in every ounce of its look. As its name implies, this is no fairy princess but instead, a fairy queen, one that rules by good example as she presides over her subjects.
Price: $11.75
Scorpion Rider Xoromon Figure
This mysterious villain appeared seemingly out of nowhere, spreading terror among the villages and towns of Eldrador. The Scorpion Rider Xoromon Figure features the fierce armored warrior with his wicked scorpion steed.
Price: $42.00
Scylla Figure
In Greek mythology, Scylla appears as a monster that guarded a narrow strait opposite another monster named Charybdis. The Scylla Figure recreates the dangerous creature, who is said to have been cursed by a jealous love rival.
Price: $17.00
Sea Dragon Fantasy Figure
Dragons have long been a staple of fantasy and fiction, and none were a greater bane to sailors and mariners then the dreaded sea dragon! This Sea Dragon Fantasy Figure gives life to the legend as a stunningly detailed figurine.
Price: $15.75
Shansy Dragon Rider Figurine
With his blue dragon, Shansy travels through the cold mountains of the North. This Shansy Dragon Rider Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed, pleasing to touch, and safe to play with.
Price: $48.00
On Sale For: $40.00
Sireel and Solfur Fantasy Figurine
Sireel and Solfur are the romantic bride and groom. This Sireel and Solfur Fantasy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed, pleasing to touch, and safe to play with.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $16.00
Skeleton King Figure
A mysterious skeleton haunts the forbidden realms in the magical land of Eldrador, putting fear into the hearts of even the bravest knights. The Skeleton King Figure displays the cursed form of an ancient warrior king.
Price: $6.10
Sleepy Dragon Figure
This adorable fellow is tired out after a long day of rampaging the countryside and guarding his treasure hoard! The Sleepy Dragon Figure curls up into a circle with his wings pulled in above his back as he catches some Zs.
Price: $19.00
Smoke Dragon Figure
Hand painted in grey and white colors intermingling like wisps of smoke, the Smoke Dragon Figure is masterfully crafted to resemble its element. The dragons body curls like a billow of smoke while swirling patterns adorn its spine.
Price: $18.00
Stag Dragon Figure
A rare sight indeed, this unique dragon must have been crossed with a deer, resulting in a blended, mythical look. The Stag Dragon Figure depicts this fascinating fantasy creature in stunning, professionally sculpted detail.
Price: $18.00
Standing Festive Eyela Figure
Eyela is looking forward to the festival so much. This radiant elven princess looks quite regal in her party dress. The Standing Festive Eyela Figure shades her fair skin with her yellow parasol as she walks to the festival.
Price: $9.00
Standing Festive Feya Figure
Lovely Feya has spent many days sewing her new dress for the upcoming Bayala festival, and now it is finally complete! The Standing Festive Feya Figure wears a mauve rose-themed dress that matches her elegant butterfly wings.
Price: $9.00
Standing Festive Marween Figure
Colorful, funny, and mischievous, Marween loves to sing, dance, and perform magic tricks. The Standing Festive Marween Figure shows this elven fairy in her unique dress as she holds up her raccoon mask for the ball.
Price: $9.00
Standing Festive Sera Figure
Sera plans to perform at the festival. Anyone who has been lucky enough to hear her play her blossom harp and sing has been enchanted. The Standing Festive Sera Figure stands with her bright yellow wings spread to each side.
Price: $9.00
Standing Festive Surah Figure
Surah will wear a charming bird mask modeled on her own little green bird to the upcoming ball! The Standing Festive Surah Figure shows this lovely elven fairy in her elegant apparel designed for the Bayala festivities.
Price: $9.00
Sun Dragon Figure
This golden dragon must share relatives with a phoenix to have gained his bright hue! The bird-like beak and feathery look of the spread wings provide the Sun Dragon Figure a unique appearance similar to the mystical firebird.
Price: $20.00
Surah Fantasy Figurine
Surah is a transformed shadow elf and the Kings daughter. This Surah Fantasy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed, pleasing to touch, and safe to play with.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $16.00
Surah with Bird Figurine
Surah has the wings of a bird. With them she can fly faster and higher than all of the other elves. The Surah with Bird Figurine allows you to enjoy the wonders of flight with Surah and her colorful bird friend.
Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $10.00
Thunder Dragon with Drake Set
Who does not want to fly the skies on the back of their own dragon? With this Thunder Dragon with Drake Set, a child can live vicariously through their toy and imagination, putting themselves in the place of this young dragon rider!
Price: $19.99
Triumphal Arch of Ancient Rome
Even the Romans knew that big events needed to have big monuments, and so they took a cue from older cultures and built arches to commemorate their events. This Triumphal Arch of Ancient Rome is a miniature that recreates one such arch.
Price: $3.99
Twilight Pegasus Figurine
Known for helping the hero Bellerophon defeat the Chimera, Pegasus remains one of the best known mythological beings. The Twilight Pegasus depicts this divine winged stallion in a deep black hue rather than his usual pure white.
Price: $12.00
Two Headed Dragon Figure
If two heads are better than one, then this dragon is certainly a formidable foe in any battle! Professionally sculpted and painted by hand, the Two Headed Dragon Figure is perfect for children intrigued by fearsome fantasy beasts.
Price: $16.00
Ultimate Dragon Play Pack
Dragons appear in infinite variety, inhabiting the skies and seas in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. With our Ultimate Dragon Play Pack, you can enjoy hours of imaginative play with several of our striking dragon figures.
Price: $103.74
On Sale For: $94.00
Unicorn Fantasy Figure
The ever-elusive unicorn has been a steadfast element of fantasy for some time. In myth, it is a rare sight indeed, yet now, anyone, be they man, woman, or child, can possess a unicorn of their own, in this Unicorn Fantasy Figure.
Price: $11.75
Unicorn Rearing Fantasy Figurine
Standing on its hind legs, the unicorn reaches for the stars. This Unicorn Rearing Fantasy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed, pleasing to touch, and safe to play with.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $16.00
Unicorn Standing Fantasy Figurine
The Unicorn is majestic in its matchless beauty, all in white with a single horn. This Unicorn Standing Fantasy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is detailed, soft, and safe to play with.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $16.00
Violet Fairy Figure
Fairies are well known for being cute creatures of myth, but many also are reported to perform important tasks for nature. This Violet Fairy Figure depicts one such pixie that can find appeal to both the young and the old alike.
Price: $8.75
Warrior and Battle Dragon Figurine
Having charged into battle without so much as a thought of losing, the brave knight and his loyal dragon companion march forward toward victory! This unstoppable duo has been immortalized in the Warrior and Battle Dragon Figurine Set!
Price: $32.00
Warrior and Battle Griffin Figurine
Ready for anything, the valiant warrior and his griffin friend are armored and hungry for a fight! As depicted in the Warrior and Battle Griffin Figurine, this dynamic duo is poised for battle with the victory set in their sights.
Price: $32.00
Wyvern Figure
This flying sea beast will be sure to take you on one thrilling and unforgettable adventure! The Wyvern Figure shows off a colorful, creative form with feathery wings and tail intermixed with scales.
Price: $19.99
Young Dragon Rider Figurine
The young dragon rider and his dragon experience lots of adventures and explore the world. This Young Dragon Rider Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed and safe to play with.
Price: $48.00
On Sale For: $40.00
Youth Elven LARP Sword
When the occasion calls for a softer sword for play, LARP, or anything else, this Youth Elven LARP Sword is a perfect weapon to turn to! Combine with the weapons impressive look, this a stellar arm for any age warrior to wield!
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $50.00
Youth Orc LARP Sword
When the occasion calls for a softer sword for play, LARP, or anything else, this Youth Orc LARP Sword is a perfect weapon to turn to! Combine with the weapons impressive look, this a stellar arm for any age warrior to wield!
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $50.00
Zarinya Fantasy Figurine
The butterfly elf Zarinya is sitting dreamily on a swan, swimming with her beautiful companion on the lake. This Zarinya Fantasy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that it is stunningly detailed and safe to play with.
Price: $20.40
Zenaja Fairy Figurine
Born under the star of healers, Zenaja is known for her healing gift. Many have come from all around for it seems that she always has the right medicine. Now your child can embrace this elven maiden with the Zenaja Fairy Figurine!
Price: $9.00
Zhuhu Figurine
Every evening Zhuhu flies through the ice palace on her rounds, greeting every single elf. She even eats out of the ice queens hand. The Zhuhu Figurine features a snowy owl in icy blue and purple hues.
Price: $3.10
On Sale For: $2.75

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