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There probably is not a kid today that would not love to play with a righteously awesome action figure, and luckily, those are the only kinds of action figures we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury. Each of our kids toys is impressively detailed, depicting either figures from history or figures from myth and fantasy, so that any child might have their very own play setting. Some of our medieval toys are action figures that depict a battle-ready figure from history. Some of our action figures are decidedly inspired by Roman figures, including typical soldiers and even generals and emperors, all armed in traditional Roman fashion. Some of our other action figures include Vikings from different centuries, all of whom look ready to raid, pillage and do battle with their enemies. And those are not all we have. Our toys include knights of various types, including Norman knights, Templars, Hospitallers, and general medieval knights, as well as countless other types of warriors that fought throughout the middle ages. We also have a wide variety of impressive little museum quality figurines that depict various aspects of history, myth, and fantasy, which serve to spark imagination in your children while they play! And not only do these action figures look cool on their own, but they also look great together, allowing for the creation of full settings that your child can play in and enjoy. Pick up one and give your child something historical to play with, so they learn as they play, or get them a couple of these Medieval kids toys so that they can re-enact events and re-invent old scenes all day long!
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" Just wanted to drop a note! AWESOME STUFF. It just arrived today :) I was pretty worried if things would still get shipped as they were all 'out of stock'. However, I was not let down. This is beautiful stuff! Awesome job and thank you."

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